Shaker Kitchen Cabinets — Timeless Style for All Kitchens

.Shaker kitchen cabinets present one of the most popular kitchen cabinet styles. Thanks to their ability to complement all kitchen designs, modern, classic traditional, and transitional, shaker style kitchen cabinets are the most common addition to kitchens across the United States. Always built with superior craftmanship, elegant simplicity, and functional utility in mind, shaker kitchen cabinets add a visually distinctive look and timeless sophistication to any kitchen.

Whether you prefer a clean and simple kitchen cabinet look or enjoy some decorative edge detailing, various options of shaker kitchen cabinets will be able to fulfill that need.

In this article, we bring you information on everything you need to know about shaker kitchen cabinets. We will also include expert designer advice on how to use them in your kitchen.


What Is a Shaker Style Cabinet?

Shaker style kitchen cabinets feature a unique and highly characteristic look easily recognizable. This incredibly simple and elegant design features five flat piece doors with flat recessed center slab panels and without the frame bevel, providing a clean and straightforward appearance. Cabinet doors and drawer fronts may be a full-overlay, partial overlay, or inset. A rail door panel may have some embellishment or no embellishment at all. Sometimes, the recessed flat panel may feature a raised center. However, the most common is the basic shaker style cabinet door with five flat -piece doors, recessed center panel, and no additional decorative details along the edges.

Highly symmetrical, shaker style kitchen cabinet doors don’t include ornamentation or complex carvings. Being present in our kitchens for centuries, shaker style cabinets have become the most universally loved kitchen design.

White shaker kitchen cabinets
All white shaker kitchen cabinets

Why Are They Called Shaker Cabinets?

The name of this popular kitchen cabinet style originates from the people who were the first to create it — United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, commonly known as Shakers. This religious group from the 18th century, previously known as the Shaking Quakers due to the erratic movements practiced during worship, eventually separated from the Quakers. They emigrated from Manchester, United Kingdom, to the United States, and spread out across the New England area. Here, Shakers started creating cabinet doors and cupboards of very specific style and craftmanship. They soon became well-known for their high-quality furniture and high standards of work. The furniture they created mostly consisted of timber wood such as cherry or pine. Their cabinets were painted and stained in various colors.

Subtle and simple, but durable, shaker kitchen cabinets lacked ornamentation, finery or any embellishments, as these were seen in the Shaker community as a dishonest practice. The only intricate detail that could be found on their products was a small carving of ”the tree of life”, the Shaker’s symbol and signature.

Black shaker kitchen cabinets
Black shaker kitchen cabinets kitchen

The Evolution Of Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Style

As time passed, the style of these furniture pieces developed. Although still understated in style, today’s modern versions of shaker cabinets include elegant, sophisticated designs in various colors and finishes, aimed to suit individual needs.

Shaker style kitchen designs of today kept sturdy construction, high-quality wood material, and practical, highly functional and adaptable design from the past. The best quality shaker cabinets are made of high-quality wood like quartersawn oak, maple, cherry, and hickory sourced from the northeastern woods of the United States. Local American wood and superior craftmanship still stand as the signature of the best shaker cabinet varieties.

Regarding their appearance, shaker kitchen cabinets often come with a natural wood finish as a timeless option. They can be also painted in various colors, from white to black, or stained to bring out the natural hues of wood. Lately, the most popular shaker door styles are white and gray as they provide a clean and airy feel to the kitchen space. Their understated appearance in combination with light colors and hues can visually expand kitchen space which is a trait very high in demand nowadays. Contemporary hardware upgrades the look of shaker cabinets and can give them a straightforward or luxurious look.

White shaker style kitchen cabinets with modern appliances
White shaker style kitchen cabinets with modern appliances

Paired with granite countertops, shaker kitchen cabinets will complete a classic, more traditional or transitional kitchen style, while paired with quartz countertops, shaker style kitchen cabinets will create a modern, contemporary style kitchen design. Modern kitchens utilize slab drawer fronts, while traditional and transitional cooking spaces usually feature five-piece drawer fronts.

How Much Are Shaker Kitchen Cabinets?

Lack of fancy millwork in shaker cabinets often means less cost. According to Home Advisor, shaker kitchen cabinets cost the same as any other kitchen cabinet style, between $100 and $1,200 per linear foot. The price will differ depending on whether the shaker cabinets you’re interested in are stock, semi-custom, or custom-made. The material they are made of, the quality of construction, better wood quality, stronger hinges, sturdier drawers, as well as finishing, paint, and stain will also affect the price. All of these affect the price, but also enable a proud owner to enjoy their qualities day-in-day-out.

Stock shaker kitchen cabinets can cost anywhere between $100 to $300 per linear foot installed. Semi-custom shaker cabinets offer a wide range of options, better quality and are more convenient if you have a larger budget at your disposal. They can cost anywhere between $150 and $650 per linear foot installed.

Custom shaker cabinets come with endless design options and are perfect for your home if you have an oddly-shaped kitchen space. They come made exactly to your specifications. They will meet your needs 100% but they will also come with a high price tag. Custom shaker kitchen cabinets cost can range anywhere between $500 to $1,200 per linear foot installed.

Two-tone shaker kitchen
Two-tone shaker kitchen

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets — Timeless Choice That Surpasses Trends

The simple look and feel of shaker style kitchen cabinets appeal to many homeowners. People naturally gravitate towards shaker style cabinets as they look modern, clean, elegant, and always inviting, providing a clean, simple appearance. This framed kitchen cabinet style comes with straightforward, uncomplicated styling, minimum decoration, stained or painted wood, and refined styling. Shaker kitchen cabinets are considered both cutting-edge, contemporary choice, as well as a well-balanced option that can complete any kitchen style.

