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Master Bathroom Remodeling Project in Wayne, NJ
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DateFeb 2021
LocationWayne, NJ
TypeTransitional Style Master Bathroom & Walk-In Area
ProductsWhite Opal & Panda Marble

We’re so happy to reveal a new remodeling project we helped complete in Wayne, NJ. Our design team partnered up with Hale Design from Fairfield NJ, to transform the master bathroom space, along with the fireplace. Aqua Kitchen and Bath design team helped choose, fabricate, bookmatch, and install stone for vanity tops, makeup area top, shower seat, walking closet and fireplace surround wall. White Opal and Panda Marble provide exquisite beauty and functionality to the home but they also highlight the unique cabinetry solutions in the master bathroom and makeup area!


Gorgeous, spacious home in Wayne, NJ got a new, highly sophisticated, luxurious master bathroom. And we are so happy and grateful to be a part of the process. Take a look at our new master bathroom remodeling project in Wayne, NJ, and get inspired for your own bath remodel.

Opal White for a Captivating Look and Luxurious Feel



Opal White carries the beauty of the whole galaxy within itself. With an intense sparkle and shine, smooth, uninterrupted texture, elegant ivory markings, and consistent white background, Opal White introduces an ultimate refinement to any space. This precious stone boasts powerful luminosity and intense sophistication, opening space for imagination to run wild and freedom to show your style.


No space will look sterile, too light, or bland with Opal White. The sparkles this natural, high-end stone gives off resembles the shine of the numerous stars of the Milky Way. It goes great with dark cabinetry, creating incredibly bold contrasts but also suits light rooms with white and gray cabinetry, where ethereal charm is much appreciated.

Durability and Maintenance


Apart from its stunning looks, Opal White performs amazingly just as well! It is a very durable and hard natural stone, ranking an 8 of 10 on the Moh’s Scale of mineral hardness, which means that it’s harder than glass. This makes Opal White ideal for every day, frequent usage as a countertop or vanity top material. Resistant to stains, heat, water, and scratching, Opal White will not only fulfill your expectations but give you even more than you can imagine. A High-end, lux look is followed by exceptional functionality and incredible practicality.


This is why Opal White is a natural and logical choice for bathroom surfaces such as vanity tops, waterfall islands, backsplashes, accent walls, and everywhere where relaxed, luxurious, and stress-free beauty is desired and required.



Here’s how Opal White was used in this master bathroom remodeling project.

opal white walkin closet island with led lighting

Opal White Walk-in Closet Island with LED Lighting


Walk-in closets are all about optimizing and organizing your stuff in the best and most practical way possible. Choosing the right size cabinetry with convenient drawers will make a big impact on the functionality of the space and usage. However, there is more that you can do to make your walk-in closet even more functional and even more beautiful.


Homeowners from Wayne, NJ chose Opal White stone to cover their walk-in closet, which gave the whole space a luminous look. The bright and luxurious look of the stone is enhanced even more with LED lighting. Thoughtful lighting decor combines additional radiance with the expensive boutique effect to highlight favorite collections and pieces of wardrobe. Great lighting, convenient cabinetry, and luxurious stone create an amazing piece of furniture that is functional and practical just as it is gorgeous.

pal white make up area with 2”miter and waterfall

Custom Opal White Makeup Waterfall Vanity


A makeup area is a must-have in any well-designed master bathroom. We helped fabricate and install this Opal White makeup area with a 2” miter and waterfall. The dressing table is attached to a mirror with bright lights on all three sides of the mirror.


It is so easy to make a big statement with a makeup waterfall vanity like this one! It is enough to make this bathroom a favorite place in the whole house.


Choosing Opal White for the waterfall vanity design was such a great decision because it flows perfectly with white vanity drawers and surrounding wall and floor marble tiles.

Opal white 2”miter build-up vanitytop

Opal White Vanity Top that Overflows with Style


A great designed master bathroom is hardly imagined without a beautiful and functional vanity. To make this master bathroom’s vanity as functional and beautiful as possible, we installed Opal White 2” miter build-up vanity top.


Resistant to scratches, stains, and water, Opal White is an ideal solution for a vanity top in any busy family bathroom. Similar to Carrara marble, Opal White is convenient for many design combinations. It is such a perfect fit for white shaker vanity cabinetry, marble flooring, and wall.


Combining luxury elements like a sink and faucet with high-quality vanity cabinetry and precision-engineered stone fixtures elevated this modern master bathroom to the most stylish degree.

Book match panda marble fire place

Panda Marble Wall Fireplace Surround — Nothing Short of Showstopping


A master bathroom with a fireplace?
Yes, please!


To make this stunning master bathroom even more luxurious, we bookmatched and installed Panda Marble Wall as a fireplace surround. This particular marble design features a crisp white background with spectacular, powerful waves of wide black swaths — one-of-a-kind stone that creates a remarkable, statement look for a fireplace on both sides of the wall.


Bookmatching is achieved by adjoining two slabs together, cut right next to each other from the same block. The look is a perfect mirror image, just like the wings of a butterfly.⠀

Start Your Bathroom Remodel Project with Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center


We are beyond grateful to Hale Design for recognizing our product selection and stone fabrication expertise. Our team is so happy for having a chance to work on this amazing bathroom remodeling project in Wayne, NJ.


Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center has the right product selection, resources, skills, expertise, and knowledge to equip your next master bathroom remodel project and make your dream kitchen possible, easily.


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