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Silestone Miami White Project in Stamford, CT
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DateSeptember 2022
LocationStamford, CT
TypeModern Kitchen
ProductsSilestone Miami White Quartz

The Smyth: Silestone Miami White Project in Stamford, CT


Refined, ultra-modern industrial design with elegant features will welcome you home at The Smyth Apartments in Stamford, CT. Carefully curated living spaces, with the accent on kitchens and baths as the most important rooms in any home, including highly sophisticated designs powered with products of the highest quality, surround the residents at The Smyth Luxury Apartments. This may just be your next living experience.


If you’re tired of the same old story where living spaces are not well thought through, you will enjoy thoughtfully designed The Smyth modern interiors created with a taste for socializing and entertaining. Whether you prefer superior materials or extraordinary looks, you will enjoy every day in The Smyth Luxury Apartments, in the heart of Stamford, CT.


Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center helped design kitchens and bathrooms at The Smyth Apartments in Stamford, CT, by assisting in choosing, fabricating, and installing Silestone Miami White White Quartz. This lovely quartz was chosen as the best possible option to be implemented into the kitchens and bathrooms, as the most beautiful and the most functional solution for the living spaces in The Smyth Luxury Apartments in Stamford, CT.


The lovely look of this neutral but fascinating quartz stone design provides a straightforward, simple, and clean appearance to the kitchens and bathrooms in The Smyth Apartments in Stamford, CT. If you live anywhere in Stamford, Connecticut, you’ll be pleased to learn that we serve your neighbors and your area for many years. You can find more information about us and get beautiful cabinets and countertops for your Stamford, CT kitchen at low prices with us.


Take a look at our kitchens and bathrooms remodeling project in The Smyth Apartments in Stamford, CT, and get inspired for your own kitchen or bathroom remodel.


Silestone Miami White Quartz for a Simple and Sleek Look


Making a dream kitchen with Miami White Quartz by Silestone, Cosentino is so easy and enjoyable. Silestone Miami White is a pure white quartz worktop that features a refined whiteness, highly sophisticated, clean and clear appearance, and elegant feel is a no-brainer solution for any kitchen or bath space. Its cutting-edge design, color, and lines will give you the results you need and desire for eternity. If you feel that you would love this stone in your home or you would like to see how it would look like in your home, feel free to request your deal and a free, no-obligation estimate on Miami White Quartz today.⠀


Silestone Miami White Quartz belongs to the next generation of white quartz countertops. Supremely, flawlessly white, it gives a perfect sense of cleanliness and clarity no other countertop stone could give you. Without any patterns, movements, or different shades, Miami White Quartz, with its lovely features, creates a unique, perfectly white, and perfectly clear space convenient for any kind of prep in a kitchen or any kind of prep in a bathroom. This quartz stone can be an absolute visual star of your home that will capture attention and turn heads thanks to its ethereal beauty. Silestone Miami White Quartz is at home in hip, contemporary, modern, industrial, and even transitional kitchens. It looks lovely with shaker-style cabinets and wood but is even better with flat panel cabinets. It’s perfect for creating modern contrasting designs with sleek modern cabinetry and charming transitional interiors with white or gray cabinetry.


Silestone Miami White Quartz embodies the very essence of contemporary sophistication, elegance, and refinement you crave in your home, and especially in the kitchen or bath.


Silestone Miami White Quartz Countertops in The Smyth Apartments, Stamford, CT
Silestone Miami White Quartz Countertops in The Smyth Apartments, Stamford, CT

Durability and Maintenance


Besides its beautiful look, Miami White Quartz by Silestone installed at The Smyth Luxury Apartments in Stamford, CT, has well-known, superior durability and incredible ease of maintenance. The fantastic durability makes it an ideal choice for hard-working kitchens, as this countertop and backsplash stone is virtually indestructible. Silestone Miami White Quartz is resilient to stains, scratches, water, and heat. If you decide to apply it in your home, whether for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, as a backsplash, or for any other use, you can rest assured   that it will stand the test of time and serve you and your family thoroughly and absolutely for many years to come.


This white quartz countertop stone is strong, tough, and incredibly enduring. It’s also substantial manufactured, engineered stone that is so easy to clean, that is virtually maintenance free. Unlike granite or any other natural countertop stones, quartz countertops don’t require sealing. This will save you some money, which is always good but it will also assure you in the incredible resistance and imperviousness of this remarkable stone. As such, Miami White Quartz by Silestone is a logical and a no-brainer choice for all surfaces in a kitchen or bath. Feel free to use it not only for kitchen countertops and vanity tops, but also for accent walls, waterfall kitchen islands, flooring, backsplashes, and more. It will serve you exquisitely in any living or commercial spaces where stunning beauty and supreme functionality are required.


