Steps to Remodel a Kitchen: Guide for New Jersey Homeowners

These steps to remodel a kitchen created as a kitchen remodel checklist will help you with your project every step of the way — from creating a plan, exploring all available options, and hiring a contractor, to choosing specific elements, installing, and inspecting of the work. Have in mind that your kitchen needs to be designed with your specific needs and habits in mind. Choosing quality and functional but also stylish options that you love will give you a practical space that you will happily use and prevent excessive costs.

Our kitchen remodel tips are based on many years of experience working with homeowners, interior designers, contractors, and builders. All should come together so you can make the heart of your home a space you and your family will truly enjoy every moment you spend there. If this is not the case right now, then it’s time for a remodel. Here is your ultimate kitchen remodel guide with all the steps to remodel a kitchen you need and get the work done successfully.

How to Plan a Kitchen Remodel

When thinking about how to redesign your kitchen, start by determining what issues you experience with your current kitchen layout and design. Is there enough storage space for dishware? Do you have enough cooking space? What about the dining area, is it spacious enough? Do you need new appliances? Maybe your kitchen is simply dated and you don’t enjoy its colors and design overall.

If the kitchen is part of a new home or is being completely renovated in an older one, you and your designer will need to first work out what sort of kitchen it will be. Will it be traditional or contemporary? How large is the space? What about the color and lighting schemes? All of these factors will have an effect on other elements of your kitchen, like the type of cabinetry, and countertop and backsplash choice.

Steps to Remodel a Kitchen Plan
Steps to Remodel a Kitchen Plan

To get the kitchen of your dreams, you will need to create a detailed plan on how to redesign your kitchen. This also means you will need to prioritize the things you need over the things you like and eventually find the right balance between the two. Rank them based on their importance to you and consult with a designer if possible. An interior designer will surely give you attractive, stylish, and practical kitchen redesign ideas that you will be interested to hear and consider when making a decision. Their ideas on how to redesign a kitchen will inspire you. At the same time, their kitchen remodeling tips and advice will help you decide between the things that are crucial for the best performance in the kitchen and the elements you simply like but do not necessarily need them.

Steps to Remodel a Kitchen INFOGRAPHIC
Steps to Remodel a Kitchen INFOGRAPHIC
  • Steps to Remodel a Kitchen: Create Your Own Plan

All the steps you take to remodel your kitchen should enable you to use your kitchen in a practical and functional way. This means that you should look to simplify the process of cooking, for example, as much as possible. The design of the kitchen should serve your needs in the kitchen, not the other way around. Take a good look at your kitchen, its current design, and decide what changes are needed.

At about this time, it would be useful if you could do a quick reality check and look into pricing and logistics. When determining what you need, you should also check how much will that cost and how long will the remodel most likely last. Are you planning to stay in your kitchen for a long time or do you plan to resell? This will also affect your decisions, the layout, and the elements you choose for your kitchen.

How to remodel a kitchen
How to remodel a kitchen

Also, prepare yourself to compromise. You can save on the costs if you are able to tackle some work yourself. To keep the costs as low as possible, you may need to be ready to compromise on the granite countertops and kitchen cabinet materials, too. This is the ideal time to plan your budget.

  • Find a Contractor

Are you ready to start your kitchen redesign? Now is the best time to determine whether you should hire a contractor. This will add to the costs, but kitchen remodeling contractors will help you save money, avoid redos and stay on the timetable you planned. A contractor will also inform and help you follow regulations and building codes that you may not be familiar with.

There are larger building and construction companies specializing in managing projects 100% from start to finish. Smaller builders and contracting firms often have their owner doing work himself with the help of one or two staff members. They also perform tile installation, wiring, and plumbing work.

Steps to remodel a kitchen: Choosing kitchen remodeling contractors
Steps to remodel a kitchen: Choosing kitchen remodeling contractors

When choosing a contractor, make sure they have a good track record and you are comfortable having them in your home. Research various options and look for recommendations and references. These people will be in your home all day for some time and you should be able to trust them and be comfortable around them.

  • Identify Your Options

Now is the time to look into different kitchen cabinet styles, appliances, backsplash tile options, and countertop materials. Are you planning on changing the kitchen layout or perhaps replacing the flooring, too? Look into all options available.

