Kitchen Cabinet Colors for an Elevated Kitchen

Kitchen cabinet colors can bring a new life to any kitchen. As the kitchen is commonly considered and widely felt as the heart of the home, choosing the right cabinet colors plays a crucial role in defining its ambiance, appearance, and feel. From timeless classics to trendy hues, the world of cabinet kitchen colors offers a wide array of choices to suit your style and preferences.

In this article, we’ll dive into some of the prettiest cabinet kitchen colors, the latest trends for 2023, various cabinet color options for small kitchens, explore the charm of light-colored cabinets, explore the allure of farmhouse-inspired hues, and grasp an endless versatility of neutral cabinetry tones.

The Best Kitchen Cabinet Colors

When talking about the best colors of kitchen cabinets, we mainly think about timeless choices and classics like white, gray, and navy blue that consistently remain and endure as favorites in the world of interior design. White cabinets create a clean and timeless look, while gray cabinets add sophistication and neutrality. Navy blue, on the other hand, infuses a touch of drama, contrast, and depth into any kitchen design, especially where neutral tones rule. A few timeless cabinet color options stand out, offering a perfect blend of elegance and versatility.

Crisp white cabinets have reigned for quite some time now as the top choice for kitchens, regardless of the style of the kitchen. They create an open, airy atmosphere, making even small kitchens appear more spacious. White cabinets are a canvas for various design styles, from traditional to modern, and they pair well with a wide range of countertop materials and backsplash options.

best kitchen cabinet colors

Gray cabinets lend a touch of sophistication and neutrality to kitchen designs. They work seamlessly in both traditional and contemporary settings. The diverse spectrum of gray shades allows for creative contrasts with accents like colorful appliances, backsplashes, or cabinet hardware.

Navy blue cabinet color is a classic choice that adds depth and character to kitchens. It creates a sense of coziness and pairs beautifully with gold or brass hardware for a touch of luxury. Navy blue cabinets bring a sense of balance and harmony to the overall kitchen design.

Earth-toned cabinets in shades like beige, taupe, or warm greige offer a soothing and grounded vibe. They create a versatile backdrop for various design elements and provide a timeless look that won’t go out of style.

But regardless of what other people say, the best color for kitchen cabinets depends on your personal preferences, the overall design of your kitchen, and the mood you want to create. These timeless options, however, are known for their ability to adapt to different styles and trends, ensuring your kitchen remains inviting and stylish for years to come.

Trending Kitchen Cabinet Colors 2023

In 2023, we’re seeing some new kitchen trends emerging, but also some timeless trends in cabinet colors. Warm earthy tones, such as terracotta and olive green, are gaining popularity, reflecting a desire for coziness and connection with nature. Rich jewel tones like emerald and sapphire are also on the rise, bringing opulence and vibrancy into kitchen spaces.

Earthy tones, and warm and cozy hues like terracotta, olive green, and burnt sienna took center stage. These colors introduce the essence of nature indoors, creating a sense of comfort and connection to the environment. On the other hand, whereas earthy, natural tones are down to earth and simple jewel tones, rich and luxurious, such as emerald green, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple make a bold statement. These opulent shades infuse kitchens with depth, drama, and a touch of regal elegance and expensive look.

best color for kitchen cabinets

Matte cabinet finishes in muted colors like charcoal gray and deep navy are popular again in 2023. They exude sophistication while offering a subtle and modern aesthetic. Also, two-tone combinations and mixing cabinet colors are a rising trend in the world of kitchen interior design. Combining light upper cabinets with darker base cabinets or introducing contrasting colors on kitchen islands adds visual interest and depth to the space. And it works amazing, as always, bringing freshness and a sense of novelty to the kitchen.

In 2023, popular kitchen cabinet colors are all about creating inviting and luxurious environments, whether applied to shaker kitchen cabinets or more modern cabinetry styles. These trending colors reflect a desire for warmth, opulence, and a connection to the natural world, allowing homeowners to craft kitchens that are not only functional but also stunningly beautiful.

Small Kitchen Cabinet Colors to Maximize Space and Style

If you have a small kitchen, you can find the right colors to make it more spacious and classy. Designing a small kitchen is all about finding the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. One of the most important steps to remodel a kitchen, whether small or big is choosing the right color for the cabinets. The choice of cabinet colors plays a crucial role in creating the illusion of a larger space while adding style and personality. Here are some key considerations for selecting cabinet colors in a small kitchen:

Light-colored cabinets, such as soft whites, pale grays, and creamy pastels, are ideal for small kitchens. They reflect natural light and make the space feel open, airy, and more spacious. These colors create a sense of cleanliness and freshness, making the kitchen appear inviting and cheerful.

small kitchen cabinet colors

Using a monochromatic color scheme, where kitchen cabinets, walls, and countertops share similar shades, can visually expand a small kitchen. This cohesive look eliminates visual clutter, creates a streamlined, uncluttered appearance, and is a part of some of the best kitchen makeovers.

