Granite Countertops Colors: How to Select the Best for Your Kitchen in 2024

Granite countertops colors are available in a wide variety, from white granite colors and other light-colored granite types to brown granite countertops and dark granite countertops. Light-colored granite is currently one of the most popular granite colors on the market, mostly because of its versatility and compatibility with all kitchen styles, from classic and traditional, to transitional and contemporary, and even minimalist decors.

Known as a durable, beautiful, and unique option for kitchen countertops, granite is a natural stone that can be a real head-turner. Because it’s available in so many colors, hundreds, or even thousands, it’s easy to find a perfect match for your cabinetry, appliances, and other kitchen interior details.

Let us guide you and help you navigate the diverse palette of granite countertop colors, offering insights into the trends, considerations, and design possibilities available in 2024. From timeless classics to bold, contemporary hues, the color of your granite countertops plays a pivotal role in defining the ambiance of the space. We delve into the unique characteristics of various granite colors, exploring how they harmonize with different design styles and elevate the overall aesthetic of your interior. Join us in unraveling the captivating world of granite countertop colors, where every hue tells a story and contributes to the creation of a personalized and visually stunning living space.

White Granite Colors

If you’re on a quest to find pure white granite countertops, keep in mind that it is very hard to come by them. The typical white granite kitchen countertops have white bedrock but they also feature a wealth of shades, spots, flecks, and hues in other colors like gray, red, brown, and others throughout their surface. White granite colors look amazing when paired with dark cabinet wood like cherry. Then they help create environments with impactful contrast and a more open and lighter ambiance. It is also easy to pair a white granite countertop with different types of backsplash. How to match backsplash with granite is not a problem at all when granite countertops are white.

Here are some of the most popular white granite colors and kitchen ideas.

Bianco Antico Granite

This white granite color features soft white and gray background bedrock with warm pink and taupe flecks. An abundance of shades and swirls of colors make this granite look mostly white and gray when looked at from afar. However, when you get close to it, you can see that actually this stone is much, much more rich with colors. Browns and burgundy red give Bianco Antico granite a profound appearance perfect for traditional kitchens with an antique vibe. With a strong personality and great durability, Bianco Antico is one of the most popular light granite countertops perfect for making a statement in the kitchen.

granite countertops colors
White Granite Colors: Bianco Antico Granite. Photo credit: MSI

River White Granite

Light granite countertops come in many varieties, and one of the most dazzling is River White granite. Its pattern looks like it was carved by the currents of a river. Its sweeping lines, a low variation of gray and white veins, and tiny burgundy flecks create one of the most stunning patterns in natural stones. Each slab of River White is unique and depending on the slab, it can feature cream, burgundy, blue, and gray as secondary colors. White is always the main color in this stone. The sweeping lines of River White give any kitchen a specific dynamic that reflects serenity and calm as any river would.

Pair River White with light or dark cabinetry. This is one of the most effective kitchen renovation ideas. Combined with light cabinetry, it will create a modern, airy kitchen ambiance, while paired with dark kitchen cabinets, River White creates amazing contrasts. Keep in mind that this is one of the granite countertop colors that can visually impact the kitchen space by making a countertop look longer than it is, thanks to its sweeping lines.

granite countertops color options
Granite Countertops Color: River White. Kitchen design by Redstart Construction

Juparana Delicatus Granite

Granite countertops colors can be very surprising and often you will get much more than you expect. Juparana Delicatus granite is such a stone. In the family of white granite kitchen countertops, Juparana Delicatus also features dramatic black throughout its surface. White and black intertwine as veining of high variation. If you need a light-colored granite but you would still like it to be the focal point in your kitchen and turn heads, Juparana Delicatus may be the perfect choice for you. Its rich colors and shades will leave no one indifferent.

granite countertops colors and patterns
Light Colored Granite: Juparana Delicatus. Kitchen built by BeaconStreet Builders Photo Credit © Warren Patterson via Houzz

White granite colors exude a timeless elegance that transcends design trends, making them a perennial favorite for countertops. The purity and versatility of white granite allow it to seamlessly integrate into various design styles, from classic to contemporary. With names like Kashmir White, Alaska White, and Bianco Antico, these granite varieties boast unique patterns and veining that add depth and visual interest. White granite not only imparts a sense of brightness to spaces but also serves as a neutral canvas, allowing for versatile color palettes and design elements. Elevate your kitchen or bathroom with the enduring charm and sophistication of white granite countertops.

