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SPRING SPECIAL – Sparkling White Quartz SALE
for jobs minimum of 35 sqft

Only $44.99

Our Sparkling White Quartz Sale is one the best deals you will see this season but it won’t last long!

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  • Free Edge Treatment
  • Free Fabrication
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  • Expert Design Service
  • Licensed and Insured Fabricator with Years of Credible Experience

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Sparkling White Quartz is a remarkable reflection of whites and icy, wintery white speckles that will add charming allure and a touch of understated elegance to your home. White Sparkling Quartz is perfect for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, backsplashes, accent walls, shower steps, and any other hard-working surfaces that require exceptional beauty and premium function. Durable, stain-resistant, and easy to maintain, Sparkling White Quartz is perfect for both homes and commercial spaces.


Just as a white, frozen, winter landscape shines brightly in mid-winter, your Sparkling White Quartz kitchen will shine brightly and illuminate your home and your days throughout the year — for many years to come. Its whiteness and tiny speckles will continually remind you of a peaceful winter valley reflecting its stunning beauty effortlessly. Perfectly white and perfectly shiny, your Sparkling White kitchen will be a showcase of understated elegance and out-of-the-ordinary, highly sophisticated beauty.


Ideal for kitchen countertops, kitchen backsplashes, accent walls throughout your home, bathroom vanity tops, shower steps, and more, White Sparkling Quartz is a premium engineered stone surface that will endure and welcome everything you do. Not only that it is a highly functional, practical, tough, and strong man-made stone but a feast for sore eyes. With this quartz, in one stone, you get everything you need from a durable and resistant countertop or from a beautiful and functional backsplash.

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Sparkling White Quartz Countertops Sale NJ


Remodeling a kitchen or a bath can be a challenging experience. Finding countertops that are durable, functional, easy to maintain and care for, resistant to scratches, water, chemicals, and heat, and beautiful is one of the first tasks that you’re going to be faced with.


To solve this potential issue straight from the bat, we’ve decreased the Sparkling White price to match your needs and budget.


Working with homeowners, designers, contractors, and builders for many years now, we’ve learned about their most important needs and expectations. This is how we’re able to anticipate and answer some of your most important questions about our options before you even ask them:


Is Sparkling White Quartz good?

White Sparkling is one of the most desirable countertop stones out there. Perfectly wintery white and charmingly shiny, these countertops will easily make your kitchen a true Sparkling White Quartz Kitchen. It is not overwhelming in its beauty but it still finds a way to effortlessly and subtly dominate the entire kitchen interior and decor. Aside from its gorgeous looks, this countertop is also resistant to scratches, chipping, water, and heat; it is durable, tough, and strong, making it one of the most lasting items you will ever have in your home.


How do you clean White Sparkling Quartz?

To clean it properly, all you need is some soapy warm water and a soft cloth (microfiber, if possible). This cleaning system is great not only for this type of quartz but for any engineered quartz countertop. And this is all you need to do to keep your countertop spotless, whether installed in a home or in a commercial setting. Another great news is that you won’t ever have to seal it like you would have to seal any natural stone countertop. It’s like quartz was made to stay clean, beautiful, and strong for you for many years to come.


Which quartz has the most sparkle?

When it comes to sparks, shine, and shimmer, you can’t do better than buy Sparkling White Quartz. Its colored mineral flecks and gorgeous crystals are intertwined all throughout this stone’s surface. This adds an incredible dimensional depth to it. And thanks to this ingenious design, there is no other quartz that has more sparkle.


Where to buy Sparkling White Quartz?

The sale is currently happening in Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center, in Wayne, NJ. Buy Sparkling White Quartz at Aqua Kitchen, your most dependable source of quartz countertops in New Jersey. We serve the whole state of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, sourcing the best products, and enabling homeowners, kitchen designers, contractors, and builders to get an affordable price.

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