Galaxy White Granite Countertop Installation in Clifton, NJ

Galaxy White Granite Countertop in Clifton, NJ

Clifton is a city in Passaic County, New Jersey. This city is the 11th largest municipality in New Jersey with the total population of 84,136. Clifton is located 10 miles west of New York City off Route 3 and Route 46 but it is also served by the Garden State Parkway, Route 19 and Route 21. You can find Clifton listed under five different ZIP Codes: 07011 Main Avenue, 07012 Allwood, 07013, 07014 Delawanna and 07015.

Clifton was a host to the popular TV series “The Sopranos” which was partially filmed at the parking lot of the Valley Regency on Valley Road, Main Memorial Park, Clifton High School, and the Upper Montclair Country Club. “Donnie Brasco” with Al Pacino and Johnny Depp was also filmed in Clifton, NJ.

Aqua Kitchen & Bath Design Center team installed this gorgeous Galaxy White granite countertop in this Clifton, New Jersey kitchen. Galaxy White was an excellent choice for creating the perfect contrast with dark kitchen cabinets. Light granite color was a good solution to brighten up the kitchen, making it feel more spacious, warm and welcoming.

Galaxy White Granite Name and Origine

Galaxy White Granite comes from India. It is also known as White Star Galaxy and White Galaxy.

Galaxy White Granite Countertop Installation in Clifton, NJ
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The Look of Galaxy White Granite

This white granite is not completely white; it consists of cream and white, with some black, gray and beige thrown in. If you like marbled looking granite, with greater durability and eased maintenance, Galaxy White granite is the perfect choice for your kitchen. Always ake sure to pick the slab yourself, as some slabs possess more whiteness, while other may be more spotted. Granite is a natural material, so each slab is completely unique and you won’t find two of the same color and texture.

Galaxy White Granite is very hard and durable stone. It is very desirable because it possesses greater whiteness than the other white granites. It will look gorgeous both with white and with dark kitchen cabinets. It will add interest to a white kitchen because it has this mixture of black, gray and beige. You may even find some slabs that can have a bit of burgundy too. This granite will look superb in a dark kitchen because it will provide the perfect contrast and add brightness to it.

White Granite Maintenance

Seal your granite when installing it and after that seal it yearly. On a daily basis, clean it with mild soap and water and wipe with soft, cotton piece of cloth. This granite is stain-free and scratch-free. However, try to care for it as you would for any other kitchen material. Wipe off liquids or anything that you may spill as soon as you can. We recommend using trivets for hot pots and pans, although the chances of serious heat damage to granite are very small.

Galaxy White Granite Countertop Installation in Clifton, NJ
Design: OakWood

Galaxy White by Aqua Kitchen & Bath Design Center

Galaxy White Granite is one of the best-sellers in our slab yard in Wayne, New Jersey. Regardless the design of your kitchen, the details and other materials you are planning to use, this white granite is a universal choice that makes a good fit for any taste. We invite you to our slab yard to come and see all the white granite slabs. We provide an exceptional service and we will install the slab you choose, whether you live in Clifton, Little Falls, Paterson, Garfield, or any other city in New Jersey. Call us today at 973-706-5926 and speak to our designer to get started. You can also fill out the form and we will get back to you within one business day.