Viscont White Granite Countertop Installation in Wanaque, NJ

Viscont White Granite in Wanaque, NJ

Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center’s team is being called all over the state of New Jersey to install beautiful granite countertops. This time, we went to Wanaque, NJ to install Viscont White granite countertops. Wanaque is a picturesque borough in Passaic County, New Jersey. Over the years, Wanaque had different spellings: Wynocky, Wynockie, Wynokie and Wynoky. The name was given by the Indians who pronounced the name Wyanockie or Wa na’key. This word also may come from an Algonquin root meaning “rest and repose”. More popular interpretation of its meaning is “place of sassafras”.

During the 19thcentury, the main industries in this area were charcoal burning and mining. Two mines were located in the nearest area and a large amount of charcoal was manufactured here. This is how the Wanaque territory began to grow industrially during the 19th century. Wanaque is surrounded by Pompton Lakes, Bloomingdale, Ringwood in Passaic County, and Oakland in Bergen County.

Viscont White Granite Origin and Name

Viscont White granite is quarried near Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh and Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, in India. This natural stone is made of even and steady black and white speckling. Because of its gorgeous look and durability, it represents a perfect choice for any kitchen or bathroom. However, it is also used on floors and fireplaces.

Viscont White Granite Countertop
Viscont white granite pictures source – Houzz

Viscont White is internationally known as a type of granite. However, in the area of application of European Standard, this stone should be nominated as a gneiss – a high-grade metamorphic rock.

Viscont White granite can also be found by other names: Bianco Viscont White, Madanapalle White, Madanapalli White, Viscount White, Mandana Pali White, Mandana Palli White, Visconte White, Wiscont White, Viskont, Madanapalle.

The look of Viscont White granite countertops

Depending on the specific kind of quarry, the look of Viscont White will vary in veining and shade. The main colors it consists of are white, black and grey. However, if you expect classic granite look, you are mistaken. Viscont White granite has the most amazing movement and swirls. Because of this unique look and the resemblance of marble, a lot of people chooses Viscont White kitchen. What marble lacks in durability and maintainability, Viscont White granite countertop compensates with its superior quality.

Viscont White granite
Viscont White granite picture source – Paramount Stone Specialists

Some people say that Viscont White granite is one of the most desirable kitchen stones. We say that it is one of our favorite granites because each time we install it the homeowners are amazed by the look of it – its subtle movements, all those dark mineral beams, and incredible softness.

Each slab of Viscont White granite is completely unique. Be assured that you won’t be able to find two same slabs no matter how hard you’re trying to. In order to make sure that you’re getting what you need, make sure to ask for a sample or at least a picture of a slab in stock.

Viscont White granite maintenance

When you set up your Viscon White granite kitchen, you’ll see for yourself how little maintenance is actually needed to keep this stone look its best.

The durability and toughness of Viscont White countertops are something that also greatly attracts people. Its abrasion resistance is excellent and absorption rate is .2% – .25%. Hardness is mm: 0.76 and bending strengths of this stone are (n/mm2): 16.09. This explains why Viscont granite countertops needs to be sealed once a year or maybe even not that often. This puts Viscont White granite with all the bullet proof types of granite stones.

Viscont White granite
Viscont White granite picture source – Zillow

Viscont White granite countertop by Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center

Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center‘s team loves working with this type of white granite. We’ve installed this Viscont White granite with grey, white, and darker veins. This kitchen countertop is fine-grained, with lots of movement. It possesses a dreamy combination of white, black and mostly grey color.

Viscont White granite with white kitchen cabinets is one of the safest but also one of the most beautiful combinations in a kitchen. Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center in Wayne, NJ takes care to always have this beautiful stone in stock. You can install it in your kitchen, bathroom, as a countertop, a wall tile or as an interior and exterior floor tile. Wherever you put it, Viscont White won’t let you down. This type of granite is fire and high temperatures resistant. It is also an excellent looking solution for your kitchen remodel.

Viscont White granite

Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center is located in Wayne, NJ. We serve the whole state of New Jersey as well as neighboring areas. If you live in Wanaque or Bloomingdale, Pompton Lakes, Ringwood or any other area in New Jersey, feel free to give us a call. We make sure to always have Viscont White granite in stock and we invite you visit us. Free advice, an estimate, and design tips are something that we are excited to talk to you about. Call us today.