If you have a bigger budget, perhaps you can afford custom cabinetry for maximum convenience. But if you’re on a tighter budget, stock kitchen cabinets will be the perfect solution. Look into options offered by different kitchen cabinet manufacturers. Fabuwood Cabinets, Forevermark Kitchen Cabinets, Wolf Cabinets, and CNC Cabinets offer affordable, durable, and beautiful stock options.

Kitchen redesign ideas: Kitchen cabinets
Kitchen redesign ideas: Kitchen cabinets

Do you prefer quartz countertops or granite countertops for your new kitchen? Quartz that looks like marble is all the rage these days, but you may also want to look into a plethora of Caesarstone colors that can inspire your kitchen redesign ideas. Perhaps you prefer natural stone? If you want a luxurious kitchen, have you considered black granite countertops? Typhoon Bordeaux Granite will give your kitchen almost an artistic look, while Giallo Ornamental Granite will introduce elegant warmth and calmness into your cooking space. If you prefer lighter and simpler tones but still would prefer a natural stone for your new kitchen, look into Super White Quartzite.

How to redesign a kitchen: Kitchen countertops
How to redesign a kitchen: Kitchen countertops

During this step, you will see many available options and learn a lot about their characteristics and pricing. This will help you realize how much approximately will your project cost. Don’t forget to consider material durability, ease, and cost of maintenance, as well as its functionality.

  • Choose the Right Type of Kitchen Cabinets

When looking at how to remodel a kitchen, knowing that the style of the cabinets does not have to conform exactly to the decor of the kitchen, can be very useful. Furniture-like cabinets, with such adornments as pilasters and crown moldings, can be surprisingly attractive in an otherwise modern kitchen that features sleek appliances and an island cooktop. However, contrasting styles need to be used judiciously lest they clash.

Kitchen cabinet doors can also be solid or fitted with glass panes or mesh. Some country kitchen cabinets have been known to be fitted with chicken wire. Glass panes can be transparent or translucent, in different colors, and smooth or textured. Most glass, mesh, or wire-fronted cabinets are found above the counter, but some kitchens have floor cabinets designed this way as well. Kitchen cabinets are also made out of a wealth of materials, including solid and manufactured wood, MDF, or stainless steel. They can also have panels made out of an attractive punched tin.

kitchen remodeling tips and advice
Kitchen remodeling tips and advice

To make a practical choice when choosing kitchen cabinets for your new kitchen, consult an interior designer. Our guide on all the  Types of Kitchen Cabinets Guide will help you learn what are the best cabinet options for your specific needs.

  • Steps to Remodel a Kitchen: Choose the Right Material Finishes

Though many kitchens have cabinets that are all the same color, style, and finish, more adventurous homeowners contrast colors and textures. For example, the cabinets that make up a kitchen island can have a dark finish that resembles walnut while the cabinets above and below the counters are painted cream. What might link these cabinets is the type of hardware they have or a style that emphasizes sunken panels or ogee corners. Cabinets can also be frameless, with straight lines that speak of modern Scandinavian influence.

When choosing finishes, make sure to consult an interior designer if you’re not sure how to create the right combination.

Kitchen remodeling tips and advice
Kitchen remodeling tips and advice
  • Choose Hardware

This is also one of the important steps to take when remodeling a kitchen. One of the more enjoyable aspects of taking steps to remodel a kitchen is choosing the hardware. But regardless of the many exciting options available, keep the decor of the kitchen in mind.

A simple, polished chrome bar pull, for example, might detract from the beauty of a cabinet door carved to resemble a window in a Gothic church. On the other hand, stainless steel or rubbed nickel bar pull may be perfect for an unadorned, modern, frameless cabinet. Other types of hardware include knobs made of porcelain, cut glass, metal, or wood, cup or bin pulls, or pulls that are carved or forged to look like twisted vines or have decorations of leaves or fruit.

Kitchen remodel planning guide
Kitchen remodel planning guide: hardware

Consult a designer if you’re not sure what would be best for your cabinets and overall kitchen look. You will be surprised to see how much hardware can affect the final look of your kitchen.