Whether you’re looking to remodel your slightly outdated kitchen with more modern features and colors, or a contractor designing and building a kitchen for a new home, shaker style cabinets present a safe choice. Their clean lines will agree with popular kitchen decor choices like contemporary artwork, cutting-edge technology appliances, or one-of-a-kind accent details. At the same time, shaker style door will look equally great with traditional decors. Shaker cabinets can look traditional without looking rustic, farmhouse, or country.

shaker kitchens
Graystone shaker and Ice White shaker cabinets two tone kitchen design by Forevermark

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets with Granite Countertops for Transitional or Traditional Look

Durable and long-lasting, granite countertops complete the look of shaker kitchen cabinets in the most elegant and sophisticated way.

Transitional Look

They will provide a depth of visual delight. Whether you prefer the sleek, clean look of Black Pearl Granite countertop brought together with white shaker kitchen cabinets, or you like the crispness of an all-white shaker kitchen with a touch of gold with White Spring granite countertop, almost any styling idea is possible with this material combination. Perhaps the soothing blend of the Kashmir Gold Granite or earthy-toned Crema Bordeaux Granite with Wolf Dartmouth Honey shaker cabinets is the look you want. Many different colors and tones of granite will help you to complete the look of your shaker kitchen. Just as you always imagined.

shaker kitchen cabinets
Galaxy Cobblestone shaker kitchen cabinets by Fabuwood with granite countertops for an ultimate transitional look

Depending on the look you want to pull off, shaker cabinets with granite give you the flexibility you need.

Traditional Look

For a crisp and cool look, you can pair shaker cabinets in either white or natural with any white or beige toned granite countertop. Namely, Andromeda White or Apollo Storm granite options are perfect for this purpose. For a more striking appearance, consider pairing the Fabuwood Hallmark Frost white cabinets with black granite countertops such as Black Pearl Granite or Black Galaxy Granite.

white shaker kitchen
Traditional Bright White shaker kitchen by Fabuwood. Granite countertops and traditional hardware complete the look.

For an even more surprising contrast, consider pairing shaker cabinets in a beautiful brandy tone with a white-toned granite countertop such as Bianco Antico Granite, Ivory Fantasy Granite, or Moon White Granite. For a daring look, consider New Venetian Gold granite with white shaker cabinets.

shaker kitchen cabinets
Wolf Classic Shaker Cabinets with gray stain with granite countertops for traditional kitchen look

To achieve an exceptional traditional look with shaker cabinets and granite countertops, mix shaker cabinets and glass fronts. You can also add a vintage and antique hardware, pulls, and knobs. Avoid stark white color for cabinets. Instead, consider off white and cream tones for cabinetry. Natural wood stained shaker kitchen cabinets also work great in a traditional or transitional setting.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets with Quartz Countertops for an Ultimately Contemporary Design

Contemporary style kitchens are very popular among homeowners during the last couple of years. One of the best and safest ways to achieve this modern look in a kitchen is to choose shaker style kitchen cabinets. Keeping things simple with white or gray painted cabinetry in combination with modern pulls and knobs will keep the cost low. At the same time, it will provide the sleek look you’re searching for. Adding glossy quartz countertop to perimeter cabinets and the custom island will give your kitchen a unique flair and smooth and stylish look that is highly sought in any modern kitchen.

white shaker kitchen cabinets
White Nexus Slate-Frost shaker kitchen cabinets by Fabuwood with white quartz countertops for an ultimately modern and clean look.

Modern shaker design trend keeps shy of any decorations and embellishments. They provide you with a unique opportunity to style your kitchen to your liking. You can add any decoration elements you wish. At the same time, quartz countertops come in simple and refreshing patterns, colors, and hues. The combination of shaker kitchen cabinets and quartz countertops creates a truly functional look. You can embellish it any way you seem fit.

shaker style kitchen cabinets
Greystone shaker style kitchen cabinets by Forevermark with quartz countertops

If you wish your kitchen to look modern but you still appreciate the look of natural materials, consider pairing white shaker kitchen cabinets with marble looking quartz countertops. You can choose from many options, from quartz pieces rich in veining and streams to pieces perfect in their whiteness and streamlined color depth.

Are Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Right For You?

Whether you prefer traditional, transitional, or modern kitchen design, shaker kitchen cabinets possess a universal appeal and agree well with any of these styles. Is your heart set on a modern two-tone kitchen design? No problem, two-tone shaker kitchens are currently one of the most popular options. If you love the classic, open and airy look of white kitchen cabinets, you’ll be happy to learn that white shaker kitchen cabinets are one of the most common choices of the U.S. homeowners.

We’ve offered you many arguments on why shaker style kitchen cabinets should be the best pick for your next kitchen remodel project. But, are shaker kitchen cabinets right for you?

shaker kitchen cabinets
Luxor Shaker Birch Kitchen Cabinets by CNC Cabinetry

If you believe they are and you would like to take the next step of looking into various options of shaker kitchens, take a look at our kitchen cabinets selection. Explore all options stock kitchen cabinets and custom kitchen cabinets of shaker style offer. Brands like Wolf Cabinets, Fabuwood Cabinets, Forevermark Kitchen Cabinets, and CNC Cabinets offer a plethora of gorgeous shaker style kitchen options at affordable price. If your kitchen space demands more customizations, you can always choose custom shaker kitchen cabinets.

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