Black Quartz Countertops Ideas for an Elegant Kitchen

Black quartz countertops are a part of a lasting interior design trend that rules elegant, sophisticated, and especially expensive-looking, luxurious kitchens. Kitchen design trends come and go, but black countertops keep coming back with variations in colors, materials, and finishes, as well as with slight upgrades. Whether made of granite, quartzite, marble, or quartz, black worktop kitchen materials present a bold choice that carries not only a timeless beauty but also a powerful statement.

Black quartz kitchen countertops are the latest trend in dark countertop materials that provide durable, resistant, and easy-to-maintain choice, perfect for a busier lifestyle. Aware of the irresistible beauty of black quartz stone, quartz manufacturers offer many gorgeous black quartz options. From matte black quartz option and black-brown quartz countertops to black and gold quartz countertops, and black quartz with sparkle, many options are available for you to choose from.

We bring you a wealth of black quartz countertop design ideas and many reasons to choose these worktops for a beautiful, elegant, and highly functional kitchen space. Keep reading to find out why black quartz is such a great idea for your new kitchen.

Black Quartz Countertops Colors


Dark countertops are beautiful but black quartz is an absolute queen among many dark countertop options. Except for providing a gorgeous and unique appearance, they also give incredible functionality, worry-free maintenance, and lifetime durability.


Although it may seem that black quartz countertops won’t offer you many options to choose from, that not only is not the case but couldn’t be farther from the truth. Black countertop quartz comes in many, not only diverse but sometimes even contrasting colors and designs. Just to mention a few black quartz variation colors and design options: pure black quartz worktops, black-brown quartz tops, black quartz with white veining countertops, absolute black quartz, and black and gold quartz countertops.


Have we tickled your imagination yet?


Black quartz will not only provide a beautiful look but also have a powerful impact on the whole room. Many creative variations in color and design will allow your unique personality and exquisite taste to shine through and reflect in these lovely countertop pieces.


Here are some of the black quartz countertop colors and manufacturers you can choose from for your dream kitchen space.

Embrace the Darkness with Caesarstone Black Quartz Options


Certain that today’s forward-looking homeowners and kitchen designers strongly lean towards new, fresh, and innovative dark designs, as opposed to earlier times when white ruled the U.S. kitchens, famous quartz manufacturer Caesarstone embraces a new dark age and introduces several black quartz options with a movement towards more luxurious and high-end looking tones.




Natural finishes enhance the depth and unique texture, while minimalist designs provide one-of-a-kind character for each and every black quartz variation. The more uniform and cleaner look of black quartz countertops designed and manufactured by Caesarstone brings a wealth of colors and design options to choose from for your kitchen or bath.


Take a look at all Caesarstone Colors and explore the latest Caesarstone black quartz kitchen worktops colors.

Black Tempal Quartz by Caesarstone
Black Tempal Quartz by Caesarstone

Black Tempal Quartz Countertops


Caesarstone’s Black Tempal Quartz presents a complex composition of mineral-like layers in warm white hues. These gorgeous hues flow in an organic manner throughout the charcoal-colored base. Textured like a starry night touching the water, Black Tempal Quartz showcases an industrial pattern.


Black Tempal Quartz belongs to Caesarstone’s Metropolitan collection and comes in natural, polished, honed, concrete, and rough finish. It’s available in slabs of 13 mm/1.3 cm, 20 mm/2 cm, and 30 mm/3 cm thickness.

Empira Black Quartz Countertops
Empira Black Quartz Countertops

Empira Black Quartz Countertops


Caesarstone’s Emira Black Quartz is a profoundly dark stone, lavish and mysterious, with subtle touches of lovely white veining flowing organically throughout its surface. Rich black background and light veins blend together and contrast each other in a unique symphony and true work of art.


Empira Black Quartz belongs to Caesarstone’s Supernatural Collection. It comes in a polished and natural finish, standard size, and 13 mm/1.3 cm, 20 mm/2 cm, and 30 mm/3 cm thickness.

