Latest Granite and Quartz Stone Slabs Have Arrived

Thunder White Granite, Panda Granite, Cold Spring Granite, and Calacatta Borghini Quartz have arrived at our countertop slab yard in Wayne, NJ. Although we will provide thorough information on each new granite and quartz stone in detail below, we invite you to come over to our showroom and slab yard and take a closer look at each of these gorgeous slabs.

Taking into consideration current kitchen design trends, overall modern homeowner’s style, efficiency, and durability of the slabs, we concluded that White Thunder Granite, Panda Granite, granite tops Cold Spring, and Calacatta Borghini Quartz will make for an absolute hit this summer.

Before you make your final choice, learn more about each of these gorgeous slabs, take a closer look at them, and then come to our showroom to check them out from up close. Don’t forget that each granite slab is absolutely unique, while quartz is man-mad for your convenience.

The Latest Granite Countertop Arrivals

Granite is our all-time favorite stone that proved its value over many years. Homeowners, interior designers, contractors, and builders love adding granite not only to kitchens but also to other rooms in a home, regardless of its style or feel. Welcoming, classic or whimsical, warm or cold-toned, and always one-of-a-kind, granite transforms kitchens into safe, cozy havens of beauty and refinement.

Granite Thunder White, Panda granite countertops, and Cold Spring granite countertops are the latest arrivals at our Wayne, NJ showroom that we cannot wait to show you. We’re sure that you’ll find at least one of these granites perfect for your home, whether you’re planning on a simple but necessary kitchen update or on a thorough kitchen remodel overhaul.

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Thunder White Granite Countertops

Granite Thunder White is not just your regular granite countertop stone. You simply cannot resist imagining the most beautiful designs with it. With its gorgeously whimsical alterations of gray, cream, and white veining with tiny burgundy colored flecks, White Thunder Granite will make for a very attractive and popular kitchen countertop choice. Quarried in India, granite Thunder White will remind you of the most beautiful marble. However, while providing you with an alluring and currently very popular marble look, Thunder White Granite delivers granite durability, resistance, and ease of maintenance.

Thunder White Granite
Thunder White Granite at Aqua Kitchen in Wayne NJ

Creating a Thunder White Granite kitchen will not only give you all of these benefits, but it will reward you with a low Thunder White Granite price. If you decide to acquire your Thunder White Granite countertops here, at Aqua Kitchen in Wayne, NJ, will not provide you only with a low Thunder White Granite cost but with a free stone fabrication, edge treatment, 3D design, installation, and top-notch customer service you deserve as well.

If you’re still not sure about incorporating this lovely countertop stone into your kitchen, you can also take a look at many Thunder White Granite reviews. Homeowners love using granite Thunder White in both new builds and traditional homes, and equally in contemporary and classic kitchens. One of favorite Thunder White Granite kitchen combinations is with white contemporary and gray wood cabinets, according to some Houzz Thunder White Granite reviews. Most of these reviews state that both homeowners and kitchen designers love the visual movement in the White Thunder Granite slabs look very nice.

So don’t hesitate to pair this gorgeous stone with white cabinetry for a modern and fresh look or with dark wood for an elegant look. Either way, you cannot make a mistake.

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Panda Granite

Featuring stunning long and wide, unique black stripes on a consistently white background, Panda Granite establishes a dominant, commanding, and bold look in any kitchen. You simply cannot resist these stunning smoothly flowing swirls of black and white that make any Panda Granite slab distinctively unique and extraordinary surface.

Panda Granite
Panda Granite at Aqua Kitchen in Wayne NJ

When added to a kitchen, Panda Granite countertops resemble a tranquil but still dynamic flow of ultimate refinement and elegance that will surely make a statement and act as a supreme head turner. Consequently, Panda Granite & cabinet combinations can create an even more attractive look. You can combine Panda Granite & cabinet options in various styles and colors, although sleek, contemporary cabinets in white or black will create the most astonishing compositions.

Both Panda Granite price and Panda Granite reviews will convince you that this first-rate granite is more than just the right choice for your home but ideal. Panda Granite cost is low while the stone provides you with great quality and superior durability. At the same time, Panda Granite reviews praise its highly polished surface that enhances the stunning flow of black and white color. Resistance to scratches and heat, as well as ease of maintenance, are two more reasons why both homeowners and interior designers write amazing Panda Granite reviews.

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Cold Spring Granite

Durable granite from Brazil, Cold Spring Granite features a variety of colors. Different grays, subtle pink, and ethereal whites make Cold Spring Granite countertops a showcase piece in any kitchen. Although granite tops Cold Spring are recommended for both interior and exterior use, even in extremely cold and warm climates, our kitchen designers love using them as countertops the most. If you love a traditional look and you’re looking to find a perfect countertop pair for your classic cabinets, don’t look further than Cold Spring Granite countertops.

