Caesarstone Rugged Concrete Quartz

Rugged Concrete Quartz Caesarstone countertop material is rough and refined. Above everything else, this unique quartz countertop material is authentic, robust, and has an industrial-inspired design. Accentuated by dramatic gradients of grey textural patterns, white haze patina, and a rough matt surface finish, each slab of Rugged Concrete Caesarstone is individually unique.

Rugged Concrete Quartz samples are only indicative of a part of a slab, and we strongly encourage you to come to our Wayne NJ quartz countertop outlet to see first-hand the nature of this high movement design. We also recommend to those of you that select Rugged Concrete Caesarstone Quartz to contact us today and get your free Rugged Concrete Caesarstone Kitchen Design fast.

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Rugged Concrete Quartz Caesarstone is easy to clean and maintain.

This non-porous quartz surface requires minimal maintenance – there’s no need to seal or wax the surface.

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20 mm / .75", 30 mm / 1.25"


144 cm * 305 cm / 56.5" * 120


Rough Concrete




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