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Sapphire Blue Granite Outdoor Kitchen Installation in Wayne, NJ
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DateJune 2020
LocationWayne, NJ
TypeOutdoor Kitchen
ProductsSapphire Blue Granite

Wayne, NJ Sapphire Blue Granite Outdoor Kitchen Installation Project


Outdoor kitchens are huge right now across the US, and it’s no wonder! They are an excellent spot to spend your summer days with your family, stay home and safe, but still be out in the open. Plus, cooking outside is fun because it gives you more freedom and space for movement and creativity. If you’re a grill master and you’ve waited all winter long to get out and create something amazing, now is your chance. This is the perfect moment to start building or remodeling your outdoor kitchen space if you haven’t started yet.


Do you need some inspiration?


Just look at this amazing outdoor kitchen space we’ve remodeled for a family in Wayne, NJ. Here, personalization was crucial. Our designers helped the homeowner to design their outdoor kitchen with their lifestyle and personal preferences in mind so they could get the maximum out of their investment and just what they need. Bar, grilling station, stove, and sink — a combo that has everything. It is a casual hangout spot for family and friends but also a hardworking and convenient station that will keep you close to your family and friends all the time.


When one has an outdoor kitchen like this one, designed so that it speaks to their lifestyle and culinary leanings, it is much more likely for them to get outside and actually use their space.


Take a look at our new outdoor kitchen remodel project in Wayne, NJ, and get inspired for your own outdoor kitchen — whether you need to remodel or build it from the ground up.

Sapphire Blue Granite for an Elegant Look

Stone Appearance


Sapphire Blue is a beautiful granite stone, coarse-grained, consistently built with variously toned chucks of grays, blues, blacks, and browns, small intricate flecks, and subtle patterns of different shades in between. It looks gorgeous in both indoor and outdoor kitchens as a countertop, backsplash, or bar top, as well as in bathrooms as a vanity top, or as a fireplace surround.


Regardless of where do you decide to install Sapphire Blue Granite, rest assured that it will lend your space an elegant and sophisticated look. Varying the color and veining, Sapphire Blue Granite is a natural stone that you should not pick from a sample but see the whole slab. A small sample may not be representative of the whole slab. This is why it is best to stop by our granite slab yard in Wayne, NJ, and see the whole granite slab. For matching purposes, it is crucial to ensure that the stone slabs and blocks are extracted from the same quarry place.


Although many finishing options are available, we think Sapphire Blue Granite looks best with a glossy polished surface. Do you agree?

Durability and Maintenance


Sapphire Blue Granite is superior in its durability and ease of maintenance. Whether you decide to install it within your home or in an outside area, Sapphire Blue Granite will easily stand up to the wear and tear.


Just as for any other type of granite, make sure to seal it once a year and maintain it daily using only lukewarm water, soft cotton cloth, and just a drop of mild kitchen detergent. This is just enough to keep it looking perfect at all times. Also, make sure to use trivets and don’t place hot pots and pans directly onto its surface.


Installing Sapphire Blue Granite for your kitchen countertops will be one of the best decisions you have ever made for your home. With recommended minimum maintenance, it will stand the test of time regardless of how hard and how often you use your outdoor kitchen.



Sapphire Blue Granite consists of all-natural shades and tones. Its blue, black, gray, and brown tones are the colors that you can find all-around in your backyard. This is why Sapphire Blue Granite will coordinate beautifully with your outdoor surroundings.


We are thrilled with the look of this outdoor kitchen in Wayne, NJ. Sapphire Blue Granite was absolutely the best choice possible — both for the visual effect and for all the rigors of outdoor cooking.

Sapphire Blue Granite Outdoor Kitchen Installation in Wayne, NJ

Sapphire Blue Granite — A Perfect Choice for an Outdoor Kitchen Space


Granite is currently such a hot trend for outdoor use. Thanks to its durability, natural charm, and easy care and maintenance, it’s no wonder it’s a favorite choice for outdoor kitchens, bars, and patio tables across the US. Although concrete was a standard for outdoor spaces for a long time, granite takes priority as a more stylish and also durable option.


With simple and easy care and maintenance, your Sapphire Blue Granite will keep looking lovely and performing its best for many years to come. Even if you live in an area with freezing winter temperatures and warm weather during spring and summer, you can stay rest assured that Sapphire Blue Granite will withstand all if you maintain it properly.


