Should You Remodel Your Kitchen During the COVID-19 Pandemic?


Should I remodel during Coronavirus?


This is a question we got pretty often from our customers, friends, and family during 2020. Although we all hoped the pandemic will end sooner, before the end of 2020, that, unfortunately, did not happen, and the issue remains.


The question of whether or not you should remodel your kitchen during the pandemic reflects the current reality of many homeowners across the USA. However, despite the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic posed for all of us, our team and showroom have experienced increased traffic and completed even more kitchen remodeling projects than usual. Renowned for our experience in creating efficient, beautiful, and safe kitchen environments, we were happy to help many homeowners across New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania to remodel their kitchens during 2020.


While you debate your upcoming kitchen renovation, please continue reading to find valuable information on how to remodel your kitchen during the COVID-19 pandemic, see the pros and cons of renovating during these challenging times, and find inspiration in some of the many kitchen remodeling projects we completed during 2020.

What Is The Current Situation Like in the Kitchen & Bath Industry?


According to Kermit Baker, chief economist of the Washington, DC-based AIA, although the initial impact of the coronavirus pandemic hit residential architects hard, a stay-at-home lifestyle and the desire for more space and less density has increased homeowners’ desires to modify their accommodations.


All custom residential sectors reported improved market conditions, with home improvement reporting the strongest gains, found the AIA’s fourth-quarter 2020 survey, focusing on community and neighborhood design.

coronavirus kitchen improvement


At the same time, NKBA CEO Bill Darcy says that ”while COVID-19 will continue to present challenges to the supply chain, labor, and spending, kitchen & bath will be one of a few industries that have actually seen growth in response to consumers spending more time at home and looking to make their spaces more functional in this new normal.” Kitchen and bath professionals, according to Bill Darcy, are well-positioned for continued success into the coming year.

Kitchen Remodeling Projects During 2020 by Aqua Kitchen & Bath Design Center


And just as industry surveys and professionals attest, it is true that homeowners have carried out a lot of kitchen remodeling in 2020. During the summer2020, we’ve met the increased demand for remodeling outdoor kitchens while fall brought a demand in remodeling indoor kitchen spaces.

Outdoor Kitchen Remodeling During Covid


Here are some of the outdoor kitchen remodeling projects our design and installation team helped complete. All countertop materials were purchased in our showroom.


Steel Gray Leather Granite Outdoor Kitchen Remodel in Chatham, NJ — we helped the homeowners to select and install a low-maintenance material designed to withstand all the rigors of an outdoor kitchen. The project was carried out in May 2020.

remodeling during covid


Sapphire Blue Granite Outdoor Kitchen Installation in Wayne, NJ — our designers helped the homeowner design their outdoor kitchen with their lifestyle and personal preferences in mind so they could get the maximum out of their investment and just what they need. Bar, grilling station, stove, and sink — a combo that has everything. We completed the project in June 2020.

covid renovation

Indoor Kitchen Improvement During Coronavirus


As the fall of 2020 was approaching, homeowners from New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania started contacting us to make design appointments and stopping by to view our products selection.


While for some families who were schooling and working from home, 2020 wasn’t the ideal time to redo the vital rooms such as the kitchen, for others, 2020 was the best time to finally start remodeling their cooking, and well, living space.


Here are some of the indoor kitchen remodeling projects our design and installation team helped complete. All granite countertops and quartz countertops materials were purchased in our showroom.