Pros and Cons of White Granite Kitchen Countertops

In general, white granite has more benefits than downsides. Durable, versatile and never boring, light colored granite countertops are also easy to maintain and care for. They have all the benefits of granite with some specific advantages only white granite can offer.

Pros of White Granite Countertops

  • Exceptional beauty. White granite kitchen countertops can balance and brighten up any kitchen space, making it seem more spacious. Don’t let a wealth of flecks, hues, and tones of other colors on it confuse you. The real beauty, character, and irresistible charm of white granite are in these unique compositions. They give a touch of warmth as well as interest to white and bright kitchen decor. The details in white granite are always subtle and elegant, so you can be sure they will add to luxury and high style in your kitchen.
  • Durability, strength, and resilience. Like any other type of granite, white granite colors are also durable, tough, and resilient to wear, staining, cutting, and chipping. Ideal for busy and hardworking family kitchens, white granite countertops can take a lot and serve you well for many years to come. An additional advantage of white granite is that it masks blemishes and imperfections very well, thanks to its patterns, veinings, flecks, and various hues of colors other than white. In general, white granite hides watermarks, fingerprints, and dust much better than dark granite countertops.
  • Easy to combine with any kitchen decor. White goes well with any kitchen decor, both light and dark cabinets, as well as stainless steel, black, or white appliances. Whether you’re looking to create a powerful contrast, a refined flow between your cabinetry and other elements, or you simply want a complementing countertop color for your kitchen, white granite can be the perfect and easy solution. It comes in a wide variety of tones, hues, and patterns, so it gives you many options to choose from. It is a great option for both classic, traditional, and modern, contemporary kitchens as it can accommodate easily different styles.
  • Hygenic surface for food preparation is easy to clean. White granite is a hygienic, sanitary surface that doesn’t harbor mold or bacteria. Easy to maintain and clean with only mild detergent, mild water, and soft cloth on an everyday basis, these countertops are great for busy families that crave more functionality in the kitchen. To ensure perfect look and function, seal your countertops yearly.
  • Contribute to a greater home value. Versatile and neutral kitchens sell homes more. White granite is almost impossible not to like as it enhances the beauty, versatility, practicality, and functionality of any kitchen. There is also a timeless appeal that you can count on.
granite countertops colors pictures
Light Colored Granite. Kitchen Design by Orange and Orange Interior Design

Cons of White Granite Countertops

Like all granite stone countertops, white granite is heavy and requires professional installation. The cons of white granite are few, but you still should consider them when choosing among many granite countertops colors. Here they are.

  • Slab inconsistency. Each slab of granite is unique and unlike the next slab. Be careful when looking to create a consistent, uniform countertop that flows well. Make sure the seams are consistent and book-matched with busy patterns.
  • Needs sealing. Like all other granite types, white granite kitchen countertops also require sealing treatment once a year so they can provide the best possible performance and appearance.
  • Sensitive around wet areas. If your white granite contains iron, it can rust or oxidize if placed near wet areas.

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Brown Granite Countertops

Conveniently neutral and rich in various hues, tones, and patterns, brown granite countertops are a popular, appropriate, and easy choice for kitchens of all styles, especially traditional ones. With an expansive mineral range, and a wealth of shades, patterns, and flecks, brown granite may seem difficult to tie with the rest of the kitchen decor. However, the truth is that thanks to this wide variety of flecks, shades, and tones brown granite is so versatile and easy to fit with many different kitchen cabinet colors in almost any kitchen. Any variety of brown granite countertops will astonish you with its wealth of details.

Here are the most popular types of brown granite countertops.

Baltic Brown Granite

This variety of dark granite countertops presents a gorgeous blend of black and brown colored background featuring tan and light gray flecks. An intensive and busy pattern has a thick-grained and distinctive circular texture. Baltic Brown Granite features the so-called ”irregular” fracture, an attribute that adds to the loveliness and uniqueness of any kitchen space. Its density is remarkable. This is why Baltic Brown is so mildew, water, and stain-resistant. It is also very resistant to heat.

granite countertops colors images
Brown Granite Countertops: Baltic Brown Granite Photo credit: MSI

