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Hanssem Cabinets come in 15 beautiful styles, colors, and finishes. The 100% manufactured, high-quality Hanssem kitchen cabinets are made regionally and make their way successfully to cabinet showrooms across the United States. Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center in Wayne, NJ is cabinets showroom that carries all Hanssem cabinet colors. Modern, chic, functional, affordable — Hanssem cabinets are the perfect choice for your kitchen remodel. Hanssem cabinet construction and Hanssem cabinet sizes, as well as their slick finishes, door styles, and colors fit perfectly with contemporary kitchen update projects and the needs of modern homeowners. These cabinets come in a wide range of styles and pricing, so you can be sure to find an option that suits your taste and budget.

Whether your dream kitchen is traditional and classic, contemporary, simple, and slick, or you prefer transitional kitchen cabinet style, Hanssem Cabinets catalog offers plenty of options that will make your dream kitchen easily come true.

If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen this season, stop by our kitchen cabinet showroom at 1107 Rt 23 South, Wayne, NJ 07470 to see all the Hanssem kitchen cabinets options we offer. As one of the Hanssem cabinets dealers in New Jersey, Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center offers a great selection and low prices.

Hanssem Cabinets Catalog

Unique Hanssem Kitchen Cabinets Design for Your Dream Kitchen

Hanssem kitchen cabinets come in three distinct styles — Modern (Cotemporary), Transitional, and Traditional (Classic). These kitchen cabinets bring classy lines and high-quality finishes and construction to meet all styles and functionality preferences. Their chic appearance goes from warm, classic, and ornament-rich kitchen cabinet door style, to slick, minimalist, and contemporary in their simplicity. A design characteristic for European cabinetry that consists of minimalist-style flat-panel doors will charm anyone who loves modern cabinetry. Deep tones, ornament abundance, and romantic, almost country-style cabinets will enchant everyone who believes only timeless if good enough.

With strong and sturdy construction, high-quality and long-lasting finishes, and a warranty, Hanssem kitchen cabinets will be an effective addition to your kitchen and home for many years to come!

Depending on your preferred style, choose a classic, traditional look, transitionally styled cabinets, or contemporary, simple elegance from our Hanssem Cabinets Catalog. Pick from a wealth of Hanssem cabinets colors to personalize your kitchen space and customize its features to achieve the best possible functionality.

Depending on what you like and need, you can combine crown moldings with deep wood tones to create distinctive ornamentation and a homey feel from our Hanssem Cabinets Catalog. Organize your kitchen to your needs using unique cabinet storage solutions such as wire racking. You can also choose to install glass doors on your upper cabinets and add customized wine and plate racks for more definition, practicality, function, and diversity.

Hanssem cabinet design offers many options that will help show your personal style. The cabinet manufacturer guarantees fast turnaround at a very competitive pricing.

All of this makes Hanssem kitchen cabinets an obvious choice for your kitchen remodel project this season.

To be able to choose between many kitchen cabinets styles and to know what are you exactly getting with each of the distinctive models, go through Hanssem cabinets catalog, Hanssem cabinet construction characteristics, and Hanssem cabinet sizes. You can also check out Hanssem Cabinets Houzz but there is no need if you browse our website or stop by our showroom.

Choose the right cabinet style and make sure you can enjoy it for many years to come. Bring a well-informed and well-thought decision with the help of our cabinet styles list below.

Contemporary Hanssem Cabinets Design


Ultramodern and bold, Hanssem kitchen cabinets can help you create your contemporary dream space. Flat cabinet doors are made of particleboard core, PET front & melamine back with a coordinating 1.2mm edge band.

These are modern Hanssem cabinet colors and styles: Harrisburg, Kate Aluminum — aluminum square and Kaila Aluminum — aluminum concealed available in wall and utility cabinets, Kelly (previously known as Chelsea door style), Kennedy (previously named Manhattan), Isaac — flat lacquer door with the two-tone edge, both front and back sides painted finish, Fairfield — slab door with a sloping edge, previously called Victoria, Florida — one of the bestsellers, slab door with an eased edge, previously known as Moroco, Florence — also a bestseller previously named EZ White Gloss, Davis Uno — a special finish from Wilson Art previously named 3000 UNO, Davis in white — previously called 3000 White, Daisy in South Wester — previously known as EZ L535, Dennis in Gray Matte, previously knows as
EZ Gray Matte, and Dayton in White Chocolate, previously called EZ L492.

