Astoria Red Granite


Astoria Red Granite is a luxurious and exotic natural stone of exquisite durability, quality, and resiliency. If sealed regularly, it will look brand new, just as if you bought it yesterday, for many years to come. Veins and tones of red and beige intertwine and imbue one another throughout the stone surface. Flecks of brown and black give Astoria Red Granite some more texture and charm. Astoria Red Granite has a gleaming beauty that is easily reachable with us.


Get a luxurious and modern granite kitchen countertop at a discount price in Wayne New Jersey. Astoria Red Granite price is $49.99 per sq ft installed, with absolutely no hidden fees. It includes a free estimate, free edge treatment, free fabrication, free sealer application, and free installation + free stainless sink with sink cut-out. Customize your Astoria Red Granite kitchen countertop to your liking – choose the granite countertop edge and get the look you always wanted for your kitchen.


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