Tan Brown Granite

Dark brown background intertwined with brown, black, gray, and lovely burnt orange tones and hues are what Tan Brown granite offers. From afar, this countertop material may seem gray or very light brown, but when you take a closer look at Tan Brown granite countertop surface, you’ll see an incredible amount of details. There are even dark blue hues in the background mixed chocolate brown flowers and light-colored crystalline elements. Rich and deep, Tan Brown is one of the elegance and glamour to any kitchen. Besides its great appearance, Tan Brown is also durable, tough, and easy to maintain and care for.

what colors do granite countertops come in
Brown Granite Countertops Color: Tan Brown. Photo credit: MSI

Coffee Brown Granite

Just like a favorite combination of many, this brown granite pairs chocolate and coffee brown tones. If you’re looking for a sleek and not-too-busy granite countertop, Coffee Brown may be right for you. It provides a charming depth and almost a solid brown appearance from afar. But when you get close to it, you’ll see all the wealth of its shades, patterns, and tones. It pairs great with neutral kitchen decor and provides a simple, but impactful focal point.

granite colors and prices
Granite Kitchen Countertops Pictures: Coffee Brown Granite. Photo credit: MSI

Brown granite colors bring warmth and richness to kitchen and bathroom spaces, infusing them with earthy tones and timeless appeal. Varieties like Coffee Brown, Tan Brown, and Baltic Brown showcase intricate patterns and swirls, adding depth and character to countertops. Brown granite seamlessly complements a range of cabinetry and design styles, from traditional to modern. With its innate ability to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, brown granite serves as a versatile choice, providing a captivating backdrop for culinary and self-care spaces alike. Explore the diverse spectrum of brown granite colors to bring a touch of natural elegance to your home.

Pros and Cons of Brown Granite Countertops

Durable, tough, scratch, stain, and heat resistant, brown kitchen countertops certainly have many more pros than cons. Here they are.

Pros of Brown Granite Countertops

  • They pair wonderfully with many kitchen cabinet colors. Brown granite countertops are considered as a so-called ”safe choice” for pairing with cabinetry, flooring, and backsplash tiles.
  • They enhance the character of any kitchen. It’s easy to make a statement or create a focal point with brown granite countertops as they are very impactful-looking.
  • Easy to care for. Clean brown granite daily using mild soap, mild water, and a soft cloth. Seal it once a year for the best performance and looks.
  • Sustainable. Brown granite is an ecological, ”renewable” resource and a truly green product that lasts a lifetime and doesn’t include any harmful chemicals.
most popular granite colors
Brown Granite Countertops: Fantasy Brown Granite. Kitchen Design by Christopher Architecture and Interiors

Cons of Brown Granite Countertops

There are only a few downsides to brown granite countertops and not everyone will consider them downsides.

  • They may decline in popularity. As the modern and contemporary, minimalist kitchen style is on the rise, brown granite countertops make less than other granite colors into these kitchens. Brown granite is associated more with traditional, classic kitchens.
  • They may show fingerprints. The darker the brown, there is more possibility for it to show fingerprints. In this case, you will have to clean it more often, just like you would any dark granite countertops.
  • A possibility to have too much brown in a kitchen. If you pair brown granite countertops with classic, wood cabinets, you may cause your kitchen to look boring. Brown granite needs contrast to show off its true character.

Black Granite Kitchen Countertops

If you’re dreaming of adding a bold, yet sophisticated element to your kitchen, consider black granite countertops. They give off a dramatic appearance that looks truly amazing in modern kitchens. In combination with light, white kitchen cabinets and light wood flooring, black granite countertops will shine and look incredibly slick.

Whether you prefer solid black granite countertop colors or gold-flecked and intertwined with other shades, tones, and spots, here are some black granite kitchen countertops you will love.

Black Galaxy Granite

This variety of dark granite countertops features a wealth of small gold, copper, and white flecks. Its name says it all –- the very essence of this in this perfect stone resembles the very stars in our galaxy. Black Galaxy Granite belongs to the group of black granite countertops and is one of its most beautiful and popular representatives. Although it looks pitch black from afar, when you get close to it, you can see its richness and pure elegance. Black Galaxy granite countertop is exceptionally durable, very hard-wearing, highly moisture, stain, and heat resistant, and comes at a low maintenance cost.

modern granite countertops colors
Black Granite Kitchen Countertops: Black Galaxy. Photo credit: MSI