Piatto Black Quartz
Piatto Black Quartz

Piatto Black Quartz Countertops


If you’re looking for pure, absolute black quartz take a look at Piatto Black Quartz by Caesarstone. This ultimately dark, intensely profound, and extraordinary quartz surface features a speckled pattern and uniquely textured finish with a granular appearance complemented by a textured finish.


Piatto Black Quartz belongs to Caesarstone’s Classico Collection. It comes in a natural finish, standard size, and 30 mm/3 cm 20 mm/2 cm 13 mm/1.3 cm thickness slabs.

Oxidian Quartz Countertops
Oxidian Quartz Countertops

Oxidian Quartz Countertops


If you loved a used, worn-out look, consider Oxidian Quartz by Caesarstone. This lovely stone features an industrial pattern, a remarkable, dramatic-looking ink-black base. The rust-like effect gives this dark stone a worn-out, aged, and precious look. Oxidian Quartz thrives at capturing the natural movement of a beautifully oxidized surface with mysterious shadows of the dark tones.


Oxidian Quartz belongs to Caesarstone’s Metropolitan Collection. It comes in a natural finish, standard size, and 13 mm/1.3 cm 20 mm/2 cm 30 mm/3 cm thickness slabs.

Get Dark and Dreamy with MSI Black Quartz


MSI Surfaces is another quartz manufacturer with an impressive selection of black quartz countertops. Deep and rich, these quartz options have the power of design to truly transform your kitchen space.


Whether you desire something cozy, moody, or chic for your cooking space, these dark quartz options will bring a profoundly powerful tone that will ground the room with ease and balance the design of the kitchen.


With MSI Countertops, black is all but boring! You can choose from all polished, pitch-black quartz to black quartz adorned with white veining and concrete-inspired, minimalist industrial countertop designs. Adding depth, balancing all the elements, and grounding the overall design is the main focus of these black quartz countertop options.

Soapstone Metropolis Quartz
Soapstone Metropolis Quartz

Soapstone Metropolis Quartz


This particular variety of dark quartz is more gray than black but we love it because it provides an authentic soapstone luxurious look. The dark, slate gray base color is enriched with long, fine, and subtle white veins. The veining effortlessly adds elusive and artful detail to this beautifully dark quartz countertop material.


This black quartz is an excellent material not only for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops but also for floors, walls, backsplashes, accent walls, and any interior designs. Soapstone Metropolis Quartz by MSI is available in 2 cm and 3 cm thick slabs with a highly sophisticated, polished finish.

Marquina Midnight Black Quartz Countertops
Marquina Midnight Black Quartz Countertops

Marquina Midnight Quartz


Another black quartz design from MSI Surfaces promotes the natural look of marble. Bold, beautiful, and brilliant describes this black quartz stone featuring a midnight black background adorned with spectacular white veining. Both the base color and veins give this lovely stone a dramatic and highly refined appearance.


Promoting the look of a gloomy, starless night, Marquina Midnight adds incredible depth to any space. It enhances both commercial and residential types of spaces, embellishing them with a gutsy dose of addictive glam. Use it for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, islands, backsplashes, accent walls, and floors. Marquina Midnight Quartz is available in 2 cm and 3 cm slabs, as well as in prefabricated options for design and installation flexibility.

Midnight Majesty Black Quartz Countertops
Midnight Majesty Black Quartz Countertops

Midnight Majesty Black Quartz


It’s so easy to fall in love with Midnight Majesty Black Quartz Countertops by MSI Surfaces! Mysteriously dark and dramatic black quartz looks sleek and casually sophisticated. The main reason for its charm is the daring contrast between powerful looking black background and light flecks that are sprinkled throughout the stone. A polished finish emphasizes this lovely contrast even more.


Available in 2 cm and 3 cm thick slabs, this black quartz is a great choice for kitchen countertops, bar tops, backsplashes, kitchen islands, bathroom vanity tops, flooring, accent walls, and other elements in both residential and commercial properties.