Cold Spring Granite
Cold Spring Granite at Aqua Kitchen in Wayne NJ

Cold Spring Granite price is another great reason for you to choose these kitchen countertops. While acquiring an attractive appearance and supreme durability, Cold Spring Granite cost will not break the bank. Instead, Cold Spring Granite cost is adjusted to the needs and possibilities of any homeowner. Here, at Aqua Kitchen, we will make sure to not only meet but anticipate your needs and give you an affordable Cold Spring Granite price.

When it comes to Cold Spring Granite reviews, homeowners point out that there is no match for its durability and strength. At the same time, all Cold Spring Granite reviews praise a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind look that surpasses many other countertop stones.

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The Latest Quartz Countertop Arrival

While any granite stone slab comes straight from nature and is completely unique, quartz is man-made for your convenience and comfort. Since its manufactured, quartz imitates natural stones like granite and marble to perfection. It’s perfect for use in the kitchen or bath, for countertops, waterfall islands, or backsplashes. Quartz is especially convenient when you wish to match more slabs. Another reason why we recommend quartz is certainly its incredible ease of maintenance, superior durability, and resistance.

Calacatta Borghini Quartz

Bold veining in this sleek quartz grabs attention and inspires the most gorgeous kitchen design sets. A clear white base with highly distinguished veining is convenient for creating both modern, sleek and traditional, classic kitchens. This timeless blend of color and movement makes Calacatta Borgini quartz very similar to Calacatta Borghini marble. So, if you love the dateless white marble trend, consider the Calacatta Borghini Quartz kitchen design for your home. Less patina, greater durability, and imperiousness to damage from water, hard objects, and heat will convince you that this quartz stone is perfect for you.

Calacatta Borghini Quartz
Calacatta Borghini Quartz at Aqua Kitchen in Wayne NJ

Aqua Kitchen gives you the most affordable Calacatta Borghini Quartz price in New Jersey, and beyond. The classic feel went modern and with added character, Calacatta Borghini marble-looking quartz is an exclusive choice for any home that loves both cooking and entertaining. While we offer many exceptional features, we also provide you with an affordable Calacatta Borghini Quartz cost.

Calacatta Borghini Quartz reviews written by homeowners, interior designers, contractors, and builders, praise its gentle, pillowy character but also its unique character. Durability, ease of maintenance, and resistance are further reasons why Calacatta Borghini Quartz reviews commend this remarkable stone.

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How to Choose the Right Stone for Your Kitchen

Whether you insist more on appearance or on durability while remodeling your kitchen, you won’t make a mistake with either of these gorgeous countertop stones. The smart way to go about your kitchen remodel or update is to choose durable materials that are tough and highly resistant to heat, liquids, stains, and scratches. The good news is that all of our latest stone arrivals cover all of these traits. Granite is one of the most resilient and toughest natural stones you’ll find. Along with it, it comes a unique look. However, although granite is easy to clean, it requires sealing at least once a year.

If you wish to avoid the sealing requirement and don’t insist on a unique look, choose quartz. Scratch and stain-resistant, durable, and practically indestructible, quartz is the perfect choice for everyone who doesn’t like to spend lots of time on maintenance and loves a uniform, clean look.

Having trouble deciding which one is better for you? Read this article to learn what you can exactly expect with each: Quartz vs Granite Countertops: What Is Better for Your Kitchen.

But whether cooking is your focus or you’re putting the accent on entertaining, both granite countertops and quartz countertops will make you happy.

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How to Remodel Your Kitchen with Our New Stone Arrivals

Look beyond popularity with Aqua kitchen designers. They will help you choose the right slabs for your new kitchen remodeling projects, and not only advise you on their quality and durability but help you set the tone for the entire kitchen. If you’re looking beyond the slab itself, contact us, and our designers will help you choose materials that reflect your style and align with your use of the kitchen.

But tell us, are you in love with our new stone arrivals — Thunder White Granite, Panda Granite, Cold Spring Granite, and Calacatta Borghini Quartz — and already envision them in your home?

Do you know about all the possibilities we offer for your new kitchen design?

We don’t only provide the absolute best selection of granite countertops and quartz countertops but we also offer free design, free fabrication, edge treatment, sink cut-out, and installation, all in a highly professional and effective manner, we also meet your special requests with ease and pleasure.

Just let us know what would you prefer for your new kitchen, and we’ll give our best to make it happen!

Choose Your Slabs of Granite and Quartz and Enjoy Your New Kitchen

Are you delighted with our new stone arrivals — Thunder White Granite, Panda Granite, Cold Spring Granite, or Calacatta Borghini Quartz — and overjoyed with the design possibilities they offer for your new kitchen project?

Stop by our showroom located at 1107 Rt 23 South, Wayne, NJ 07470. Aqua Kitchen, well-known throughout the state of New Jersey and beyond as one of the most affordable and best-equipped kitchen countertops and cabinet showrooms, understands your vision and has the customer service to bring it to life. Our kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops selection will provide you with everything you need for your new kitchen. We work on projects of all sizes, from small and simple remodels to new, large construction projects. And we will be happy to work with you, as well!
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