Black Pearl Granite

This variety of black granite kitchen countertops is elegant, sophisticated, and semi-solid. From afar, Black Pearl granite may look like an all-black stone. However, when you get close to it, you see a plethora of black, gold, silver, brown, gray, and green speckles and shades. Its dark, slick, and sophisticated appearance, makes it one of the most popular dark granite countertops. Being cost-effective and fairly easy to maintain, Black Pearl granite is a convenient choice for anyone who desires an elegant and impactful solution for a kitchen countertop.

kitchen granite countertops colors
Black Pearl Granite Countertop. Photo credit: CliqStudios

Uba Tuba Granite

This dark granite countertop guarantees an amazing visual appeal to any kitchen space. If you like the modern, sleek look of minimalist kitchens with austere charm, rest assured that Uba Tuba granite will provide the maximum of decorative and functional value to this kind kitchen decor. Just like in contemporary kitchen interiors, Uba Tuba can be equally impactful in traditional, classic kitchen spaces. It may seem that Uba Tuba is a classic black kitchen countertop, but it’s actually deep green, Although you may think at first that Uba Tuba is a black granite countertop, it actually features black, gray, gold, and green speckles and spots. Elegant, rich, and luxurious, Uba Tuba will create an intriguing and highly sophisticated ambiance in your kitchen.

granite colors for kitchen countertops
Black Granite Countertops Kitchen: Uba Tuba. Photo credit: MSI

Black granite colors exude sophistication and modernity, making them a bold and timeless choice for countertops. Varieties like Absolute Black, Black Galaxy, and Nero Africa showcase sleek and polished surfaces, adding a touch of luxury to kitchens and bathrooms. The deep, dark hue of black granite creates a striking contrast, making it an ideal choice for contemporary and high-end designs. With its ability to effortlessly complement various color schemes and design elements, black granite countertops add a touch of drama and elegance to any space.

Pros and Cons of Black Granite Kitchen Countertops

Black granite colors are an absolute favorite of many homeowners and interior designers. It’s uncompromising, powerful, and intriguing, so it’s no wonder why people love it. On the other hand, some hesitate to use it because they believe black granite needs more maintenance, but this is more of a myth than an actual downside. Those who love black granite colors, call its care ”the labor of love”.

Pros of Black Granite Kitchen Countertops

  • Guaranteed sophistication. Black granite guarantees a stunning and impactful appearance, with profound depth and sophistication.
  • Powerful contrasts. Black granite colors are easy to combine with other kitchen elements, especially if they feature contrasting colors, like stark white cabinets. Black countertops will turn heads in a minimalist, light, and airy kitchen space.
  • Durable and Tough. Black granite can last you a lifetime. It is stain, water, heat, and chip resistant.

Cons of Black Granite Kitchen Countertops

  • Can make the kitchen look too dark. This can happen only if you pair black granite countertops with black cabinetry without any contrasting or lighter details and kitchen elements. Balance black granite colors with lighter, contrasting hues and tones.
  • It is hard to maintain and keep clean black counters. Just like any other granite, black granite colors need cleaning, sealing, and polishing, too. It is true that breadcrumbs, flour, and specs of dust can stand out on a black countertop more than on other granite countertop colors. The solution is easy. Just wipe down the countertop every day with mild soap, warm water, and a soft cloth.
  • It’s prone to marks. Water rings and fingerprints may show off more on black granite colors than on other granite countertop colors. You can easily remove them using a natural stone cleaner.
Granite Countertops Colors
Granite Countertops: Black Granite Countertops in a stark white kitchen. Design by Bria Hammel Interiors

How to Choose Granite Countertops Colors for the Perfect Kitchen

Kitchen granite countertops are often featured in countless magazines and websites because they are a beautiful addition to any kitchen. This natural stone is the perfect building material, stain, and heat-resistant. It resists scratches, too. Granite also comes in numerous colors so it’s a perfect addition that can complement cabinetry, flooring, backsplash, and paint. Consider these tips for choosing the best granite countertop colors.

How to choose granite countertops colors
How to choose granite countertop colors for your kitchen INFOGRAPHIC

Homeowners and contractors love the huge number of colors, patterns, flecks, and streaks in granite slabs. They love to choose from countless granite colors for countertops. Their colors range from shades of blacks, grays, beiges, browns, golds, blues, whites, pinks, reds, greens, and yellows. They provide enough variety to fit small cozy kitchens or a large contemporary kitchen.

