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Sparkling White Quartz Installation in Newburgh, NY
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DateMay 2021
TypeTransitional Kitchen
ProductsSparkling White Quartz

Newburgh, NY Sparkling White Quartz Installation Project


A client based in Newburgh, NY decided to freshen up their kitchen with brand new countertops. We helped them select a beautiful but also low-maintenance material designed to withstand all everyday activities typical for a busy family kitchen.


The countertop area in any family kitchen should have a sanitary and durable surface resistant to staining, chipping, water, and heat. Another requirement by our client was to source a stylish, modern, and beautiful stone countertop that will fit perfectly with their light gray shaker transitional cabinets. All of these requirements were met in Sparkling White Quartz.


As a result, this lovely kitchen in Newburgh, NY is not only highly functional now, but it’s also a stylish extension of the aesthetics and style the homeowners chose for the rest of their home.


Take a look at one of our latest kitchen remodel projects in Newburgh, NY, and get inspired for your own kitchen — whether you need to remodel or build it from the ground up.


Sparkling White Quartz Countertops for Stunning Look and Tranquil Ambiance



Sparkling White Quartz offers a gorgeous look with its subtle, neutral, wintery white base and icy specks for more interest, added allure, and unpretentious elegance. When you desire simplicity but also some sparkle and sophistication in your kitchen countertops, you’ll make no mistake with Sparkling White Quartz. This gorgeous stone will achieve with its appearance just what you’re craving for.

Durability and Maintenance


Besides its amazing looks and capacity to create a tranquil and relaxing ambiance, Sparkling White Quartz provides you with other spectacular qualities as well.


Sparkling White Quartz an ideal choice for busy, hardworking family kitchens that need added functionality, less maintenance, and more style. Durable, stain-resistant, beautiful, and easy to clean, Sparkling White Quartz is a sensible choice not only for kitchen countertops but also for backsplashes, vanity tops, flooring, and accent walls. With minimum maintenance and care, Sparkling White Quartz will stand the test of time and serve you perfectly regardless of how hard or how often you cook and entertain in your kitchen.



This man-made, manufactured quartz stone possesses an amazing amount of strength and sturdiness that can make it last a lifetime. Its gorgeous loos will meet your need for refinement and visual appeal in the kitchen, and coordinate perfectly with the rest of your kitchen and home interior and decor style.


We are overjoyed with the look of this charming kitchen space in Newburgh, New York. Sparkling White Quartz was absolutely the best choice possible for all the cooking and entertaining requirements in this busy family kitchen.

Sparkling White Quartz Countertops Installation Project

A Happy Customer Means the World to Us


After we serve a customer and complete design, stone fabrication, and installation, we follow up to make sure the client is happy and enjoying their new kitchen or bath. However, oftentimes, our customers reach out first and let us know everything came out to their satisfaction.


Sparkling White Quartz Installation in Newburgh, NY


This was exactly the case when our client, Maria G. the homeowner from Newburgh, NY who decided to install Sparkling White Quartz countertops with our help, reached out to us. Here’s what she said:


I had my kitchen countertops installed by Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center and they’re absolutely beautiful. The installers did an awesome job and the price could not be beaten. I’m very pleased with the results.


Sparkling White Quartz ensured that this cooking and entertaining space becomes a wonderfully unique, cohesive kitchen that is already party-ready for this spring, summer, and many festive seasons and holidays to come.


The end result of this kitchen update is added functionality, incredible durability, low maintenance and care, and last but not least, our client’s distinctive taste and lifestyle beautifully reflected and accommodated.

Sparkling White Quartz Installation in Newburgh, NY

Kitchen Countertop that Elevates the Space and Maximizes Functionality


Choosing the perfect materials for a kitchen is not such an easy task, although it may seem simpler than choosing cabinets, for example. Besides considering the relationship of the countertop with cabinets, you also need to think about its harmony with the backsplash and creating the right traffic pattern. The kitchen layout and architecture must also be taken into account when designing and building your kitchen that is not only a cooking but an entertaining room as well.


When helping our clients to choose the right countertops, we always recommend incorporating highly functional, easy to care for, and visually compatible materials that will match the rest of their kitchen and home. As you can see, this Newburgh, NY kitchen became a room where cooking and dining areas coexist. To provide the best possible worktop, we took into consideration our client’s style and functionality needs, the flow of traffic, and the decor of the rest of the room.


Sparkling White Quartz with an eased edge is the perfect choice that coordinates beautifully with the rest of this cooking and living space details. Its design elevates the space aesthetically and maximizes each work surface’s functionality.

Remodel Your Kitchen with Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center


When considering remodeling a kitchen, it can be hard to start, especially when looking for the best product selection and determining what design and contractor companies to hire. If you begin your search online, it’s most likely that you’ll be overwhelmed with an abundance of companies all offering the same things and making claims they will do the perfect job.


Speaking from experience, we advise you to find the company that differentiates from others and offers something no one else does. And we are just that — a showroom, a slab yard, a stone fabricator, and an installation company. No one will ease the process of remodeling your kitchen the way we will.


Sparkling White Quartz Installation in Newburgh, NY


Our showroom offers all the right product selection at the lowest prices while our team presents a resource of skills, expertise, and knowledge to equip your next kitchen remodel project and make it not only a highly functional space but a truly showstopping area.


Stop by our showroom located in Wayne, NJ, on the service road of Route 23 South, adjacent to Jan Fence and Domino’s Pizza. Whether you wish to remodel or build your kitchen space from the ground up, we can help you determine what countertop surface you need to suit your needs and desires.


Our slab yard offers many quartz colors and designs. To get a sneak peek of the selection, check out our quartz countertops. Here, you can actually see the whole quartz slabs and determine which are the best for your project. This means you won’t have to choose worktop material from a sample but get exactly what you want. Choose from a wide selection of Corian Quartz Countertops, Silestone Quartz Countertops, Pental Quartz Countertops, Ceasarstone Colors, and MSI Countertops. You can browse some of the colors we offer here.


Stop by our showroom and slab yard to view the slabs any time. To set up a design appointment with one of our designers and get a free 3D design service that will enable you to see your new kitchen in actual space, please call us at 973-706-5926 or contact us through the contact form.


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