Colonial White Granite


Colonial White Granite is a unique natural countertop material that represents a blend of cotton soft, light gray, and cream tones blended with smoky patches, cloudy silver flecks, dark pink, and jet black speckles. These speckles and flecks give a profound depth to the Colonial White Granite and lend it a charming warmth everyone wants in their kitchen. Feel free to use Colonial White Granite in both interior and exterior applications, as well as in both residential and commercial spaces. Our stone experts recommend its looks, durability, resiliency, and hardness.


Get a luxurious and modern granite kitchen countertop at a discount price in Wayne New JerseyColonial White Granite price is $44.99 per sq ft installed, with absolutely no hidden fees. It includes a free estimatefree edge treatmentfree fabricationfree sealer application, and free installation + free stainless sink with sink cut-out. Customize your Colonial White Granite kitchen countertop to your liking – choose the granite countertop edge and get the look you always wanted for your kitchen.


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