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The Mitchell Place in White Plains, NY Caesarstone Raw Concrete and Viaraggio quartz
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DateAugust 2022
LocationThe Mitchell Place in White Plains, NY
TypeModern Kitchen
ProductsCaesarstone Raw Concrete and Viareggio quartz

The Mitchell Place Project – Caesarstone Raw Concrete and Viareggio Quartz


The Mitchell Place Apartments in White Plains, NY with raw, genuine vibe and upscale comforts. 434 apartments, 7,800 square feet of ground floor retail space, a six-story parking garage, and a small public park on Mitchell Place guarantee more than a space to live but the destination where life and community exist in harmony. In the very heart of White Plains, NY, these lovely apartments will provide their residents with a perfectly harmonious and exceptionally equipped place to live and enjoy their life.


It was our honor and pure joy to equip The Mitchell Place apartments, their kitchens, and bathrooms, in White Plains, NY, with countertops and vanity tops of exceptional quality and gorgeous appearance. Transitional between classic and contemporary, The Mitchell Place in White Plains, NY kitchens are dressed in Viareggio Quartz, while bathrooms are dressed in Caesarstone Raw Concrete Quartz. Both of these attractive countertop stone options are stunning, each in its unique way.  The stunning appearance of these quartz varieties provides magnificent flow to the islands, countertops, as well as vanity tops. Combined with transitional, shaker-style cabinet doors and stainless steel appliances, Viareggio Quartz makes for a unique, company-ready space where looks and practicality marry for the best possible experience.


Viareggio Quartz in The Mitchell Place kitchens and Caesarstone Raw Concrete Quartz in the Mitchell Place bathrooms work equally great to create a unique living experience.


Take a look at our new project in The Mitchell Place in White Plains, NY, and get inspired for your own kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Viareggio Quartz for a Luxurious Marble Look In the Kitchen



Viareggio Quartz is a marble-like countertop manufactured stone that boasts a soft, white background threaded throughout its surface by gray-toned veining in a medium variation pattern. The appearance of marble instantly says luxury, refinement, and sophistication. Viareggio quartz, with its neutral, elegant palette adds more subtlety and a unique capability to adjust to various cabinet designs and color styles. This gorgeous quartz that looks like marble is a true head-turner and the best choice when you need a timeless countertop in your kitchen.


Designed by stone professionals who know the industry to meet your unique needs all the way for a material that is both awe-inspiring and functional, Viareggio Quartz will make you realize that there has never been a better countertop stone for you and your kitchen. Aqua kitchen designers love the universal marble look of Viareggio quartz accented by smooth and delicate gray tones that spread throughout the stone in a unique pattern. Everything Viareggio Quartz stone includes gives the most authentic, natural marble look to this quartz countertop variety.


Viareggio Quartz in The Mitchell Place project embodies the very essence of modern but timeless sophistication, warm elegance, and cozy refinement you crave in your new home, especially in the most important room of all — the kitchen.

Viareggio Quartz Kitchen in The Mitchell Place
Viareggio Quartz Kitchen in The Mitchell Place Apartments

Durability and Maintenance


Besides its amazing appearance, marble-looking Viareggio Quartz countertops have other top-of-the-class qualities as well. Its super durability makes it an ideal choice for hard-working kitchens. Whether you cook every day or you like to entertain more often than not, rest assured that Viareggio Quartz is practically indestructible. Durable, easy to clean, and maintenance-free because you don’t need to seal it, ever, Viareggio Quartz is a whole other story from real, natural marble stone. A natural and the most functional choice you could ever imagine for all surfaces in a kitchen, from countertops, and waterfall islands, to backsplashes, accent walls, floors, and other features where convenient, cozy, and relaxed, homey beauty is desired and required. The supreme quality of Viareggio Quartz will stand the test of time no matter how hard and how often you work in the kitchen.


We are thrilled with the look of the kitchen in The Mitchell Place Apartments in the heart of White Plains, NY. Viareggio Quartz countertops were, undeniably, the best choice possible to combine with modern but timelessly classic shaker-style cabinets in a contrasting tone, neutral backsplash, and stainless steel appliances.


Do you like what you see? We can make sure your kitchen looks similar, or any other way with any other products you would like. Rest assured that we always give our best, as you can see from our work already done. Please see the reviews we get from our customers and browse some of our projects.

The Mitchell Place Viareggio Quartz

Viareggio Quartz Introduces a Sense of Unique Sophistication with its Marble Vibes


The residents of The Mitchell Place in White Plains, NY, will adore and bask in both the look and feel of Viareggio Quartz design on their kitchen island tops and countertops all around. With elegant and sufficient cabinet space, practical kitchen islands that include enough storage and sufficient workspace, as well as beautifully integrated stainless steel appliances, this beautiful marble-like quartz design marries all the kitchen elements with its neutral, elegant color combination and the authentic feel of marble.


Viareggio Quartz kitchens in The Mitchell Place, White Plains, NYC boast an open layout wherever possible to open up and brighten the space and create a welcoming, spacious, and cozy gathering area and a convenient, highly functional cooking area that has everything you may need. A stunner like Viareggio Quartz in The Mitchell Place apartments adds to the overall modern, hip, welcoming, and convenient ambiance the residents of the White Plains, NY expect and deserve.


