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Silestone Nolita Quartz Design Hazel, Stamford CT
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DateOctober 2022
LocationStamford, CT
TypeModern Kitchen
ProductsSilestone Nolita Quartz

Silestone Nolita Quartz Design in The Hazel Stamford, CT


Truly enlighted living, cooking, and entertaining now take place in The Hazel Stamford — new luxury studio and one-bedroom rentals in Stamford, CT. Once again, Silestone Nolita Quartz proves as a functional, beautiful, and versatile countertop solution.


Open plan concept and oversized windows throughout the space make The Hazel Apartments light, bright, airy, and spacious. At the same time, electric cooking, high-end stainless steel appliances, soft-close, modern-style cabinetry with under-cabinet lighting, and quartz countertops make the kitchens in the Stamford, Connecticut apartments attractive for living.


Beautiful, modern, and sleek look along with and top of line functionality is achieved thanks to careful planning, attention to detail,  and cutting-edge products in The Hazel Apartments in Stamford, CT. The team at Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center is thankful and proud for the opportunity to help these gorgeous kitchen spaces come to life. By assisting in choosing, fabricating, surface and edge treating, and installing Silestone Nolita Quartz, we have helped make these kitchens perfect for food preparation, cooking, entertaining, and spending a great time with friends and family.


The stunning appearance of the neutral but still gorgeous white Nolita Quartz by Silestone provides a beautiful appearance along with exquisite functionality to the most important room in any The Hazel apartment. If you live anywhere in Stamford, Connecticut, please know that we serve your area for many years.


Take a look at the beautiful kitchens in The Hazel Stamford, CT, and get inspired for your own kitchen remodel.


Silestone Nolita Quartz


Silestone Nolita Quartz for an Enlightened Living



Silestone Nolita Quartz was the perfect countertop solution for The Hazel Stamford, CT, Apartments and their kitchens. The light, almost luminous tones with a crisp texture and fresh and brisk feel, wreathed with attenuated hues and variances of gray color, the queen among neutrals, Silestone Nolita Quartz easily becomes the number one choice for any kitchen with the goal to become modern, sleek, straightforward, and bold while maintaining some softness, warmth, and graciousness.


Nolita Quartz simply glows with smoothness, calmness, and aliveness, in any space, be it a kitchen or a bathroom, but especially in open-concept kitchens just like these in The Hazel Stamford CT apartments.


Nolita Quartz is one of the most popular neutral quartz countertop options in many of our recent commercial kitchen projects. However, don’t think that Nolita is clinical-like or impersonal. Our valued clients and our team don’t choose it just because it is an easy color and material to work with. It is true, Nolita Quartz is easy to work with because it combines two of the most loved neutrals — white and gray, and it’s hard not to absolutely love it if these two colors inspire and relax you. Also, quartz is a manufactured stone engineered for premium functionality, durability, and ease of maintenance, so that’s great as well. But Nolita Quartz is not only for those that love its functionality, neutral feel, and simplicity — it is also for those that appreciate strong architectural personality, unique design identity, and high-level vibrancy. Artistic, gentle, and almost poetic, Nolita Quartz is made for those homeowners who believe and feel that their kitchens go beyond cooking, food preparation, and entertaining, who know that kitchens can be highly motivational and inspiring interiors where creating real works of art is possible.


If we’ve intrigued you and started your imagination, but you’re still not sure how would Nolita Quartz can fit your own kitchen interior, we encourage you to imagine it like a glowy, warm white concrete surface filled with stories and history. It will fit with many different styles and interior design trends, we can assure you of that because it is so easily adaptable and versatile.


This versatility and adaptability quality is the main reason why we fully trust that Silestone Nolita Quartz will work beautifully in your kitchen just as it does in The Hazel Stamford Apartments in Connecticut.


Nolita Quartz comes from Silestone Quartz Countertops. This is something that you will want to know if you go looking for it for your next kitchen remodel. Silestone has many more quartz options, but white Nolita quartz is absolutely trending.


The Hazel Stamford CT Nolita Quartz Kitchen


Durability and Maintenance


Besides its amazing appearance, Nolita Quartz by Silestone has other important features and qualities as well. Lifetime durability, resiliency to water, scratches, staining, and ease of handling, caring, and maintaining in good shape, are the main qualities that make Nolita Quartz a dream come true for any kitchen. Whether your kitchen is a hardworking space that is used several times on an everyday basis or from time to time, or you prefer it as an entertaining and serving space, this variety of quartz will meet any and all of your needs.