  • Plan for Space Savers

Modern kitchens and kitchen cabinets can cleverly hide space savers. These are, for example, pullouts with adjustable drawers that can hold bottles of spices or pantry items. Some are just wide enough for one spice jar, while others can accommodate fairly large mixing bowls or pots. Spice racks can also be mounted to cabinet doors.

Your kitchen cabinets can also have tray bases with dividers that are just right for awkwardly sized items such as cookie sheets and cutting boards. Other pullouts accommodate wastebaskets, while others are set with pegboards on which to hang cleaning implements. Blind corner drawers, which are otherwise awkward to access, can be fitted with lazy susans that pull out. Spice and cutlery trays can also be placed in cabinet drawers. Some cutlery trays are expandable to fit snugly in drawers of several sizes.

How to remodel a kitchen: Include space savers
How to remodel a kitchen: Include space savers

Smart space savers may seem like a minor thing to plan, but they will affect the practicality and functionality of your kitchen in a major way. Probably, these will prove crucial for an uncluttered look of your countertops and for the ease you will be able to maneuver in your new kitchen.

  • Get Ready for the Kitchen Redesign

Before the contractor starts working, you will need to prepare and clear out the current kitchen space. This means you should remove everything — the dishes, decorations, cabinets, and food from the pantry. Before removing your cabinets, make sure to clear them out and remove everything from them. Everything that won’t help the remodel will stand in the way, thus it needs to get out. Make sure to properly protect the elements of the current kitchen that will stay, like flooring or wall tile. Also, proper dust control is necessary.

Steps to remodel a kitchen
Steps to remodel a kitchen
  • Kitchen Redesign

From demolition and removal of everything that is not needed anymore, to plumbing and electrical work, an actual kitchen redesign process will take some time and issues will, inevitably, occur. Unexpected events happen and you should be ready for them. Your contractor will take all the steps to remodel a kitchen but his responsiveness and readiness to offer solutions to the issues that arise during kitchen redesign will be crucial. Take your project step by step, don’t forget about your needs, and voice them clearly, but also be aware of any obstacles along the way, and arm yourself with patience.

  • Inspect the Work Done

Make sure everything is done correctly and per standard code. Your contractor should be able to pull all the necessary building permits and this is something that they should do for your own safety. When you finish the kitchen redesign, examine everything in detail. Check the seams on your countertops. If your countertops’ design is busy, make sure the slabs are book-matched. Make sure the appliances work properly. Are there any defects in the kitchen cabinets? Do they close as they should? You should have a list of everything that was done and you should go over it with your contractor. Don’t hesitate to ask for final adjustments if you feel they’re needed.

Tips for remodeling your kitchen
Tips for remodeling your kitchen: inspect the work

How Long Does it Take to Remodel a Kitchen

A kitchen redesign can take anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks to complete. This depends on the complexity of the work, materials, and finishes included, and work methods your contractor applies. You need to plan first for your existing kitchen elements to take them out. This is the demolition phase. Then you should mark out electrical outlets and appliance power feeds for the electrician. Plumbing, HVAC, and electrical installations usually take about 5 to 7 days.

You also need to plan drywall and insulation installation. The type of flooring you choose will dictate the amount of time needed for its installation. It’s usually up to 5 days, but your contractor will be able to give you a more precise estimate. For countertops, with fabrication, templating, edge treatment, installation, and sealing (if needed), it usually takes up to 10 days. For example, our crew will do the fabrication in our facility and schedule a time with you for the installation. We usually do it one week after templating is done.

New appliances and electrical fixtures installation will also take at least a day or two. This all comes up to 4 to 8 weeks to complete an average-sized kitchen.

Steps to remodel a kitchen
Steps to remodel a kitchen — determine the cost and how long will it take

How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Kitchen

The question ”how much to remodel a kitchen” comes up often at the very beginning of the kitchen remodel planning, but your contractor most likely won’t be able to give you the estimate right away. In general, according to Home Advisor, kitchen redesign goes from $12,594 to $33,118 at an average of $21,751. Minor and low-range remodeling doesn’t have to cost you more than $5,000, while luxurious and high-end kitchen redesign projects can go up to $50,000, and more.