Mandala Granite Installation in Pompton Lakes, NJ — we worked with a client from Pompton Lakes, NJ to transform their basement by installing a huge, 120” x 70” granite slab in one piece. The granite used is Mandala, a creamy and bone white, exotic natural stone from Brazil. Our installation team completed the project in July 2020.

home renovation during covid


Calacatta Luccia Quartz Installation Project in Ringwood, NJ — this is the project we completed just before the pandemic hit, in February 2020. A gorgeous, spacious family house in Ringwood, NJ got a sleek, new, multi-purpose kitchen and multiple amazing countertop and backsplash surfaces made of Calacatta Luccia quartz. We are so proud of this project!

coronavirus home improvement


New Caledonia Granite Installation in Wantage, NJ — in September 2020, we transformed this kitchen into a true culinary oasis. with New Caledonia Granite that embodies the very essence of classic sophistication and refinement, allowing a great deal of freedom in designing and styling a kitchen.

home renovation during covid


Bahamas White Granite Installation Project in West Milford, NJ — Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design team helped choose, fabricated, and installed gorgeous Bahamas White Granite for the clients living in West Milford, NJ in September 2020.

coronavirus kitchen improvement


Transitional Kitchen Remodel in Westchester, NY — we were thrilled to work on this transitional space which demanded the highest level of design, along with all the features and level of quality people look for when residing in this picturesque and beautiful slice of New York. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to provide the design, cabinetry, and countertops for this beautiful transitional kitchen setting. J&K Cabinetry in Greige tone with Statuary Classique Quartz provides such a simple, yet stunning appearance. Each element of the design flows magnificently — from cabinets and countertops to backsplash, flooring, and lighting. The project was completed in June 2020.

Should I remodel during Coronavirus


Calacatta Zoya Quartz Installation Project in Manhattan, NY — our team was so excited to finish off the year with a new project! We helped design, choose the right stone, and install countertops and backsplash in Manhattan, NY, for our client’s kitchen area addition, just in time for Christmas!

coronavirus kitchen improvement


Going into 2021, we expect many new kitchen remodeling opportunities, as we already have a significant number of projects scheduled for the first quarter of the year. Our team anticipates continued activity and that 2021 will be an important year for residential kitchen & bath remodeling.

Pros and Cons of Kitchen Remodeling in the Time of Coronavirus

With the ongoing situation, it is hard to bring a decision about remodeling your kitchen, as it is certainly more complicated than before. Whether you are on the verge of starting the project, halfway through it, or at the beginning of the planning phase, your decision will depend on your budget, current needs, and circumstances.


Let’s make things simple by listing out both the pros and the cons of remodeling in the time of Coronavirus.

Pros Of Remodeling in the Time of Coronavirus


While wondering should you remodel during Coronavirus, consider these benefits specific for current circumstances.


Virtual Design Appointments & Virtual Showroom Tours


Design appointments and consultations were available only in-person, and to view the products, you would need to actually go to your local showroom, up until March 2020. Since then, many kitchen & bath showrooms and contractors made virtual design appointments and virtual showroom tours available.


For example, if you’re from New Jersey, New York, or Pennsylvania, and you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen, you can see our Kitchen Showroom Virtual Tour, schedule a design appointment online, visualize your kitchen space using our Kitchen Visualizer, and view the products we offer on our website. In-person consultations are carried out in a safe environment. While we require our valued customers to have proper hand sanitization and face coverage before entering our showroom, we are also frequently sanitizing our office and warehouse, and our employees have been instructed to regularly wash their hands and practice safe social distancing.


More Time for Planning


If you’re working from home, you may have more opportunities to experience the functionalities of your current kitchen design and plan for improvements. While the remodeling process itself may be time-consuming, which depends on your requirements, the time needed for evaluating and planning may take even more time. Now you may have more time on your hands to take virtual showroom tours, browse products, learn how to choose Kitchen Countertop Materials, review the Steps to Remodel a Kitchen, find out all about the different Types of Kitchen Cabinets, see what is all the fuss about Quartz vs Granite Countertops, explore various Granite Countertops Colors, and learn more about different Types of Granite Countertops.


There is so much to learn before taking off with a kitchen remodel project. The more you know, the more you are certain of what you need, and the more you have your budget all set, the remodeling project itself will be easier for you, your family, and all the professionals involved.