Opting for glass-fronted cabinet doors on upper cabinets can create an open and airy feel in a small kitchen. The transparency of glass allows you to display decorative dishes or glassware, adding a touch of elegance and depth to the space, while the reflecting quality of glass creates an illusion of a bigger space.

Neutral cabinet colors like beige, light taupe, or soft greige can create a timeless and sophisticated look. These colors provide a clean canvas for adding pops of color through accessories, backsplashes, or decorative elements and are a no-brainer, surefire solution for small kitchens.

To help make your small kitchen feel and look bigger using cabinet colors, you can also consider cabinets with glossy or reflective finishes, as they bounce light around the room, making it appear more expansive. Cabinet panels can also add a sense of depth and dimension.

Cabinet colors perfect for small kitchens prioritize creating a sense of openness and brightness while maintaining a stylish and inviting atmosphere. Using light and neutral tones, along with smart design choices like glass-front cabinets and reflective surfaces is how to make the most of limited space and ensure that your small kitchen remains functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Colors for Timeless Charm

Kitchens designed in farmhouse style have surged in popularity again, thanks to their warm, inviting, and rustic charm. Classic farmhouse elements easily make a kitchen farmhouse, but cabinets take up most of the space and their color is very important in making a kitchen farmhouse style.  When it comes to choosing cabinet colors for a farmhouse kitchen, the emphasis is on colors that create a cozy and timeless space that evokes a sense of tradition and comfort. Here are some typical but fresh farmhouse kitchen cabinet colors that we recommend for your farmhouse-style kitchen.

White cabinets with a distressed or weathered finish are quintessential to the farmhouse aesthetic. They exude a sense of history and authenticity as if they’ve been used by many generations born and raised in the farmhouse. The worn look adds character and warmth to the kitchen.

farmhouse kitchen cabinet colors

Soft pastel hues in cabinet doors like mint green, baby blue, or pale yellow can infuse a farmhouse kitchen with a touch of vintage nostalgia. These colors are light and cheerful, contributing to the overall welcoming ambiance.

Rich barn reds or deep burgundy cabinet colors, as well as black kitchen cabinets, bring a sense of country elegance to the farmhouse kitchen. They create a focal point and add a vibrant contrast to the predominantly neutral color palette of the farmhouse style.

You can never go wrong with incorporating natural wood cabinet colors, such as warm oak or distressed pine, which both create and complement the farmhouse look. Wood adds warmth, texture, and a connection to nature, enhancing the cozy atmosphere.

Soft gray cabinets provide a modern twist to the farmhouse style. They create a balanced and timeless look, pairing well with other farmhouse elements like open shelving, rustic hardware, and farmhouse sinks.

In a farmhouse kitchen, the choice of cabinet colors is a pivotal element in setting the tone and ambiance. Whether you prefer the classic appeal of distressed whites or want to experiment with pastels or rich reds, your cabinet colors should reflect the warmth, tradition, and enduring charm that define the farmhouse style, creating a space where friends and family feel right at home.

Neutral Kitchen Cabinet Colors for Endless Versatility

Light colored kitchen cabinets are usually considered cabinet neutrals. These are enduring classics and also some of the best kitchen ideas that have stood the test of time in the world of interior design. Light cabinet colors offer a sense of timelessness, elegance, and adaptability, making them a popular choice for a wide range of kitchen styles and aesthetics.

Beige cabinets exude warmth and sophistication. They create a welcoming atmosphere while serving as a neutral backdrop for various design elements. Beige also pairs well with a variety of countertop materials, backsplashes, and hardware finishes.

Taupe is a versatile neutral that falls between gray and brown. It brings a sense of depth and complexity to a kitchen while maintaining a subdued and elegant appearance. Taupe cabinets work seamlessly with both traditional and contemporary designs.

neutral kitchen cabinet colors

A blend of gray and beige, greige offers the best of both worlds. It’s a popular choice for those seeking a balanced and modern look. Greige cabinets can adapt to various color schemes and design styles. We used them in our kitchen remodel project in Westchester, NY, and the result is awesome, you can see it for yourself.

Soft gray cabinets create a serene and calming atmosphere in the kitchen. They pair beautifully with both light and dark countertops, offering endless possibilities for customization.

