Blue Flower Granite


Blue Flower Granite is an impactful natural stone swirled with blue tones, white and brown patches. It is an ultimate choice when you wish to create a traditional, but still fresh, novel, and inspiring space. Its dark and bright veining makes it beautifully classic. However, blue tones are the feature that make it truly unique and, above all else, irresistible. It’s these blue tones and natural coloring scattered throughout the stone that give Blue Flower Granite its very name. The shades of the mineral deposits that can drastically vary in individual Blue Flower Granite slabs give them incredible depth and open up a myriad of design opportunities. White quartz crystals will subtly shine and sparkle throughout the slab, creating a sophisticated and highly elevated looks.


Get a luxurious and modern granite kitchen countertop at a discount price in Wayne New Jersey. Blue Flower Granite price is $59.99 per sq ft installed, with absolutely no hidden fees. It includes a free estimate, free edge treatment, free fabrication, free sealer application, and free installation + free stainless sink with sink cut-out. Customize your Blue Flower Granite kitchen countertop to your liking – choose the granite countertop edge and get the look you always wanted for your kitchen.

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