Our client from Wayne, NJ chose Sapphire Blue Granite to perfect their outdoor kitchen for one more reason — its natural beauty and aptitude to fuse with the environs. Its gorgeous muted colors and glittering surface make this natural stone such a perfect pairing to the greenery and other elements in the yard.

Sapphire Blue Granite Outdoor Kitchen Installation in Wayne, NJ

How to Choose the Perfect Granite for Your Outdoor Kitchen Countertops


An outdoor kitchen is such a wonderful bonus to any home that ups its value instantly. Depending on your lifestyle, needs, and habits, you may want to entertain larger groups of friends and family or you simply wish to spend more time outdoors, make your cooking easier, and living your life healthier. The good news is that there is an option for any of your needs. When you decide on the size and all the necessary elements your outdoor kitchen needs to possess, it’s time to pick the right materials.

A countertop is one of the most important elements because they give you the necessary space where you will prepare all the food and serve your family and guests. They also need to give you the ease of maintenance and cleaning, while providing durability throughout the entire year. From the aesthetic point of view, our kitchen designers will recommend countertops made from natural elements, earth-friendly, that will complement the patio or the backyard feel of your outdoor kitchen.

Making a perfect match between durability and appearance is always a bonus. Granite countertops are the embodiment of this perfect match.

As you can see, our client from Wayne, decided to build a perfect cooking station with stainless steel grill, stove, sink, and bar, and cover all worktop areas with Sapphire Blue Granite. This polished granite corresponds beautifully with both stainless steel appliances and natural surroundings.

When choosing the right granite for your outdoor kitchen, keep in mind that not all granite counters provide the same level of performance, durability, and resilience. To make sure you choose the best option and get a full return on your investment, schedule a design appointment with one of our designers. You can also stop by any time to view the slabs. However, make sure to get all the necessary advice from our stone experts.

Sapphire Blue Granite Outdoor Kitchen Installation in Wayne, NJ

How We Helped Bring This Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen to Life


We helped this Wayne, NJ homeowner to select a low-maintenance material designed to withstand all the rigors of an outdoor kitchen. From experience, we know that some granites will weather faster than others when exposed to sun, rain, and snow. This is why we helped our customers choose one of the most resilient granite options for their outdoor kitchen. Only when the standards of quality, easy-care, beauty, style, and resilience are met, the homeowners will be able to fully enjoy their outdoor living space. That’s why we’re here to make that happen.


When they wish, our customers can also test a sample of the granite slab they like to check its absorbency and any reactions to foods and acidic liquids. By properly sealing the granite slab, we make sure none of these unwanted reactions happen.


Sapphire Blue Granite was the perfect choice that won’t discolor, etch, or lose its shine for this outdoor kitchen in Wayne, NJ. Not only it is a highly functional and practical choice, but it’s also a stylish extension of the aesthetics and style the homeowners chose for the rest of their home.


The customer came to Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center located also in Wayne NJ, practically in their neighborhood to get the stone they needed. As the countertop stone selection is crucial for the functionality of any kitchen, so was for this outdoor kitchen space, as well. The customer needed a stone that will be easy to clean, not fade under sun exposure, not crack under high and low temperatures, and coordinate well with the rest of the exterior, all the while minimizing the impact on the home budget. We are happy for the opportunity to help them pick the perfect stone for the project that ticks all the boxes.


Our designers are confident that Sapphire Blue Granite will serve the Wayne NJ homeowners for many years to come and provide the beauty and functionality they will be proud of.

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Whether you wish to remodel or build from the ground up your outdoor cooking and dining space, we can help you determine what countertop surface you need to suit your needs and desires.


Our slab yard offers more than 100 granite colors in 8000 sqft Indoor & Outdoor Showroom. Here, you can actually see the whole granite slabs and determine which are the best for your project. This means you won’t have to choose worktop material from a sample but get exactly what you want. Choose from a wide selection of granite countertops. You can browse some of the colors we offer here. To learn more about granite, read our Types of Granite Countertops 101 Guide, and explore specific colors like Giallo Ornamental Granite, Typhoon Bordeaux Granite, and Black Granite Countertops.


You can come to our showroom and slab yard at any time to view the slabs. To set up a design appointment with one of our designers and get a free 3D design service that will enable you to see your new kitchen in actual space, please call us at 973-706-5926 or contact us through our online contact form.


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