Let’s take a look at some of the favorite Hanssem NEO cabinets and more.

White Gloss Hanssem Kitchen Cabinets
Hanssem Cabinets Houzz
Hanssem NEO Cabinets Florence in White

Florence in White Gloss (EZ White Gloss)

These gorgeous modern cabinets present a blending of innovative materials. Light plays to create a simplistic design that maximizes space with double-stacked flip-up wall cabinets. The kitchen features flat panel cabinet doors with particleboard core, PET front, and melamine back with coordinating 1.2mm edge band.

There is also a compact island with plenty of drawer space, and matching doors for appliances. This contemporary setting creates a perfect harmony and is the look that can carry over into your other rooms, as well.

Hanssem Cabinets Quality Detail
Hanssem Cabinet Colors
Hanssem Cabinet Colors Harrisburg in Frosty White

Harrisburg in Frosty White (Eco Flat)

A luminescent, clean, and fresh look of frosty white with simple elegant lines makes these cabinets truly contemporary, with a sleek European look and feel. Harrisburg in Frosty White, or as it was previously called — Eco Flat cabinets by Hanssem maximize the storage space thanks to the wide drawer base cabinets. The kitchen features slab door with eased edge
MDF core with coordinating PVC edge. The whole setup creates a unique accent for any home.

Let’s get started on your new kitchen, today!

Transitional Style Hanssem Cabinets

Hanssem transitional style cabinets provide the perfect balance between the classic, traditional style and modern, simplistic and sleek trend, between warm, homey feel, and modern, clean, sophisticated ambiance. Contemporary cabinetry door style is adorned by traditional, warm finishes for a fresh, new, and innovative look.

With Hanssem’s transitional cabinetry, the possibilities are endless.

Choosing Hanssem transitional kitchen cabinets enables you to blend, mix and match, and combine design elements that you love, and not feel limited by broader style definitions and rules. Hanssem Cabinets reviews praise this line as probably the one that accommodates the most modern homeowners.

Whether you choose Hanssem Shaker Iowa, Hyacinth flat center panel, Kansas flat center panel, Jacksonville flat center panel, Julia, Jersey, Illinois, Irvington, Idaho tenon door, Irvine flat center panel, Inglewood shaker door, Indiana, Imperial, Immanuel, Iris, Irene, Isabel, Hampton, Hanover, Hudson, Farmington, or Freesia, these Hanssem quality cabinets will help you bring your unique ideas to life in a highly sophisticated way.

Choose a color and finish you like and feel free to create inspirational contrasts. Hanssem textures, colors, and designs come together to inspire refinement and gracefulness and uplift your personal style.

Use our Kitchen Visualizer to see this cabinetry in your home.

Hanssem Cabinet Sizes
Hanssem Kitchen Cabinets Reviews Jacksonville in Frosty White

Jacksonville Flat Center Panel White Kitchen Cabinets

These gorgeous modern styled kitchen cabinets from Hanssem transitional cabinet collection create an efficient workspace for those who want to use their kitchen to the max. Jacksonville in Frosty White cabinets feature tall wall cabinets to maximize space and show off your treasures. They feature tenon door 3” frame, eased edge, and onyx (wide slant) frame bead
¼” veneer center panel. The center island features additional space for sitting and chatting and a dining table. All of this creates a room that is more than a kitchen — it’s a welcoming room that guarantees quality time with your loved ones.

Jacksonville Hanssem Cabinets look very fashionable and are convenient in both minimalist and classic interior decors. They are very durable and easy to clean and maintain.

Isabel Cabinet in Tampa Blue Detail
Hanssem Cabinets Pricing

Shaker Isabel Hanssem Cabinets

This simple and minimalistic, attractive shaker style with standard matching drawer fronts brings more versatility and options to both contemporary and traditional kitchen interiors and decors.

These classic looking, homey feeling transitional cabinets by Hanssem match perfectly with contemporary stainless steel appliances and hand pulls. With Isabel Cabinets, previously named Tampa, and their frameless appearance, your kitchen will get a better and cleaner look. They feature tenon door, regular frame bead 2 ¼” frame, eased edge, and ¼” veneer center panel.