Sparkling Black Quartz
Sparkling Black Quartz

Sparkling Black Quartz


This intriguing black quartz material by MSI Surfaces reflects the beauty of the night sky. Thousands of light, white, and shiny speckles adorn the pitch-black background and give the slab an incredible dimension. Sparkling Black Quartz looks like not from this world. It creates a bold, dramatic statement in any space, with ease.


Use Sparkling Black Quartz to design and install durable kitchen countertops, vanity tops, backsplashes, accent walls, floors, shower surrounds in both commercial and residential spaces. This black quartz is available in 2 cm and 3 cm thick slabs, as well as prefabricated sizes for ease of design and installation.

Stunning Black Quartz Countertops by Pental Quartz and Silestone


Black quartz for kitchens and baths comes in many styles — leather, glossy, solid, matte, and veined — and each style brings tons of benefits for the kitchen decor and your experience, both aesthetic and functional. While black countertops can be found in a range of different materials — granite, quartzite, marble, to just name a few — black quartz countertops bring something special, features that no other countertop materials can offer. Durable, solid, resistant to heat and staining, and easy and simple to maintain and care for, black quartz is a joy to have and use in a kitchen.


To make sure everyone can find a quartz style that will suit their design, lifestyle, and cooking preferences, quartz manufacturers like Silestone Quartz and Pental Quartz made sure to offer a plethora of various black quartz options. So, whether you wish sleek black quartz for your minimalist and contemporary kitchen, or something less subtle and more decorative for your traditional kitchen, rest assured that you’ll be able to find just the right look that will perfectly fit your style.


Check out these black quartz design ideas to get inspired for your next kitchen or bath remodeling project.

Livorno Black Quartz
Livorno Black Quartz

Livorno Black Quartz Work Tops


Are you looking for unique-looking black quartz with white veining?


Livorno by Pental Quartz may be just the thing you’re looking for! This stunning black quartz features a midnight black background and stark white diagonal veining. If you care about comfort but still prioritize inviting and striking design, Livorno Black Quartz will not only capture your attention but steal your heart.


Its white veining will keep your kitchen space from becoming too dark while its pure black background provides much-needed balance and depth.

Amadeus Black Pental Quartz
Amadeus Black Pental Quartz

Amadeus Black Pental Quartz


If you don’t think that all-black, pure black, or absolute black quartz is the right thing for your kitchen, and want more shades, consider this black brown quartz by Pental Quartz. Amadeus Black is a swirl of deep brown shades with a hint of metallic sparkle. Pair it with beige, white, or wood cabinets and modern backsplashes. Feel free to use Amadeus Quartz in modern, minimalist, as well as in transitional and traditional kitchens.


Amadeus quartz is great not only for kitchen countertops but also for bathroom vanity tops, backsplashes, accent walls, waterfall kitchen island designs, shower surrounds, and flooring. It’s incredibly durable and easy to maintain, so it won’t disappoint you.

Stellar Night Quartz
Stellar Night Quartz

Stellar Night Quartz by Silestone


Sometimes, it’s not easy to decide between different types of materials for a new kitchen countertop. Each kind of material has its benefits and unique characteristics that make it seem like the best choice for your project. For example, you can be debating between black quartz countertops vs granite countertops. Luckily, quartz is so great at imitating granite that this kind of debate is not needed.


Take a look at Stellar Night from Silestone’s Stellar Series! This lovely black quartz is inspired by one of the most beautiful granites — Black Galaxy Granite. The small, shiny crystals are sprinkled throughout its surface that can be polished, suede, or polished n-boost.

Tebas Black Silestone Quartz
Tebas Black Silestone Quartz

Tebas Black Silestone Quartz


Looking for pure black quartz worktops for your kitchen design?