More Discounts and Sales


The majority of kitchen remodeling showrooms offer discounts on their products whether there is an ongoing pandemic or not, but it may be that they have some special discounts these days. For example, we had an amazing sales offer on quartz countertops from May to September, and our customers were thrilled with the options offered. Although that offer ended, we still have discounted items for you to consider. Our Specials currently include mostly quartz and quartzite countertops offer.

coronavirus kitchen improvement

Cons Of Remodeling in the Time of Coronavirus


If you’re okay with your budget for the kitchen remodel and you don’t need to take a loan to fund it in these uncertain times, there aren’t many cons of remodeling during COVID-19.


Backorder Issues and Shortage of Materials


Although most kitchen and bath vendors didn’t have significant disruptions during 2020, some showrooms may be faced with slightly longer lead times on certain items. Occasional shortages on items that would be in stock in regular circumstances also may happen. Some showrooms may need more time to restock their inventory. This is why we recommend planning your kitchen remodel ahead and placing orders sooner rather than later to avoid this type of issue.


Prices My Go Up


Whether there is high demand or scarcity or kitchen remodeling items, some manufacturers and showrooms may increase the prices. We advise you to take your time when planning and search for the local showroom that offers the best prices.


You May Pay More for Protection


If you’re set on remodeling your kitchen in the time of Coronavirus, you may have some additional costs associated with protection. Whether you’re remodeling your single-family home kitchen or many kitchens in a condo building, you will have to be protected from the risks of Covid-19.

Should I remodel during Coronavirus?

Is it Safe to Remodel During COVID?


Can I renovate my kitchen safely during Covid-19, you ask?


The answer is — yes!


Safely remodeling your kitchen during a pandemic is not all that complicated. By now, we are more or less used to following safety procedures. To have a successful remodeling during covid, be ready to follow some simple safety and protection guidelines.


Instead of meeting face-to-face with your designers and contractors, schedule a phone or Zoom appointment to discuss details.


Take a virtual tour of a local kitchen remodeling showroom and call them by phone to schedule a design appointment. They will set the time just for you and minimize the number of people you will meet in the showroom.


After the initial consultation, share any further information needed electronically with your designer. You can send pictures, design ideas, and ask questions via your smartphone. Just be aware that if you’re making any changes to your previous design, the estimate will probably be fine-tuned.


Safely Remodeling Your Kitchen During a Pandemic


Is it safe to have installers and contractors in your home during COVID? Yes, as long as you’re following CDC guidelines. Make sure to disinfect the kitchen area where the installer crew will be working, provide hand sanitizer at the entrance, and don’t allow installers to come in if there is someone sick in your home, even if that means postponing installation or entire remodeling. At the same time, your installation or remodeling crew needs to wear masks and gloves to ensure theirs and your family’s safety.


If you have any questions or concerns during the remodeling process, speak directly with your installers at safe distance or by phone with your designer or project manager.

How to Remodel Your Kitchen with Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center During the COVID-19 Pandemic?


Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center makes sure to provide a safe environment for you to plan, design, and shop for your next kitchen remodeling project. During these uncertain times, we maintain our unwavering commitment to ensure the health and safety of our customers, employees, and surrounding communities. Our showroom is open for business and we have set in place steps to protect our employees and our customers. As per CDC guidelines, we are frequently sanitizing our office and warehouse and our employees have been instructed to regularly wash their hands and practice safe social distancing. Also, we are closely monitoring the situation and adapting as things evolve and change around us. Safety is our main objective, so we will follow all directions from local, state, and city governments as directed.


Call us at 973-706-5926 or fill out the estimate form today to set up an appointment with one of our kitchen designers. Here, you’ll find the best combination of kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops for your home –- materials, colors, edge, profile, and other options. We carry only premium quality kitchen cabinets, quartz, granite, and quartzite in stock.


Let us help you get the kitchen from your dreams and provide you with an efficient, positive, and, above all, safe kitchen remodeling experience, despite the challenges of the Coronavirus. Looking forward to hearing from you!