Irvine Flat Center Cabinet in Charcoal Gray
Irvine Hanssem Gray Cabinetry Flat Center Panel

Irvine Shaker Charcoal Gray Hanssem Cabinets

These gorgeous gray kitchen cabinets by Hanssem are part of their transitional shaker series. Excel Shaker style combines a very popular door design with a durable, charcoal gray finish usually seen in high-end kitchen cabinets. Irvine shaker cabinet model, previously known as Cascade, features flat center panel, tenon door, calgary frame bead, 2 ¼” frame, eased edge, and ¼” veneer center panel.

Illinois Light Gray Shaker Cabinets by Hanssem
Illinois Light Gray Hanssem Cabinets NJ

Hanssem Cabinet Colors: Illinois Light Gray 

Illinois in light gray shaker cabinet by Hanssem is a transitional but also a farmhouse modern classic. The simple shaker-style doors with a lovely farm-style sink remind us of the times when life was much simpler. Panels enclose the blower & ductwork and this transforms the grooved hood into a focal point of the kitchen.

The cabinets, previously named Avia feature shaker door, deep bevel frame bead, 2 ¼” frame, eased edge, and ¼” veneer center panel. This crisp and modern design solution ensures space for meal preparation, clean-up, or pleasant conversation.

Let’s get started on your new kitchen, today!

Traditional Hanssem Kitchen Cabinets Series

The traditional kitchen cabinets series from Hanssem brings a variety of particular styles, colors, finishes, detailing and ornamentation. Forestville Maple Crystal White, Miter Raised Cherry Harvest Gold, Square Cherry Cordovan, Marquis Maple Mesa Brown Glaze, Square Maple Natural, Arch Maple Toffee, and Textured White cabinets with square raised panel doors are just some of Hanssem’s many classic, timeless design options for your kitchen remodel.

Optional matching drawer fronts, moldings, legs, corbels, inverted base cabinets, mullion glass doors, crown molding, fluted columns, solid colors, woodgrains, and gloss finishes transform kitchens from simple to sophisticated, provide additional storage, and increase the value of your home. Hanssem Cabinets reviews praise this style as the one that takes you back to gentler times easily.

Explore Hanssem traditional cabinet options and let us know which design calls to you the most.

Check out the reviews about our products and service.

Jefferson Crystal White Hanssem Framed Cabinets

These classic, traditional-looking Hanssem cabinets bring an old-world charm along with all the updated conveniences important for modern-day living. The kitchen design brings convenience and ease of use for all who love to cook and entertain. Jefferson raised center panel Hanssem kitchen cabinets feature tenon door, 2 ¼” frame, and PRS2 edge square raised panel.

Elegant, refined, and beautifully detailed, this classic, traditional Hanssem kitchen style blends exquisite beauty with functionality for busy families who love cooking and spending time together.

Jefferson Crystal White American Classic Hanssem Cabinets NJ
Jefferson Crystal White Traditional Cabinets Detail

Hudson Frosty White Traditional Cabinet Design

These classic kitchen cabinets designed and manufactured by Hanssem showcase an interplay of frosty white finish and classic lines for a more distinguished ambiance.

Flat center panel cabinet doors combine the freshness, white, and bright shade with traditional styling to create a cozy, homey, welcoming, but also a modern classic kitchen that is perfect for cooking just as for entertaining. Hudson Shaker Cabinet Design is available in a variety of glazing options and finishes. Previously named 930 Shaker, these cabinets feature shaker door, 2 ¼” frame, eased edge, and ¼” veneer center panel.

Hudson Frosty White Shaker Cabinets by Hanssem
Hudson Frosty White Shaker Cabinets

Iowa Mist Hanssem Cabinet Design

The classic look and cool appearance of Iowa, previously known as Nova Hanssem cabinet design is hard to resist. These classic kitchen cabinets feature a flat center panel, shaker door, 2 ¼” frame, eased edge, and bevel bead ¼” veneer center panel.

This gorgeous cabinet style comes in cherry and maple, as well as in many finishes, such as Denim, Frosty White, Sepia, Coffee, Blue, Cinnamon, Lunar Gray, Harvest Gold, Colonial, Natural, Gray, Chesapeake, and more.

Iowa Flat Center Panel Classic Hanssem Cabinet Style
Iowa Mist Hanssem Cabinet Color

Let’s get started on your new kitchen, today!

