Caesarstone Clamshell Quartz

Clamshell Caesarstone Quartz color is a soft fusion of light grey and white features. Clamshell Caesarstone Quartz surfaces present the ultimate and highly sophisticated combination of nature and technology. Whether you choose Clamshell Quartz material for your kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, or laundry room, it will prove itself as non-porous, highly resistant to stains, and scratch-resistant. Best looks easily combined with different kitchen and bathroom designs is guaranteed, too. Whether you love modern or more traditionally inspired kitchens, we assure you that the Clamshell countertop will not disappoint. For example, Clamshell Caesarstone with white cabinets is a foolproof choice for an elegant space! Caesarstone Clamshell is highly popular with our customers and gets amazing reviews because of its looks and ease of maintenance. A Clamshell Caesarstone kitchen will increase the value of your home and give you a great return on investment!

Get Clamshell Caesarstone Quartz surface at a great price in Wayne New Jersey. Clamshell Caesarstone Quartz’s price is low, with absolutely no hidden fees. It includes a free estimate, free edge treatment, free fabrication, and free installation. For Caesarstone installation specifications and warranty, feel free to contact us. Choose Caesarstone Clamshell Quartz and get the looks and quality you always wanted in your NJ home.

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Clamshell Caesarstone Quartz Care and Maintenance


Clean with regular detergents

No sealing or waxing!

Heat resistant

Additional information


13 mm, 20 mm / .75", 30 mm / 1.25"


144 cm * 305 cm / 56.5" * 120"






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