Nolita Quartz worktop is engineered and fabricated by stone professionals in Silestone from 94% natural quartz that is then blended with polymer resin. This combination makes Nolita Silestone Quartz extraordinarily durable, resilient, and hard, with unparalleled hygienic properties.


Nolita worktop is remarkably hard and non-porous, which is a very important quality in a kitchen worktop. It means that it will not absorb any liquids, which guarantees a long lifetime for the countertop without any additional care or maintenance. However, it is still possible that fruits and fruit juices, wine, coffee, grease, and any strongly colored liquids or substances can stain the surface. This is why it is important to use coasters to protect your Nolita Quartz from spills or simply clean up immediately and not leave a wine or coffee spill overnight, for example.


Nolita Silestone Quartz is incredibly strong which guarantees a lifetime of use but it also radiates a stunning beauty that matches perfectly with a wide array of kitchen cabinet colors and styles in homes, residential, and commercial properties.


These are the durability and maintenance qualities of any quartz countertops options, not just Nolita Quartz. They are all considered the most advanced and most durable kitchen work surfaces.

Nolita Quartz Stamford CT

Nolita Quartz for Elegant and Serene Kitchen Ambiance in The Hazel Stamford CT Apartments


The Hazel Stamford at 523 Canal Street, Stamford, CT is a large-scale project that reshaped this former manufacturing and mercantile Connecticut neighborhood. With seven levels, the 201,000-square-foot structure, 41 one-bedroom apartments, and 142 studios on five floors, above a two-level podium, this residential building provides everything that modern tenants need for easy, convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable living. The Hazel Stamford apartments in CT contain cutting-edge tenant amenities, all the needed services, a community space hub, fitness space, a 160-car enclosed parking garage, a landscaped roof, the interior lobby with a green wall, and a resident café.


These are modern residencies that offer serenity, and elegant aesthetics with modern touches. The goal was to make everything to be fully accommodated to the tenants and in tune with the way they live, work, and play, as it is stated on The Hazel Stamford website.


The 183 spacious, serene, modern units were adorned with Nolita Quartz, handpicked to help the residents make the most of their time in the kitchen. Along with versatile space layouts and thoughtful details, Silestone Nolita Quartz transitions easily and accommodates the tenants’ needs to live, cook, entertain, work, and relax.


Adding conveniences like stainless steel appliances, soft-close modern cabinetry, full-height backsplashes, and under-cabinet lighting to Nolita Quartz worktop surfaces made The Hazel Stamford CT apartments a thoughtful abode for any tenant in search of a well-balanced, cozy, and soothing dwelling place.

Nolita Quartz Kitchen Stamford CT

Get Your Own Dream Kitchen in Stamford, CT with Aqua


These kitchens in The Hazel Stamford CT apartments have it all! With Nolita Quartz, they are completely finished and ready for everyday living with coziness, function, and beauty. If you liked these kitchens, we invite you to trust us with your kitchen build or remodel project.


Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center can help you with recreating your dream kitchen space! We can help you choose cabinet and countertop products you may need for your kitchen or bath space. You will be able to browse and find the perfect kitchen cabinets here, as well as any kitchen countertops. Our designers will help you find an ideal design and material solution that will perfectly fit your unique space style, square footage, your plans, and your hopes for the future.


If you fell in love with Silestone Nolita Quartz, we will be happy to show you the slabs in our slab yard. This ultra-modern piece of quartz will adorn your kitchen space with a sleek, minimalistic touch, lending the room a profound, artistic, gorgeous look that is also simple and highly functional. At the same time, be sure that any of the kitchen surfaces covered with these quartz materials will always be virtually maintenance-free.


To see how Silestone Nolita is versatile and how it works in different kitchen spaces, taking a look at Silestone Nolita Quartz in Le Leo Apartment Complex, will help. This is one of our latest commercial projects that we enjoyed a lot working on.


We will be happy and honored to support and carry out your next kitchen build or remodeling project in Stamford, CT, or anywhere in the state of New Jersey, New York, or Pennsylvania. Contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate today.