Santa Cecilia Gold Granite Countertop Installation in Pompton Plains, NJ

Santa Cecilia Gold Granite in Pompton Plains, NJ Kitchen

Pompton Plains is a section of Pequannock Township. About 15 thousand people call this township their home. Formed as Poquanock Township as the largest in the States, it is now a 7.1-square-mile community composed of Pompton Plains in its northern portion and old Pequannock in its southern. This was once a vast 176-square-mile region made of rural farmland settled by the Dutch in 1695 and 1696.

The population of Pompton Plains and old Pequannock was greatest during the 1950s when the population doubled. During the 1990s, 583 townhouses, condominium apartments, and coach homes were built. There are two local business centers, Pompton Plains and Pequannock and Route 23 corridor. Cedar Crest Village, a Care Retirement Community is also located in Pompton Plains.

We’ve installed this gorgeous slab of Santa Cecilia Gold Granite in Pompton Plains kitchen. This stone was the perfect choice for a classic kitchen design. The whole kitchen space embodies the earthy feeling, completely natural and universal.

Santa Cecilia Gold Granite Countertop Installation in Pompton Plains, NJ
Santa Cecilia Gold Granite Countertop image source: Designing Idea

Santa Cecilia Gold Granite Name and Origin

The original name of this beautiful granite is Santa Cecilia. However, among fabricators and customers, it is also known as Giallo Cecelia, Santa Cecilia, and St. Cecilia Classic.

Santa Cecilia Gold Granite is stone quarried from the mines in Brazil. It is one of the best-selling granite countertops in the United States. The beauty of it, its incredible consistency, and generous and sufficient supply make this granite countertop one of the best selling stones for the kitchens across the USA.

Santa Cecilia Gold Granite Countertops Look

The main colors in Santa Cecilia Gold granite countertops are gold, beige, brown, and black. A nice leopard look this stone gets from the abundance of small dark spots over yellow surface. The basis of the stone depends on the slab. It ranges from a lighter yellow to a darker tone. These variations depend on the quarry, too. Gold color range prevails in Santa Cecilia Gold granite countertops. Combinations of different shades of black, brown, cream, white, and sprinklings of burgundies are also present. The pattern of this stone can be more or less consistent. Santa Cecilia Gold granite is powerful and breathtaking stone. It is also an elegant choice for any kitchen space.

Despite its gold color, Santa Cecilia Gold granite countertop still manages to personify the Earth, its look and feel. Santa Cecilia Gold granite is mostly used in kitchens. It is also recommended for outdoor projects like flooring, countertops, walls, and landscape elements.

Santa Cecilia Gold granite slabs are dense and thick, hard and heavy. This makes them even more beautiful. Each golden slab is different. You won’t be able to find two slabs that will look identical. Their striations, shades, swirls, and patterns will take a different course in each slab.

Santa Cecilia Gold Granite Reviews

Reviews for this stone usually collect different experiences people who bought these countertops had with them. People who purchased Santa Cecilia Golden granite mention in the reviews that the stone can appear to change colors depending on the light. When the light is really bright, whether it is natural daylight or direct indoor light, Santa Cecilia Gold granite will glow with its golden shine. As opposed to this, Santa Cecilia Gold granite slabs will look darker and dimmer looking when they’re not exposed to so much light. When thinking about buying this stone for your kitchen or bathroom countertops, read into Santa Cecilia Gold granite reviews for a better insight and previous experience.

Santa Cecilia Gold Granite Price

Santa Cecilia Granite is one of the best-priced granites. For example, you can find it in Wayne, New Jersey, for single slab granite installed. Here, at Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center, we will provide free fabrication and installation, free estimate, free sealing application, and edge treatment with it.

Santa Cecilia Gold Granite Countertop Installation in Pompton Plains, NJ
Santa Cecilia Gold granite countertops picture source: Decor Eye

Santa Cecilia Gold Granite Slabs at Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center

In order to choose the final and perfect slab for your kitchen in the state of New Jersey or anywhere in the neighboring states, feel free to contact Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center. Since Santa Cecilia Gold is a considerably thick and dense granite type, it is important that your fabricator is confident in handling these countertops. The installation is very important if a not crucial part of the kitchen set-up. This is why your granite fabricator needs to be highly skilled in handling this special stone. Our team has installed many times even the thickest and the heaviest granite countertops. Besides, we have an amazing selection of different Santa Cecilia Gold granite slabs in ouR slab yard. Once you pick and install your countertop, our team will give you all instructions and advice you need about granite maintenance. Contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate. Let’s get started on your new kitchen today.