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Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Project in Fairfield, NJ
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DateOctober 2020
LocationFairfield, NJ
TypeTransitional Kitchen
ProductsCaesarstone Turbine Gray Quartz & Caesarstone Pure White Quartz

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Project in Fairfield, NJ


The attention to detail, careful planning, and top-of-the-line fixtures ensure the exquisite look and maximum functionality in Brookplace Luxury Apartments in Fairfield, NJ. We are so proud to help these gorgeous kitchens and bathrooms come to life.


One and two-bedroom units, 36 of them, offer open concept floor plans, first-class finishes, private garages, and storage units, all in a park-like setting in beautiful Essex County, NJ. The two most important rooms in any home, kitchens and bathrooms, feature lux finishes, top-of-the-line fixtures, and beautiful details that mean so much in any home.


Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center helped design these kitchens and bathrooms by assisting in choosing, fabricating, and installing two varieties of Caesarstone quartz countertops — Turbine Gray Quartz and Pure White Quartz. Caesarstone Turbine Gray Quartz was implemented into the kitchens, while Pure White Quartz proved as the most functional and most beautiful solution for the bathrooms.


The stunning appearance of these neutral but still more than fascinating quartz options provides a magnificent look to these crucial rooms at Brookplace in Fairfield, NJ. If you live anywhere in Fairfield, New Jersey please know that we serve your area for many years. You can find more information and get beautiful cabinets and countertops for your Fairfield, NJ kitchen at low prices with us.


Take a look at our project and get inspired for your own kitchen remodel.


Caesarstone Turbine Gray Quartz for a Genuine Granite Stone Appearance


Caesarstone Turbine Gray Quartz features a nuanced palette of gray-toned swirls, with both light and dark veining. Unlike any other man-made quartz stone, Turbine Gray quartz by Caesarstone will remind you of natural granite stone. This means that it gives you a genuine granite look minus the unexpected and random speckles, swirls, and tones. On the contrary, while it resembles granite, it gives you a clean, composed, and controlled look that you’ll be able to incorporate with any other element you desire in the kitchen.


Turbine Gray quartz is, like some say, the next generation ‘modern granite’. Its lovely features create a unique pattern movement within the stone which makes it so much like granite but still different from it. Turbine Grey Caesarstone Quartz won’t be the absolute star of the home in a visual sense unless you want it to, which is not the case with real, natural granite countertop stone. This countertop material is at home in modern, transitional, and country kitchens, and looks great when combined with natural timber, painted doors, and wrought iron.


Caesarstone Turbine Gray Quartz embodies the very essence of contemporary sophistication, elegance, and refinement you crave in your home, and especially in the kitchen.

Durability and Maintenance


Besides its amazing appearance, Turbine Gray Quartz by Caesarstone has other important qualities as well. Its incredible durability makes it an ideal choice for hard-working kitchens, as it is practically indestructible. Resilient to stains, scratches, water, and heat, this quartz countertop material will stand the test of time and serve you perfectly for many years to come.


Durable, easy to clean, and basically maintenance-free because you don’t need to seal it like you would any other natural countertop stone, Turbine Gray Quartz is a natural and logical choice for all surfaces in a kitchen — not only for countertops, and waterfall islands, to backsplashes, accent walls, floors, and other features where relaxed and stress-free beauty is desired and required. It will stand the test of time no matter how hard and how often you work in the kitchen.


Turbine Gray Quartz possesses an incredible strength but also a stunning beauty that will coordinate beautifully with a wide array of kitchen cabinet colors and styles equally in homes, residential, and commercial properties.


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caesarstone turbine gray quartz kitchen

Turbine Gray Quartz Introduces a Lux Feel of Refinement and Gives Life to the Kitchen Space


We are thrilled with the look of these lovely kitchens at Brookplace Luxury Apartments, NJ. Turbine Gray Quartz by Caesarstone was absolutely the best choice possible to combine with white cabinets, gray backsplash, stainless steel appliances, white seating, and wood flooring.


Although Turbine Gray Quartz would serve exquisitely as a backsplash, and even full-wall backsplash, in these Brookplace kitchens it is included as a perimeter cabinet countertops, and island tops. Turbine Gray Quartz connects white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, wood floors, and gray marble backsplash in a unique, delicate, and modern way. Its modern, contemporary, neutral but intriguing color embellishes the room perfectly.  elements together thanks to its neutral color and incredible flow of veining it provides.


An open layout of these Brookplace kitchens opened up an opportunity to create not only a functional cooking area but also a space that is fun and more than fit for gatherings. An eye-catching surface in a transitional, neutral-designed room adds to its inviting, welcoming, and spacious atmosphere.


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caesarstone turbine gray quartz countertops

Caeserstone Pure White Quartz Creates Stunning Vanity Tops


Pure White Quartz vanity top is the purest, cleanest, and densest white quartz working surface available today. The Pure White color meets today’s ongoing demand for always new and different kinds of white. Caesarstone Pure White Quartz combines modern style and exceptional design with durability and incredible ease of maintenance.


This white quartz is a super smooth, immaculate canvas for everything and anything you would like to create in your interiors. Great as a super modern kitchen countertop, it’s equally attractive in bathrooms, where it lends a feel of sophistication and says luxury more than anything else. However, Pure White quartz by Caesarstone doesn’t require a luxurious budget; on the contrary. At Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center, you can choose your own slab of Pure White Quartz at an affordable, budget-friendly price.


With its fashionable, sleek yet smart, and timeless appearance, Caesarstone Pure White Quartz gives this bathroom at Brookplace Luxury Apartments in Fairfield, New Jersey a clean, clear, solid, and overall big, bold look. It creates the perfect balance with other dark-colored elements of this spacious bathroom and gives the room functionality and practicality that will stand the test of time and serve its residents for many years to come.


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Pure White Quartz Vanity Top

Get Your Own Dream Kitchen or Bath in Fairfield, NJ with Aqua


Today’s kitchens and baths aren’t only spaces for fulfilling our basic needs — cooking and bathing, but so much more. Kitchens and baths are the most important rooms in any home. In kitchens, we spend time with our loved ones, our family, and friends, and we make memorable moments to save and cherish. Bathrooms are the rooms where we begin and end our days, plan the day ahead and unwind after a day behind us. It is very important to spend these moments in a space that inspires us and relaxes us.


Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center can help you with that! We can help you choose cabinet and countertop products you may need for your kitchen or bath. It is guaranteed that you will find the perfect kitchen cabinets here, as well as any kitchen countertops. Our designers will help you find a no-fail design solution that will perfectly fit your space and your plans.


If you fell in love with Turbine Gray Quartz or Pure White Quartz by Caesarstone, we will be happy to show you the slabs in our slab yard. These are ultra-modern pieces of modern décor and add a sleek, minimalistic touch to the overall design of a kitchen or bath, lending the whole space a nice, clean, and tidy look. At the same time, the surfaces covered with these quartz materials will always be very, very easy to clean and maintain.

Think about what you truly love, what materials suit your needs, and what is the style you enjoy the most, and let us know. Let us be your rock when you decide to remodel your kitchen or bath. Contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate today.