New Caledonia Granite Installation at Quarry Place Tuckahoe, NY

New Caledonia Granite is the countertop material we installed at Quarry Place Tuckahoe NY. New Caledonia granite is perfect material both for residential and commercial projects, for wall cladding, floors, and kitchen countertops. In this luxury four-story apartment building in the Tuckahoe Village Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center team installed 78 New Caledonia Granite countertops.

Quarry Place in Tuckahoe NY

Quarry Place at Tuckahoe NY is a luxurious four-story apartment building that consists of 108 one and two-bedroom apartments. All apartments at Quarry Place feature top-of-the-line finishes and luxurious features. Each apartment has stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, individual washers and dryers, and beautiful granite countertops.

People who live here do not only enjoy these amenities. They also have many other convenient luxuries at their disposal: fitness center with state-of-the-art exercise equipment, a clubroom, yoga studio, an outdoor kitchen for entertaining, outdoor terrace with a garden, and a stone fireplace pit and lounge, as well as on-site parking and retail.

New Caledonia Granite Installation at Quarry Place Tuckahoe, NY

Quarry Place in Tuckahoe NY is conveniently located on Main Street in the very heart of Tuckahoe Village. It is surrounded by charming neighborhood restaurants and many shops. People living in Quarry Place Tuckahoe NY have an access to Manhattan via the Metro North in under 45 minutes and are on a five-minute walk to the Tuckahoe train station. White Plains, Yonkers and Ridge Hill shopping and dining are also near. Midland Avenue, the main thoroughfare connecting to the Bronx River Parkway, Cross County Parkway, and New York State Turnpike (I-87), is east of the Quarry Place while the intra-Westchester County commuter bus links are available within two blocks

New Caledonia Granite Installation in Luxurious Quarry Place Tuckahoe Apartments

Modern and luxurious exterior of Quarry Place in Tuckahoe NY is paired with high-end finishes and exclusive decor details in its interior. This is a home people love to live in. An impressive collection of features and amenities, as well as unique, high-end interior design, elevates this place and makes it a true home.

Luxurious New Caledonia Granite was a logical choice for an upscale apartment building kitchens like these.

New Caledonia Granite Installation Quarry Place in Tuckahoe NY

New Caledonia Granite – Gorgeous Gray Granite for Luxurious Projects

New Caledonia Granite is perfect for both residential and commercial projects, for walls, floors, bathrooms, and kitchens. With its unique, non-uniform appearance, New Caledonia Granite is great at transforming interiors. If you want to create a superb interior from something that is just okay, this natural stone will easily achieve just that. However, if you want to complement an interior that is already top-notch quality and looks, New Caledonia Granite will follow and exceed your expectations. The last was the case at Quarry Place at Tuckahoe NY.

Quarry Place residents will love their new kitchens because of the overall kitchen high-end style, but also because of the unique look and functionality of their countertops.

New Caledonia Granite Installation at Quarry Place Tuckahoe, NY

New Caledonia Granite features various shades and tones of gray color. Multiple white and black patches can also be frequent. Their frequency and size differ from slab to slab. New Caledonia stone is one of the least uniform natural stones. Charming randomness and captivating color combinations give this natural stone one of the most unique and mesmerizing appearances. An interesting fact is that the bedrock of this granite is almost completely hidden by many tiny mineral deposits ranging from mocha and slightly light gray to deep, jet black color; individually, they take less than 0.3cm in diameter.

Such original, natural, and luxurious eye-catching look is impossible to ignore. From the moment you step in a Quarry Place at Tuckahoe NY kitchen, you will be intrigued by the looks of New Caledonia Granite kitchen countertop.

New Caledonia Granite Countertops with Dark Kitchen Cabinets at Quarry Place

New Caledonia is granite stone that pairs beautifully with all kinds of kitchen cabinets, various styles, finishes, and colors because of the many shades it incorporates in its depths. This versatility is one of the main New Caledonia characteristics that put this stone at such a high demand.

New Caledonia Granite Installation at Quarry Place Tuckahoe, NY

Quarry Place kitchens at Tuckahoe NY combine dark wood stained cabinets with New Caledonia Granite countertops. The classic and overall gray look of New Caledonia granite complements the dark color of the cabinets and opens up the kitchen. Brown minerals in New Caledonia stone are brought out by the dark brown cabinets shade even more.

Perfect contrast and perfect balance for a beautiful, elegant, and engaging experience.

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The projects we successfully finished, Avora Living Port Imperial 175 Kitchens Installation in Weehawken, NJ, Caesarstone Countertops Installation at Signature Place, Morris Plains NJ, and now New Caledonia Granite Installation at Quarry Place Tuckahoe, NY shows that we can handle big residential and commercial projects, as well as small, individual, private residential projects.

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