Caesarstone Quartz Reflections

Quartz Reflections Caesarstone surface is the ultimate combination of nature and technology. Non-porous, scratch resistant and highly resistant to stains, this powerful material retains its beauty without sealants or waxes and is almost maintenance-free. Ideal for any interior space, Quartz Reflections Caesarstone worktops can be installed in thinner forms to save weight, or in larger sections to reduce the number of joints on a surface. If you are a New Jersey homeowner who wants their countertops to have a delicate and subtle movement and veining, look for Caesarstone countertop surfaces that possess modern colors, textures, and finishes.

Quartz Reflections Caesarstone is the stone that is a perfect choice if you want your cabinets or a backsplash to get the most attention in the kitchen. Solid coloring and uniform look of Quartz Reflections Caesarstone will make it easy for you to combine and perfect all the aspects of your kitchen.

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Quartz Reflections Caesarstone Care and Maintenance


Clean with regular detergents

No sealing or waxing!

Heat resistant

Additional information


20 mm / .75", 30 mm / 1.25"


144 cm * 305 cm / 56.5" * 120"






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