To inspire your next renovation project, we invite you to take a look at some of our finished projects in your state — Newburgh, NY, Purchase, NY, Pomona, NY, Westchester, NY, and Manhattan, NY. We are certain that you will love some of the design choices these homeowners made for their homes and that you’ll find some inspiration for improving your own. We stand by to give you a hand with it.

The Mitchell Place Apartments
The Mitchell Place Apartments in White Plains, NY

Caesarstone Raw Concrete Quartz for Urban Aesthetics in The Mitchell Place Apartments




Speaking of materials like concrete, words like “rough”, “coarse”, “rugged”, or “unrefined” may come to mind. However, when manufactured for specific purposes and frequent use, materials like quartz can imitate even the toughest of materials, but still look clean and attractive, even sophisticated. This is exactly the case with Caesarstone Raw Concrete quartz used in The Mitchell Place Apartments in White Plains, NY. The softest splashes of gray tones mix with textured flecks of black and white tones, to create a contemporary countertop material for all lovers of urban aesthetics.


4004 Raw Concrete quartz by Caesarstone in The Mitchell Apartments is an award-winning countertop surface that helps create a warm and welcoming ambiance. Choosing among many Caesarstone colors, Caesarstone Raw Concrete Quartz was a no-brainer choice because it helps create such a natural appearance that no other stone would accomplish so effortlessly. This clean, simple, and solid man-made quartz surface material with delicately blended undertones and an overall gray tone look, reflects a natural appearance of stone that is uniquelly chic.


But don’t let its delicate appearance fool you. Raw Concrete Quartz is much harder and so much more resilient than you would expect.



Durability and Maintenance


Caesarstone Raw Concrete Quartz is one of the strongest countertop surfaces you will ever find. Engineered by celebrated and renowned stone experts to meet your kitchen and bathroom requirements for world-class durability and toughness with a minimum of maintenance efforts needed, Caesarstone Raw Concrete Quartz will survive everything undamaged and, as a plus, won’t ever require waxing or sealing like natural countertop stone varieties do.


Also, it’s so easy to maintain and care for Caesarstone Raw Concrete Quartz. Just a splash of warm water with a drop of liquid soap is enough for everyday cleaning of any active and thoroughly used kitchen. Natural stones will earn their patina over time, but Raw Concrete Quartz by Caesarstone will provide you with the look of natural concrete stone while giving you a chance to avoid patina build-ups. To prevent patina on your Raw Concrete Quartz, simply wipe any splashes and liquid spills you’ve made as soon as you can, and that’s all that’s needed. When a stain appears, simply gently rub in a cleaner that is manufacturer-approved, and rinse until the stain is gone.


Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center also gives you the best price on Caesarstone Raw Concrete Quartz and guarantees to provide monthly specials for your projects. Please see our product selection, picked specifically to suit your unique needs.

Caesarstone Raw Concrete Quartz
Caesarstone Raw Concrete Quartz

Start Your Remodel Project in White Plains, NY with Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center


Even though Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center is placed in the state of New Jersey, in Wayne, it is still conveniently located to be able to be your go-to quartz countertop showroom. With the best product selection, resources, skills, expertise, and knowledge to equip your next kitchen remodel project in White Plains, NY, our stone experts will use all their skills and knowledge to make your plans and ideas come true. Let us know what you need, regardless of the size of your project and whether it’s a residential or a commercial project — we do them both and all. So, whether you’re in love with Caesarstone Raw Concrete Quartz or Viareggio Quartz as seen in The Mitchell Place, White Plains, NY, or you would love something else for your home or commercial space, we can help you envision your dream kitchen or bathroom and help you make it come to life!


The Mitchell Place Project
The Mitchell Place Project to inspire your own


Whether you live in New Jersey or anywhere in New York, including White Plains, NY, we invite you to stop by our quartz showroom located in Wayne, NJ, on the service road of Route 23 South, adjacent to Jan Fence and Domino’s Pizza. We promise you’ll enjoy the process, from setting foot into our showroom to complete satisfaction with your new space. Let’s choose and decide what you need to create a kitchen or a bath that will fit your practical, functional, and aesthetic needs. Our wide selection of beautiful quartz countertops is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Here, you can actually see the whole quartz slabs and enjoy choosing your very own. While walking down our slab yard, you’ll be able to clearly see your new kitchen, and we’re so happy we can make this experience real for you. Choose from a superior selection of marble looking quartz, MSI Countertops and Caesarstone Colors. We also bring you a wide variety of granite countertops to give you more style and material options and make your kitchen or bathroom remodel a completely unique and enjoyable experience.


Aqua kitchen design experts and stone fabricator professionals know how crucial your remodeling project is, as well as that your design, style, and material choices will hugely affect the overall look of your kitchen and bath, thus your home. Visit Aqua Kitchen in Wayne, NJ if you’re about to start your remodeling project or you’re just starting to plan for it. If you’re struggling with the new design, we can also help you with it. Ask for a free, no-obligation estimate and then set up an appointment with one of our designers who will provide you with a free 3D design service that will allow you to see your new kitchen or bath in an actual, realistic space.


We are professionals who make sure that each cooperation with homeowners, interior designers, builders, and contractors, regardless of project scope, or whether it’s a residential or commercial project, goes perfectly smoothly and just as we promised. No matter if it’s a small kitchen remodel or a large project, we will put in all our expertise. Contact us today and make your dreams of an ideal home come true.