Look no further, because black quartz cannot get any purer than in Tebas Black Quartz by Silestone. Dark as the darkest night, with faint speckles throughout its surface, this luxurious quartz adds a particular interest and depth to any kitchen space. Impact, stain, and acid resistant, Tebas Black exceeds the performance and quality of granite, and provides you with an effective and highly functional, not only gorgeous working surface.

What are the Pros and Cons of Black Quartz


Choosing black countertops for a kitchen or bathroom may seem like a risky move because they are so striking and uncompromising. Black countertops show a strong decision and taking a course towards a more forward-looking, sleek, and luxurious design. This color commands attention and affects the whole room in a powerful way. Also, some people believe that black surfaces show dust more and need more care and maintenance. This is why we believe it is very important to dive into the pros and cons of black quartz for kitchen countertops.


Pros of Black Quartz Worktops


They provide stunning beauty! If you’re set to acquire countertops that will command the spotlight and provide class, luxury, and immaculate beauty, black quartz is the right choice.


They are easy to maintain! Quartz comes with incredible advantages — it is so easy to care for. You won’t have to seal it, ever, and clean it only with water, mild soap, and a soft cloth or sponge. If there are any unwelcome crumbs on your black countertops, you’ll be able to see them right away. This means that dust or crumbs are easily visible on a dark surface and that you’ll be able to spot and remove them very fast. It doesn’t get easier or more convenient than this!


It lasts practically forever! Resistant to impact, staining, heat, and water, quartz is a man-made stone that lasts a lifetime. Just make sure to pick the right black design that you really love because you may end up with it for a long, long time.


Cons of Black Quartz Worktops


Black quartz will show off fingerprints more than other quartz colors.


If you cook a lot, soapy and greasy dishcloth left on the countertop will create a visible film on a black countertop.


Cups will leave rings on black countertops. This is why you will need to make sure to use coasters.

Black Quartz Countertops Cost


Remodeling a kitchen always entails upgrading countertops, vanity counters, islands, and backsplashes. Quartz is one of the most desirable materials to cover all of these surfaces at an affordable price.


To make sure you get the lowest price on quartz you desire for your remodeling project, make sure to ask for a price that is quoted for installed quartz per square foot. The price should include fabrication, edge customization, delivery, removal of the old countertop, material, and installation. Often, the installation comes free of charge, as well as a sink cut-out in some cases.


The price of quartz material will depend on the quality. For example, we carry only premium quality quartz, but to make it affordable and available to everyone, we offer monthly specials. With this low price, installation, fabrication, estimate, and edge treating come free of charge.


On average, black quartz countertop material will cost you anywhere between $55 to $150 per sq. ft.

Frequently Asked Questions about Black Quartz Countertops


Are black quartz worktops hard to keep clean?


Black quartz doesn’t need more effort in maintaining and clean than other quartz colors. Dark quartz will show crumbs, dust, and fingerprints slightly more but it’s enough to clean them daily using warm water, mild soap, and a soft dishcloth. It won’t take more than a few minutes to wipe it down and make it look perfect. If you’re in a hurry, spraying your black quartz countertop with glass cleaner and quickly wiping it down will give just as great effects.


Are black quartz counters good?


Black quartz kitchen counters are good, and more than good. They possess great qualities — sturdiness, resilience, and beauty. On top of that, they are very popular for quite some time now because of their supreme look and ease of maintenance. These features and benefits make them perfect for a modern and busy lifestyle. These countertops are good because they help you bring important kitchen decisions more easily.


Is black quartz more expensive?


The price of quartz countertops is low considering the value they bring to any home. In fact, their price is even lower than before when quartz was new on the market and a matter of prestige. Quartz is now a standard affordable to any home with a medium income. However, there are some differences between different quartz colors when it comes to price. In general, white quartz countertops are usually priced lower than their black countertops. This may mean that black quartz is viewed as more luxurious.


How durable is black quartz?


