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Silestone Nolita Quartz in Le Leo Apartment Complex, Jersey City, NJ
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DateOctober 2022
LocationLe Leo Apartments, Jersey City, NJ
TypeModern Kitchens
ProductsSilestone Nolita Quartz

Silestone Nolita Quartz in Le Leo Apartment Complex, Jersey City, NJ


Brand new luxury rentals in Jersey City, NJ, Le Leo Apartments, are one of our latest multi-unit projects we are so very proud of. The effortless style with everyday conveniences is uniquely refined and elevated to suit even the most acquired aesthetic needs. Le Léo is a stunning new luxury rental residential complex in the heart of Journal Square, Jersey City, NJ.

The Aqua Kitchen team is especially proud of the kitchens that fit in these spacious residences and boast all the splendors and comforts of a perfect cooking and entertaining space while featuring only first-class finishes and furnishings, accessories, and appliances.

Made for modern entertaining, dining, and food preparation with your loved ones, these kitchens in Le Léo luxury apartments are designed to deliver only premium solutions and provide unique experiences. The amenity-rich kitchen design is carefully curated to encourage excellence, inspire leisure and pleasure, and guarantee playfulness.

We’ve made sure that the kitchens in the Le Léo luxury apartments complex in Jersey City, NJ are equipped with the best, most endurable, and prettiest countertops of all that also perfectly fit with the rest of the kitchen design – Silestone Nolita Quartz.

Take a look at our Le Léo multi-unit project, explore all the superior solutions for advantageous living, and get inspired for your own residential, multi-unit project that you can complete with the Aqua Kitchen team.

Silestone Nolita Quartz Countertops Styled for Contemporary Living


Nolita Quartz Countertops Appearance


Silestone Nolita Quartz was the perfect countertop solution for these Le Leo luxury apartment kitchens. With its light, crisp tones intertwined with faded shades and variations of gray, Silestone Nolita Quartz is a queen of neutral quartz surfaces. It radiates calm and mindfulness, clarity, simplicity, and excellence, especially effective in open-concept kitchens just like these.

Although neutral, Nolita Quartz is not impersonal. On the contrary, this lovely quartz stone has a vibrant, strong personality and powerful architectural identity that is great at reflecting your taste and aesthetic preferences. It is almost artistic and graceful, perfect for inventive, expressive, and even poetic ambiance. The shades of gray and white imbue each other, creating a marvelous work of art… that, just as well, your kitchen can become, too.

If you’re unsure of how Nolita Quartz can fit your unique kitchen space, we encourage you to imagine it in a variety of styles and decors. Silestone Nolita will probably remind you the most of a white concrete surface that is warm, glowing with warmth, richness, and history.

Did you know that Nolita Quartz takes its name after the Manhattan neighborhood called “The North of Little Italy”? Nolita, North of Little Italy will honor both traditional, and less classic, modern, and even industrial kitchen interiors.

Just like the part of the favorite city, Nolita is also deeply authentic and unpretentious, able to dazzle and turn heads with its genuine, straightforward appearance and feel.

This is why we believe that Silestone Nolita Quartz will work in your kitchen just as terrific, as it did in the Le Leo luxury apartments complex in Jersey City, NJ.

Take a look at all the Silestone Quartz Countertops options we provide you with.


Nolita Quartz Kitchen in Le Leo Apartments

Silestone Nolita Quartz Durability and Maintenance


Besides its amazing appearance, neutral Nolita Quartz by Silestone has other qualities that will finally set your mind at ease. Not only that this lovely quartz looks gorgeous, it shows incredible durability, resilience, and quality, just as well.

If your kitchen is hardworking and you enjoy making meals, serving, and entertaining your family and friends often in it, we’re happy to say that Nolita quartz will become your most important partner in these endeavors.

Practically indestructible, man-made for all known kitchen events, and highly resilient to stains, scratches, and water, Nolita quartz countertop material will stand the test of time and serve you perfectly for many years to come. Just pay attention to hot pots and pans and avoid placing them directly on the countertop surface. Keep a couple of trivets handy to protect your Nolita.

This white quartz countertop is also incredibly easy to clean. Actually, it’s very hard to get it dirty, because it’s so perfectly light and bright. You’ll see, in no time, that Nolita Quartz is almost maintenance-free. Simply use some warm water and gentle liquid soap with a soft cotton cloth to clean its surface after you wipe it down.

Another great news is that quartz doesn’t require sealing as natural countertop stones do. What you see is what you get, when it comes to the look, performance, and quality of Silestone Nolita Quartz.

It holds marvelous strength but also a singular appearance that harmonizes beautifully with a wide array of kitchen cabinet colors and styles equally in homes, residential, and commercial properties.

This neutral-looking quartz is a perfect choice for a variety of uses in a kitchen, from countertops, waterfall islands, backsplashes, and accent walls, to flooring, steps, and more. Enjoy the serenity of its color and see how invention, innovation, and art coexist in it.

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Nolita Quartz Adornes Le Leo Apartments Kitchens in Jersey City, NJ


Styled for contemporary homeowner needs, Le Leo residences in Jersey City, NJ feature a sleek, streamlined, and glossy design paired with simple luxuries like high ceilings, expansive windows, and spacious rooms.


Our team is especially impressed with the look and function of the kitchens in all residences of the Le Leo apartment complex. Simple decor with clean geometrical patterns and vibrant hues is adorned with stainless steel appliances, full-height backsplash, soft-close cabinetry, and under-cabinet lighting. The cabinets are slick and ultra-modern, light and bright, with slab doors without any hardware.


The way Nolita Quartz makes this stunning kitchen decor even better is what knocks us off of our feet. Its stunning hues perfectly complement the simple and charming interiors, creating a highly refined, creative, and artsy ambiance that illuminates the entire home.


In the same way, we’ve used Silestone Nolita Quartz as countertops and center kitchen islands in the Le Leo Jersey City, NJ luxury apartment rentals, we can make this lovely manufactured stone shine in your new kitchen as well. Striking, innovative, vibrant, highly sophisticated, and uniquely distinctive, Nolita Quartz from the Silestone Loft series can complement any kitchen design.


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Nolita Quartz Silestone Kitchen

Hire Aqua Kitchen to Design Your Kitchen with Nolita Quartz


We are proud of how we managed a big project such as the Le Leo Luxury Apartment Complex in Jersey City, NJ. You can see how we deliver beautiful quartz countertops for as many rental units as needed.


Our experienced and skillful team delivered, handled, and installed all the products with caution and care. Knowing how countertops are a vital element in any kitchen, we are happy to be a part of the neighboring Le Leo New Luxury Rentals in Jersey City.


Whether you are planning a big or a small residential or commercial renovation project, make sure to consider the Aqua Kitchen team located in Wayne, NJ for your kitchen countertop or kitchen cabinet needs. We will help you choose and decide between various granite countertops and quartz countertops, and some of the best and most cost-effective kitchen cabinets.


Our skillful crew will do all the measurements, fabrication, and installation. Conveniently located in Wayne, NJ, we easily serve all parts of the NJ state, such as Mahwah, Clifton, Ramsey, Pomona, Wanaque, Pompton Lakes, Ringwood, Bloomingdale, and others, as well as the neighboring states.


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