Right Colors To Complement Your Granite

When people think of granite color, they often think of the familiar salt and pepper coloration. But granite can come in many colors, including red, green, purple, brown and blue. Because granite comes in so many colors, there are many colors to complement it, especially if the granite is part of your New Jersey kitchen countertop or backsplash.

About Granite

Granite is an igneous intrusive rock, which means that it was made eons ago in the bowels of volcanoes. Its chemistry is felsic, which means it’s made up of mostly of quartz with some feldspar. These minerals, along with minerals such as magnetite, pyrite, zircon, garnet and pyroxene give granite its color.

Its origins in the depths of the earth make granite very hard and durable. The slabs and tiles that reach the interior and exteriors of homes are already millions of years old and may last for millions more. Granite will retain its good looks if it’s kept clean and sealed every few years to prevent stains. It gives any room a look of unmatchable elegance and even gravitas.

Granite Color and Other Colors

Since granite is a natural stone, it tends to work best with other colors from nature. A white granite countertop with black veins goes well with stone-gray walls, a kitchen island painted the blue-green of a catbird egg and other cabinets are left a semi-gloss white. Hardwood plank flooring with a beautiful grain completes the picture.

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White granite countertops with gray or beige veins also work in a kitchen painted different shades of white. While the ceiling is a grayish white, the cabinets are more cream. Black granite countertops benefit from the same treatment of cabinets, walls and ceiling painted shades of white. If the granite counter is pale, the other counters contrast with it by being darker or vice versa.

A granite countertop in variegated browns, beiges, and whites benefits from tan colored wall cabinets and floor cabinets painted a soft gray. Texture also adds to the ambiance of the room in the form of a surround of rough white brick around the stove, which is the focal point of the kitchen. A floor of exotic hardwood laid in strips adds even more interest.

The countertop doesn’t need to be indoors. A polished slab of beige granite gives an island of rough-hewn wood and a brown wattle fence made of bamboo a touch of class in an outdoor kitchen. Add white, futuristic looking bar chairs and the shiny silver of a barbecue and the picture is perfected.

The black granite of a double decker island and countertops is contrasted with beige walls and white ceiling and cabinets in one kitchen. At the same time, the granite color is echoed by the island’s black bar stools and the black of the double oven tucked into a tidy white cabinet.

Right Colors To Complement Your Granite
Kitchen design image source: Pixabay

A kitchen can go dark in a way that feels contemporary and even sexy. Mottled chocolate brown granite countertops sit atop dark brown cabinets with silver drawer pulls and handles. The wall cabinets are black, and the backsplash is made of salt and pepper mosaic tiles that call to mind the traditional salt and pepper many associate with granite. The floor is also made up of dark brown tiles in an interesting pattern.

Golden granite deserves a sunny-looking kitchen. So, the walls are painted a bright mustard yellow, the cabinets are cream with simple knob pulls or cup pulls, and the backsplash is made of the same golden granite as the countertop. Strips of LED lights under the cabinets make everything glitter.

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Featured image source: Pixabay