But, how do you choose the perfect color?

granite colors ideas
Granite Countertops Variations

Study Your Cabinet Colors

Pull out one or more colors from the cabinets to tie in with the colors of the granite. You can unscrew a cabinet door or take a sample of the cabinet paint. To make this easier, take photos of your cabinets in natural light. When you come to the granite slab yard, put the photo next to your favorite slab and compare. Consider these two popular options.

  • The same background color as cabinets with darker veining or mottling

You can choose countertops that are the same overall color of the cabinets. For example, your cabinets are painted white. Then you can choose white granite with veins or speckles in hues of gray, black or brown. The white in the cabinets and granite tie the two together- The speckles or veins add a splash of color and interest.

  • Contrasting background color with veining

In this example, you introduce a new contrasting background color like Betularie or Bordeaux in the granite. You match one or more colors of the flecks in the granite to the color of the cabinets. Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center regularly stocks more than 200 types of granite slabs. You can match or contrast your kitchen cabinets.

granite colors trends
Granite Countertops with cabinets
  • Other countertops — cabinet pairing suggestions:

Cabinets with cherry staining look well with Verde Peacock, Uba Tuba Granite or Typhoon Bordeaux Granite.

Dark brown kitchen cabinets are frequently matched with Costa Esmeralda, Lemon Ice or Labrador Green granites.

Light or honey-colored cabinetry looks very good with Netuna Bordeaux or Typhoon Bordeaux Granite.

Maple-colored cabinets are often paired with gray, white, or beige-colored granites.

Use Granite Samples

In some granite slab yards, samples of granite are available for you to take them home. Pick a few that you really like and take them home. Put them next to your cabinets during the time of the day when there is most natural light in your kitchen. If samples are not available, take photos of your favorite granites and compare them with other elements in your kitchen. Cover your current countertops with a sheet or a cloth in a neutral color and then place granite samples or photos. Only then you will be able to see how your granite pick looks in natural light and with other elements in your kitchen. It will be best if you perform this test at different times of the day.

However, have in mind that a sample of granite will not authentically represent the entire granite slab. If a showroom offers samples, make sure to ask them how often do they update their granite samples and whether the particular stones from their samples are all currently available.

granite colors chart
Granite colors samples

See the Full Slab

Once you know what granite colors are best for your kitchen, visit your local showroom and make sure to see the whole slabs of your favorite granite to make sure you like them and that you will love the final result you’ll get by using them in your kitchen. No two slabs of granite are alike, even if they are of the same kind. Colors will be similar, but veining, variation, specks, and hues will differ from slab to slab. If your granite pick has a busy pattern, make sure the slabs are book-matched when installed.

Cannot Decide Between Two Granite Countertops Colors?

As long as they are opposite — lighter and darker — you can use both granites in your kitchen. Install one on your perimeter cabinets and the other on the kitchen island. This combination will create a wonderful contrast and one will surely pop with its unique color.

Kitchen Granite Countertops and Lighting

Natural light from windows and kitchen lighting helps to show off the beauty of your new kitchen granite countertops. If lighting is poor, consider granite colors with more light-colored veins or specks. This way you will enhance the appearance. You can also consider darker granite colors when there is substantial lighting.

white granite countertops colors
Kitchen design image source: Pixabay

Granite Countertops Colors FAQ

  • What affects the color of granite?

The color of granite is primarily influenced by the minerals present in its composition. For example, quartz gives granite a white or light color, while higher concentrations of minerals like feldspar, biotite, and hornblende contribute to darker hues. The geological conditions during the formation of granite also impact its color, with variations resulting from the region and depth of extraction. Additionally, the finishing process, such as polishing or honing, can enhance or alter the perceived color of the granite. Over time, exposure to sunlight and environmental factors can cause subtle changes in the color of granite, making it essential to consider these factors when selecting and maintaining granite countertops.

  • How do I choose granite color?

Choosing the right granite color involves considering your overall design goals and personal preferences. Start by assessing the existing color palette of your space, including cabinets, flooring, and walls. Opt for a granite color that complements or contrasts with these elements for a cohesive look. Consider the mood you want to evoke – lighter colors create a spacious and airy feel, while darker hues add drama and sophistication. Requesting samples, visualizing them in your space, and observing how natural light affects them can help ensure that the chosen granite color aligns with your vision for a stylish and harmonious outcome.

  • blue granite countertop
  • Does granite change color when hot?