While white is often considered neutral, opting for a warm white with subtle undertones of cream or ivory can add depth and character to your kitchen. These off-white cabinets maintain a clean and timeless look.

Neutral kitchen cabinet colors provide a versatile canvas for homeowners and designers to experiment with other elements like bold backsplashes, vibrant accessories, or eye-catching hardware. They ensure that your kitchen remains a timeless and elegant space that can easily adapt to changing design trends and personal preferences, making them an excellent choice for those seeking enduring beauty and functionality in their culinary haven.

Kitchen Cabinetry Colors FAQ

  • What colors to avoid in kitchen cabinets?

When selecting colors for kitchen cabinets, it’s recommended to steer clear of overly bright or neon shades, as they can be visually overwhelming and disrupt the kitchen’s harmony. Extremely dark colors like deep black or espresso brown may make the space feel cramped and dim, particularly in kitchens with limited natural light. Trendy but short-lived colors should be used sparingly, as they may lead to a dated look in the long run. Also, our kitchen designers advise against using clashing color combinations or overly bold patterns on cabinets, as they can create visual chaos and detract from the kitchen’s overall appeal.

  • How do I choose kitchen cabinet color?

When choosing a kitchen cabinet color, it’s best to first evaluate your kitchen’s existing elements, such as countertops, flooring, and wall color, to ensure the cabinet color complements them. Next, think about the desired mood and style you want to achieve – for instance, light colors create an open and airy feel, while dark colors add depth and drama. Also, make sure to consider your personal preferences and the kitchen’s size, because light cabinet colors can make small kitchens feel more spacious, while darker cabinetry tones can create coziness in larger spaces. And, finally, always make sure to obtain cabinet samples to test in your kitchen’s lighting and actual space before making a final decision.

  • trending kitchen cabinet colors
  • Are color kitchen cabinets in style?

Yes, color kitchen cabinets are very much in style. While white and neutral cabinets remain popular, homeowners and designers are increasingly embracing colored cabinetry to add character and individuality to kitchens. Rich jewel tones like emerald green, navy blue, and deep burgundy are particularly trendy currently, as they infuse kitchens with elegance and sophistication. Pastel shades, earthy tones, and muted colors are also in vogue, offering versatility and a sense of coziness. Ultimately, color kitchen cabinets provide an opportunity to create unique and personalized spaces that reflect current design trends and personal preferences.

  • What color cabinets keep clean the best?

Kitchen cabinets in light colors, especially white, tend to keep clean the best. Light-colored cabinets, such as white, light gray, or soft beige, are less likely to show stains, smudges, or dirt, making them easier to maintain. Additionally, they reflect more light, which can create a brighter and cleaner appearance in the kitchen. However, any cabinet, regardless of color, requires regular cleaning and maintenance to stay in pristine condition, especially in a busy kitchen environment.

  • What color cabinets look best?

The choice of the best cabinet color for your kitchen largely depends on your personal preferences and the overall design scheme you wish to achieve. However, some classic and versatile cabinet colors that tend to look best in various kitchen styles include soft whites, light grays, and warm neutrals. These colors create a timeless and elegant backdrop, allowing you to experiment with different design elements and color accents. Ultimately, the best cabinet color is one that resonates with your style, complements your kitchen’s existing features, and creates a space that feels inviting and harmonious to you.

  • What color cabinets don’t go out of style?

Cabinet colors that don’t go out of style are typically those in the neutral spectrum. Timeless choices include classic white cabinets, which maintain a clean and fresh look, enduring the test of time. Soft grays and beiges also fall into this category, offering versatility and compatibility with various design trends. Earthy wood tones, such as warm oaks and rich walnuts, are another timeless option, as they bring a sense of nature and warmth to the kitchen, transcending fleeting trends. These neutral cabinet colors provide a timeless canvas for personalizing your kitchen with accents and decor that reflect your unique style.

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Modern kitchen cabinet colors can truly transform your culinary haven into a reflection of your style and personality. Whether you opt for the timeless elegance of neutrals like classic white and soft gray, embrace the trends with elegant tones or earthy hues, or dive into the cozy charm of farmhouse-inspired colors, your cabinets have the power to set the tone for your kitchen’s ambiance.

The key to selecting the perfect cabinet color lies in finding the balance between personal preferences, existing design elements, and the desired mood. Remember that your choice should not only align with current trends but also stand the test of time, ensuring a kitchen space that remains inviting and stylish for years to come.

So, whether you’re aiming for a sleek and modern look, a warm and rustic atmosphere, or a classic and timeless space, the right cabinet color is waiting to make your kitchen truly shine. Let your creativity flow, and embark on the journey of transforming your kitchen into a culinary masterpiece that’s as unique as you are.