Considering all the hard work you do in your kitchen, you will appreciate the relaxed and stress-free beauty Miami White Quartz stone provides. To keep it clean, and looking fresh and new, simply use a soft cotton cloth with warm water and a drop of liquid soap on a daily basis, when you work in the kitchen. This is all that you need to do to make it possible for Your Silestone Miami White Quartz to look as brand new as it was the first day when it was installed in your home.


Browse our products to find everything you may need for your kitchen or bath remodeling project.

Silestone Miami White Quartz Kitchen in CT
Silestone Miami White Quartz Kitchen in CT

Miami White Quartz in The Smyth Luxury Apartments Introduces a Relaxed Feel to the Kitchen and Bath Spaces


We are stunned by the look of these lovely kitchens and baths at The Smyth Luxury Apartments, Stamford, CT. Miami White Quartz by Silestone was the best choice possible to combine with gray, flat panel door cabinets, white tile backsplash, and cutting-edge stainless steel appliances.


Although Miami White Quartz would serve here perfectly as a backsplash as well, it was applied to these The Smyth kitchens as perimeter cabinet countertops. These perfectly white quartz countertops establish a balanced flow between modern gray cabinetry, wood flooring, white backsplash, and stainless steel appliances in a unique, contemporary, and ultra-stylish way. The modern, almost industrial style of the gray cabinets in combination with the neutrality of white quartz embellishes these Stamford, CT kitchens perfectly.


It was our honor to fabricate Miami White Quartz countertops for these magnificent kitchens. The Smyth kitchens and baths in Stamford, CT have enough square footage to allow you to feel comfortable and cozy while providing you with a stunning, million-dollar worth view. An open layout of these The Smyth kitchens give their residents an opportunity not only to have highly functional and beautiful cooking and prep space, but also an area that is ideal for entertaining and gatherings with family and friends. Miami White Quartz presents itself in these spaces as a head-turning surface in a contemporary, industrial-designed room.


Overall, we believe that quartz is absolutely the best material for kitchen or bath surfaces. Please see how we handled Caesarstone Fresh Concrete Quartz & Organic White Quartz Project in Montvale, NJ, Little Falls New Jersey Calacatta Zion Quartz Kitchen Remodel, or Flanders, New Jersey Calacatta Zara Quartz Installation. These are only some of the projects we accomplish across the states of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. We are sure that these examples of our work with exquisite materials will inspire you for your kitchen or bath remodeling project the way you expect and deserve.

Stamford, CT Silestone Miami White Quartz Kitchen Project
Stamford, CT Silestone Miami White Quartz Kitchen Project

Start Your Kitchen or Bath Remodeling Project with Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center


Contemporary living spaces are much more than that — they fulfill not only our basic needs but also our strivings for beauty and inspiration. Having that in mind, we aspire to create spaces that have it all. Taking into consideration that kitchens and baths are crucial spaces in any home and thus need to look and function flawlessly, our team focussed its efforts exactly there. Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center team understands that kitchen is the hub of any home while the bath is the space where you begin and end each of your days. It is very important to us to make sure your needs regarding the use of these rooms are fulfilled and met completely.


Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center can help you create that kitchen you’ve always been dreaming of, whether it’s a kitchen with a traditional, classic flair, or a contemporary, industrial-style kitchen like the ones in The Smyth Luxury Apartments in Stamford, CT. The same way we can make your new kitchen a dream came true, we can equip your bathroom with cutting-edge quartz surfaces to reach perfection. Let us help you choose the spine of any important space — cabinet and countertop products you may need for your kitchen or bath. Come to our showroom in Wayne, NJ, and we guarantee that you’ll spot and choose the perfect kitchen cabinets, as well as beautiful kitchen countertops. Our kitchen and bath interior designers will help you find a modern, beautiful, functional, and safe, as well as a budget-friendly design solution that will perfectly fit your kitchen, your bath, and your plans.


If you fell in love with Silestone Miami White Quartz, we will be happy to show you more of the beautiful quartz countertops slabs in our yard. We will even recommend some of our favorite solutions — Calacatta Quartz & Carrara Quartz, Super White Quartzite, or some of the latest granite and quartz stone slabs that have arrived in our showroom. Beauty and function are always guaranteed with us.

While browsing our website and our showroom with the slab yard, think about the designs, colors, materials, and feels you truly love and try to find solutions that match these needs. If you need help, let us know. We’ll be delighted to help. Let’s create a miracle together! Contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate today.