When planning your costs regarding how much to remodel a kitchen, take into consideration your location, any walls you want to demolish, and whether are you going to do any of the work by yourself. The size of the remodel will affect the price, as well as the finishes and products you choose. High-end finishes and custom-made cabinetry will cost more. Replacing flooring and/or appliances will add to the price. Factors affecting the cost include how long the project takes, your location, whether you have existing units, walls to tear out, and whether you intend to complete any of the work yourself.

To hire a kitchen designer, be ready to set aside anywhere from $40 to $75 an hour while for an architect you should be ready to pay from $60 to $125 an hour. Contractors’ daily rate is usually between $300 to $500. However, if you need to hire any of these professionals, don’t let their price be the determining factor. Ask for references and use their expertise to get the maximum from your new kitchen.

When hiring a professional for your kitchen remodel research if the kitchen design firm uses cabinet cost estimating software to demonstrate an invaluable service to its clients. This will allow you to customize your kitchen efficiently and understand the processes better. On the other side, for a kitchen design company this tool enables to accurately price the cabinets for your remodeling and show customization.

steps to remodel a kitchen
Enjoy your new kitchen

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to do step by step kitchen remodel?

Start from determining where will appliances, sinks, outlets, and lighting be placed in order to make sure that everything will find its place in the kitchen. Then come insulation and drywall installation, after which come walls, ceiling, and flooring. Finally, the best part of any kitchen remodel is choosing and installing cabinets and countertops. Faucets, sinks, and other smaller details come at the very end of the process.

  • What are the steps in remodeling a kitchen?
  1. Ground, basic work of demolishing and tearing out the old kitchen
  2. Plumbing, framing, electrical wiring
  3. Professional inspection
  4. Wall and ceiling painting
  5. Window and door treatment
  6. Plumbing fixtures, cabinets, and countertop installation
  7. Appliances installation
  8. Working on details and final touches
  • In what order the renovation of kitchen should be done?
  1. Kitchen design and remodeling planning
  2. Preparing the kitchen space for the remodeling process
  3. Working on electrical work and plumbing
  4. Floors and walls installation and/or treatment
  5. Installing cabinets and countertops
  6. Installation of appliances
  7. Working on final touches and important details that can make or break the look of a kitchen
  • What should be installed first in a kitchen remodel?

When flooring and walls are done, the first item that should be installed is kitchen cabinetry. Cabinets are the most massive and most important element for the layout of any kitchen. Depending on the cabinets and their layout, appliances will fit into the combination. And, of course, the base kitchen cabinets will serve as the base for the countertops. This is why kitchen cabinets should be installed first in a kitchen remodel.

  • Where do I start when planning a kitchen remodeling?

Planning a kitchen remodel with all the information, budget, and all the details with your needs and requirements in mind is a great start for any kitchen remodeling project. Visiting your local kitchen remodeling showroom and sitting down with your designer and contractor is also one of the most important first steps. When working on a plan don’t forget to set your goals, determine a realistic budget for your kitchen remodeling project, and determine a timeline that works both for you and your contractor.

  • When renovating a kitchen should I do the floor first?

While some recommend installing your cabinets first, and only then installing the flooring, around the cabinets, to keep the costs down, we recommend vice versa. With our experience and years of work with both homeowners and kitchen remodeling experts, contractors, designers, and builders, we recommend first installing flooring, and then installing the cabinets. Although you may spend a bit more money on flooring, you will make sure that there is a solid floor covering the entirety of your kitchen. Also, your contractor won’t have to work around the cabinets. What can be done after installing the cabinets is to finish the floors.

  • How to remodel a kitchen for beginners?

If this is your first time remodeling your kitchen, we recommend you work with professionals. As much as the DIY approach may seem tempting and a money-saving option, the truth is that remodeling a kitchen by yourself may cost even more than paying professionals in the first place. Of course, the first thing to do is to assess your needs, wants, and requirements. Determine what is a must and what is good to have. Where are you ready to compromise on the balance between quality and price and where do you want to splurge? Do you want to work more on the functionality or the kitchen appearance, or both? Does your kitchen need a full rehaul or do you only want to work on a few things? When you have answers to all of these questions, you will be able to determine how to start working on your kitchen remodel and whether or not to include professionals in the process.

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