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Steel Gray Leather Granite Outdoor Kitchen Remodel in Chatham, NJ
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DateMay 2020
LocationChatham, NJ
TypeOutdoor Kitchen
ProductsSteel Gray Leather Granite

Chatham, NJ Steel Gray Leather Granite Outdoor Kitchen Remodel Project


A family in Chatham, NJ, decided to pursue a brand new outdoor kitchen with us, and, in short time, got an amazing space where their family and friends come together and share good times.

We helped the homeowners to select a low-maintenance material designed to withstand all the rigors of an outdoor kitchen. From experience, we know that the most important thing about an outdoor kitchen is the ability to be easily cleaned and maintained. If this requirement is met, the homeowners will use it more and enjoy their investment fully. The countertop area in any outdoor kitchen should have a highly sanitary surface that’s resistant to grease stains, able to withstand high temperatures, corrosion-resistant, and easily cleaned.

This outdoor kitchen in Chatham, NJ is not only highly functional, but it’s also a stylish extension of the aesthetics and style the homeowners chose for the rest of their home.

Take a look at our new outdoor kitchen remodel project in Chatham, NJ, and get inspired for your own outdoor kitchen — whether you need to remodel or build it from the ground up.

Steel Gray Leather Granite for Fresh Appearance


Steel Gray granite with leather finish is one of the favorite choices for outdoor kitchens. It’s never the same because it changes its looks depending on the light. Sometimes it can look very light, sometimes dark, but it always has that gorgeous texture that gives it such an elegant and timeless look.

With subtle yet sophisticated dark and light gray tones throughout its surface, and with a more consistent and modern texture than polished granite, Steel Gray granite with the leather finish was a perfect addition for this outdoor kitchen. Whatever your style is and whether you prefer traditional or modern decor, Steel Gray Leather Granite will be able to tick all the boxes.

If you crave a dramatic depth look and wish to raise the value of your home, the beautiful look of Steel Gray Leather Granite will achieve just what you’re looking for.

Durability and Maintenance

Besides its amazing appearance, Steel Gray Leather Granite has other qualities as well. Its incredible durability makes it an ideal choice for hard-working kitchens. Durable and easy to clean, Steel Gray Leather Granite is a natural and logical choice for countertops in an outdoor kitchen. With proper maintenance, it will stand the test of time no matter how hard and how often you use your outdoor kitchen.



This natural stone possesses an incredible strength that will coordinate beautifully with outdoor surroundings and colors of nature in your backyard or patio.

One great advantage of this lovely stone is that it won’t show smears or fingerprints. Also, it won’t show joins as much as a polished granite type with a more striated pattern. To clean it on a daily basis, use a neutral detergent, rinse with clean water and dry using a soft cloth.

We are thrilled with the look of the outdoor kitchen in Chatham, NJ. Steel Gray Leather Granite was absolutely the best choice possible for all the rigors of outdoor cooking.

Steel Gray Leather Granite Outdoor Kitchen in Chatham, NJ

Steel Gray Granite — A Perfect Choice for an Outdoor Kitchen Space


Outdoor cooking spaces and gray granite present a natural pairing.


Granite slabs ensure that your outdoor cooking and entertaining space will be party-ready this spring and summer, and for many warm seasons to come. Even if you live in an area with cold winter weather and hot summer weather like New Jersey and New York, you can stay rest assured that Steel Gray Granite will endure all the temperature differences and serve you equally well during warm and cold months.


Our client from Chatham, NJ chose Steel Gray Granite with Leather Finish to spruce up their outdoor living area for one more reason — its charm and ability to blend with the gorgeous nature it’s surrounded by. Besides looking sophisticated and unique, it also pairs wonderfully with the greenery and other elements of any backyard or patio in New Jersey.

Steel Gray Leather Granite Outdoor Kitchen Remodel in Chatham, NJ

Granite that Complements the Design of the Home’s Landscape and Architecture


Choosing the perfect materials for an outdoor kitchen is not such an easy task, although it may seem simpler than remodeling an indoor kitchen. Besides considering the relationship between the indoor and outdoor kitchen versions and creating the right traffic pattern, you also need to take the outdoor surroundings into consideration. The landscape and home architecture must be taken into account when building outdoor cooking and entertaining space.


When helping our clients to build or remodel outdoor living spaces, we recommend incorporating visually compatible materials and architectural details that will match the rest of the outdoor space. As you can see, our client from Chatham, NJ has a space where cooking and dining areas coexist. When choosing the right material for the cooking worktop, we needed to grasp the homeowner’s needs, the flow of traffic, and the equipment available.


Steel Gray Leather Granite was the perfect choice that coordinates beautifully with the rest of this outdoor living space details.

Steel Gray Leather Granite Outdoor Kitchen Remodel in Chatham, NJ

How Aqua Kitchen and Bath Helped Bring This Party-Ready Outdoor Cooking Space to Life


As soon as we established functional requirements, design, investment, and scope of this outdoor kitchen remodel, it was time for the homeowners to start looking into stone selection. They did a great job deciding on granite to get the most of their investment and exactly what they need from their outdoor cooking space. As any outdoor kitchen remodel is a unique process, these Chatham NJ homeowners needed our professional help to make sure they get the best possible granite stone design and exactly what they need from their investment.


They came to Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center located in Wayne NJ to get the stone they needed to create the best possible outdoor living space. As the stone selection is crucial for the functionality of any kitchen, so was for this outdoor kitchen, as well. They needed a stone that will withstand high and low temperatures easily, be easy to clean and maintain, coordinate with the rest of the exterior, minus the impact on the remodeling budget. We are happy and thankful for the opportunity to help them pick the perfect stone for the project.


Our designers are confident that Steel Gray Granite will serve the Chatham NJ homeowners for many years to come and provide the beauty and functionality they will be proud of.

Start Your Outdoor Space Remodel Project with Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center


Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center has the right product selection, resources, skills, expertise, and knowledge to equip your next outdoor kitchen remodel project and make your backyard or patio a showstopping area.


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Our slab yard offers more than 100 granite colors in 8000 sqft Indoor & Outdoor Showroom. Here, you can actually see the whole granite slabs and determine which are the best for your project. This means you won’t have to choose worktop material from a sample but get exactly what you want. Choose from a wide selection of granite countertops. You can browse some of the colors we offer here. To learn more about granite, read our Types of Granite Countertops 101 Guide, and explore specific colors like Giallo Ornamental Granite, Typhoon Bordeaux Granite, and Black Granite Countertops.


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