Granite itself does not change color when exposed to heat. However, in practical terms, the appearance of granite countertops may be affected by heat. Dark-colored granites, when subjected to high temperatures, may show temporary discoloration, known as the “thermal shock effect.” This phenomenon occurs due to the contrast in temperature causing the minerals in the granite to react temporarily. While the color usually returns to normal once the surface cools, it’s advisable to use heat-resistant pads or trivets to protect the granite and prevent any potential discoloration. Regular maintenance and avoiding prolonged exposure to extreme heat can help preserve the appearance of your granite countertops.

  • Does granite need to match?

Granite doesn’t necessarily need to match; it’s more about achieving a cohesive and visually appealing overall design. Some homeowners prefer a coordinated look, selecting granite that complements the color scheme of the surrounding elements like cabinets and flooring. Others opt for a contrasting approach, using granite as a focal point that stands out against the rest of the kitchen or bathroom. Ultimately, the decision depends on personal style and design preferences. Experimenting with samples, considering the overall theme, and visualizing the desired aesthetic can guide you in choosing whether to match or contrast granite in your space.

  • What color granite is timeless?

Neutral colors such as white, beige, and gray are often considered timeless choices for granite. Classic white granite, like Kashmir White or Colonial White, imparts a timeless elegance and pairs well with various design styles. Beige and tan hues, exemplified by options like Giallo Ornamental or Santa Cecilia, offer warmth and versatility. Shades of gray, from light to dark, as seen in varieties like Steel Gray or Bianco Romano, provide a modern and enduring aesthetic. These timeless granite colors seamlessly adapt to changing design trends and offer a timeless backdrop for various kitchen and bathroom styles.

  • Can you mix granite colors?

Yes, mixing granite colors in a space can create a visually interesting and dynamic design. Combining different granite colors allows for customization, enabling you to highlight specific areas or features in your kitchen or bathroom. Consider using a lighter granite color for the perimeter countertops and a darker shade for the center island to create contrast. Additionally, integrating a complementary backsplash can tie the various granite colors together harmoniously. The key is to maintain balance and cohesion, ensuring that the different colors work together cohesively within the overall design scheme of the space.

  • Can you change granite color?

Changing the color of granite is not a straightforward process. Granite is a natural stone, and its color is determined by the minerals present during its formation. While you can’t alter the inherent color of granite, certain factors can influence its appearance. Applying a color enhancer or sealer may deepen the stone’s color temporarily. Polishing or honing the surface can also affect the perceived color. However, these methods won’t fundamentally change the granite’s natural color. If you desire a different color, choosing a new granite slab that aligns with your preferences is the most effective approach.

  • Does granite change color with water?

No, granite does not change color when exposed to water. Granite is a dense and non-porous material, and water typically does not affect its color or appearance. However, when granite is wet, the surface may appear darker due to the water being absorbed temporarily. Once the granite dries, it returns to its original color. Regular sealing can help maintain the stone’s resistance to moisture and prevent any potential long-term effects on its appearance.

Visit Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center to Find the Best Granite Countertops Colors

From the timeless elegance of whites and neutrals to the bold sophistication of blacks and rich browns, granite countertops colors tell a unique story within the canvas of your kitchen or bathroom. Remember that the choice of granite is not just about color but also about creating a harmonious composition that resonates with your lifestyle and design preferences. Whether opting for a classic, cohesive palette or embracing the drama of contrasting tones, granite countertops endure as a symbol of enduring beauty and functionality. As trends evolve, the enduring nature of granite ensures that your choice stands the test of time, leaving you with a space that is both timeless and uniquely yours, where every color carries the essence of your style and transforms your living spaces into havens of comfort and aesthetic allure.

granite countertop colors

If you want the best granite countertop colors installed in your home, you should do it right by shopping at a showroom like Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center. Our 8,000-square-foot indoor and outdoor showroom carries over 100 granite colors in stock. Here, you’ll be able to see the colors, veining, and unique beauty of each granite slab. Looking at photographs of slabs online may give you a general idea of what each type looks like. However, there is no comparison to seeing the real granite on-site.

When selecting granite on-site at a showroom, make sure you come prepared with a cabinet door, a wall paint sample, and a flooring sample. By bringing all three of the samples to view next to the granite on-site, you’ll be in a better position. You will be able to see what colors truly match and you’ll see what accents work the best for your color schemes.

See our collection of granite countertops, and learn all about the various types of granite countertops.

If you’re looking for the best granite countertop in New Jersey, stop by Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center. Feel free to contact us for a free estimate to get started.