Yes, black quartz stone is very durable. Thanks to its hard, sturdy nature, and resilient and nonporous properties, we can say with certainty that black quartz is one of the most durable quartz stone options. Black quartz will resist scratches, water, and staining, as well. On top of that, it will also stand high degrees of heat as well.


Do black quartz worktops stain?


Choose premium quality quartz to get the most out of your black countertop design and avoid staining. Get your black quartz slabs from a licensed and insured local fabricator, not from a wholesale dealer. Small, local fabricators will treat your slabs with care and professional machines. Never use bleach or any harsh chemicals on your quartz and its black color won’t stain. The most common stains on quartz are water builds which are easily removed and even prevented from appearing.


Does black quartz scratch?


Being as hard and as durable as it is, black quartz is, naturally, also scratch resistant. However, it is not recommended to cut food directly on the quartz countertop of any kind — black or white, polished or leather finished. Although you won’t be able to damage your black quartz easily even when using a very sharp knife, we advise avoiding any situations in which is possible for your black quartz to get scratched. Also, please avoid any other sharp tools on your black quartz countertop.


Does black quartz fade?


Black quartz, like all other quartz stone varieties, will resist sunlight as they are man-made for everyday use, and bonded with special resins that will help prevent fading from UV radiation. However, the majority of countertops will fade under direct sunlight. This is why any kind of quartz countertop, and black quartz as well, is a good choice for outdoor use. This quality may depend on the black quartz manufacturer, so we advise you to check with your local quartz dealer and fabricator what quartz options are recommended for outdoor use or any other spot exposed to direct sunlight.


Do black quartz worktops show water spots?


One of the downsides of black quartz and any other dark quartz variety is that it will, most probably show water spots. It will also show water rings, residue from soap, dust, and fingerprints more easily than, for example, white quartz or any other light-colored quartz variety. If this does not bother you, or you’re ready to wipe down your black quartz work surface daily, then there are no reasons to avoid it. The upside is that it is very easy to clean and maintain any kind of quartz, even black kind. Simply wiping it down with some warm water and no more than a drop of mild soap is quite enough.


Where can I find black quartz worktops?


They can be found with any quartz dealers that display slabs from reputable quartz dealers like Caesarstone, MSI Surfaces, Pental Quartz, and Silestone. Each of these manufacturers has many different varieties of black quartz, ranging from absolute, pure black to those that imitate natural stones like quartz that looks like marble or quartz that looks like granite.


What color backsplash goes with black quartz?


Black on black looks amazing! So, if you’re into creating some amazing contrasts and planning on combining black countertops with white cabinets, feel free to use the same black quartz for the backsplash as well. The flow will be spectacular just like the contrast. If you would like some other color or material, keep in mind that the colors don’t need to match but that they should coordinate. A backsplash doesn’t have to be of the same color and the same material as your countertops but it should blend, contrast, and harmonize all the elements in the kitchen. Popular colors that go well with black are white, gray, cream, brown, black, and wood tones. However, keep in mind that the final choice should not depend only on the countertops but on the whole room’s interior.

Get The Best Black Quartz Countertop Selection in New Jersey


A comprehensive and wide range of stylish and luxurious black quartz is waiting for you to choose from at our NJ showroom, among a rich selection of quartz countertops. A variety of slabs perfect for many kitchen and bath applications including backsplashes, benchtops, kitchen islands, and wall panels in residential and commercial properties are already in stock and available at affordable prices.


Get beautiful black quartz options and choose what you love, combining their beauty with durability, low maintenance, and lifetime warranty.


If you live anywhere in the state of New Jersey, stop by our black quartz showroom located at 1107 Rt 23 South, Wayne, NJ 07470. We will provide you with respectful and professional customer service and help you choose the best black quartz colors for your unique design. Our designers will show you all the slabs we have in stock and provide you with a free 3D design for your kitchen or bath remodel project. This way, you can actually see how the slabs you choose will look in your home or office.


Contact us today and get black quartz countertops at an affordable price in New Jersey.