Calacatta Zoya Quartz

Calacatta Zoya Quartz is strong, powerful marble-looking design, a true star among other white, marble-like quartz options. The bold, thick, and wide gray veining flowing throughout the impeccable whites in the base of the stone creates a masterpiece that simply invites you to choose and use this countertop material with love and admiration. The statement-making Calacatta Zoya Quartz is everything you need to create an ultimately contemporary kitchen with an old-world feel. Its marble appearance speaks tons of the class, beauty, and uniqueness, while its versatility lets you play and create your own sanctuary. Adding Calacatta Zoya Quartz to a backsplash, countertops, kitchen island, bath, or flooring, allows you to blend the design elements together while adding almost palpable texture and visual intrigue.


Calacatta Zoya Quartz reviews by our customers are overwhelmingly positive. This white, marble-looking quartz countertop material is one of the most popular options in our Wayne New Jersey quartz showroom. It is man-made to meet your needs for quality, durability, and resiliency to stains, water, heat, cutting-edge design, and beauty. Calacatta Zoya Quartz price is very affordable. This is an excellent and cost-effective solution for your kitchen or bathroom countertop, backsplash, vanity, accent wall, or flooring. Get your free Calacatta Zoya Quartz Kitchen estimate. Contact us today. You can also call us directly at 973-302-2075.


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