Calacatta Zion Quartz

Calacatta Zion Quartz features a bright, clean, and clear white base, along with dramatic, stunning, wide gray veining. This is one is one of those Calacatta-looking quartz options that take your breath away with ease. It’s a gorgeous variety of Calacatta marble lookalikes with head-turning, consistent gray veining that softens and fortifies unexpectedly. Gray veining induces dynamics and a unique sense of liveliness wherever Calacatta Zion countertops are introduced and installed. All of this gives Calacatta Zion Quartz a truly natural, organic, genuine look of the real marble countertop stone.


If you are a homeowner, a designer, or a business owner who wants their spaces to feature exquisite quality, a bold movement and veining, look for marble-looking Calacatta Zion Quartz that possesses modern look and texture. This is the stone that is a perfect choice if you want your cabinets or a backsplash to get the most attention in the kitchen. Solid coloring and uniform look of the Calacatta Zion Quartz will make it easy for you to combine and perfect all the aspects of your kitchen.


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