Caesarstone Concrete Quartz

Concrete Quartz Caesarstone consists of a grey color that is matte, without any pattern in it. The countertop gets even darker in the absence of light. Depending on the indoor lighting, the Concrete Quartz countertop will change its hues.

If you wish a tidy, clean, elegant, and a bit of an industrial look in your kitchen, or any other residential or commercial space, pick Concrete Quartz Caesarstone. This industrial looking quartz stone from Caesarstone is easy to clean and maintain. It is a non-porous quartz surface that requires minimal maintenance – there’s no need to seal or wax the surface. Caesarstone Concrete Quartz has amazing reviews from our customers and it’s becoming more and more popular, as the trends change. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen or bathroom and make it look very contemporary and chic, we recommend you consider Caesarstone Concrete Quartz. Though it looks amazing in modern interior designs, we think this look is in fact genuinely timeless.

Find Concrete Quartz Caesarstone today for your bathroom or kitchen in New Jersey at a great price with no hidden fees. This low quartz countertop cost also includes a free estimate, free edge treatment, free fabrication, and free installation. Contact us today!

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Concrete Quartz Caesarstone Maintenance and Care


Clean with regular detergents

No sealing or waxing!

Heat resistant

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144 cm * 305 cm / 56.5" * 120"






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