Hanssem Cabinets Specifications and Features

If you’re interested in the specific characteristics of each of the Hanssem Cabinets Collections, here you can find the most important ones that are mutual for all of their cabinets

Hanssem kitchen cabinets feature 5/8˝ thick hardwood dovetailed drawer boxes, 1/4˝ thick plywood drawer bottoms, captured on all 4 sides, and full-extension under-mount-100 lb soft-close guides. Cabinet hinges are 110° clip-on soft-close technology with 3 way adjust-ability. European 32 mm wood dowel construction is used on all cabinetry components.
They implement 3/4˝ thick by 4˝ high dowelled toe kick recessed 21/2˝ and 3/4˝ thick by 5˝ wide screw rail dowelled into side panels. Reveals for doors and drawers are 3/16˝ top of wall and base cabinets. They also feature 1/16˝ at the sides and 1/8˝ between doors. There is no upcharge on finished ends except for Laminate, Northern Contours Acrylic/Thermofoil, Northern Contours Veneer, Phoenix Radisson, Phoenix Ridge, and Phoenix Strata.

The Hanssem cabinetry meets all TSCA VI Requirements as required by law.

Their interior hardwood has an eco-friendly finish, U.V cured with 100% transfer efficiency for longevity, premium performance, durability, and
ease of maintenance.

Hanssem uses the finest materials from the industry’s leading North American and European suppliers and blends them with over 30 years of manufacturing expertise to bring exquisite quality cabinets to their customers.

The cutting-edge designs and a wide variety of colors, finishes, and details that Hanssem offers are not offered by any other cabinet manufacturer at the same low price point. The support and quick lead time this cabinet manufacturer provides make their products unsurpassed by other cabinet products in the U.S. market.

Hanssem cabinet warranty is a limited-time warranty. This is how the company stands behind the quality of its products.

Are Hanssem Cabinets Good?

We’ve been working with Hanssem Cabinets for a while now and we’ve been very happy with their looks, quality, the versatility of styles, and pricing. Hanssem Cabinets pricing is well coordinated with the value they provide.

Watch for the cabinetry parts that are used most often such as wastebasket pullout and sink base cabinet and wastebasket pull out, as well as drawers around knobs and pulls. These cabinetry parts are used most often and chances are that the finish will wear off faster than on the rest of the cabinetry set.

The soft-close feature will stop you from slamming cabinetry doors and drawers, and make your kitchen cabinetry set last longer.

As stock cabinetry, Hanssem Cabinets are not a high-end, top-of-the-line cabinetry option, but will provide you with decent quality and performance. If you take care of them reasonably, they will last you for many years to come.

This is a short answer to your question are Hanssem Cabinets good and we hope it will help you choose the best cabinetry for your kitchen.

Hanssem Cabinets Reviews

Kitchen designers, as well as homeowners, agree that Hanssem Cabinetry provides a very good value and quality at a competitive price. Homeowners often mention that their price is a lot cheaper than any other company they looked into.

Some cabinet experts highly recommend the plywood upgrade for Hanssem cabinets as a better opton than particle board. The cabinets have a 5-year warrantee and the manufacturer provides great support, which gives certainty and assurance about the quality and performance to the homeowners. The overall value and support Hannsem provides are the most important reasons why homeowners across the USA choose them so often for their kitchen remodels.

Although deeply rooted in their beginnings as a prominent Asian cabinet manufacturer, Hanssem Cabinetry is manufactured in Edison, New Jersey, for over 30 years. From their headquarters located in Edison, NJ, Hanssem’s skilled craftsmen take the finest building materials and combine them with over 30 years of experience to create spectacularly functional, beautiful, and convenient cabinetry.

When looking for the best cabinets for their kitchen remodel, NJ homeowners compare different kitchen cabinet manufacturers and brands. Hanssem and Fabuwood are probably two of the most famous cabinet manufacturers in New Jersey which is why they get compared a lot. Both brands provide great quality, as well as a wealth of styles and colors. However, if you’re inclined to look into Hanssem Cabinets vs Fabuwood, make sure to compare the same style cabinets, the sturdiness of construction, and durability of finishes.

Check out our projects to see examples of what we can actually do for you.

Where to Buy Hanssem Cabinets

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen or you’re specifically searching for the best kitchen cabinets for your preferences and budget, consider Hanssem kitchen cabinets. For everyone living anywhere in the state of New Jersey or the surrounding states, we have provided an amazing Hanssem cabinets colors selection.

Hanssem Cabinets pricing is very convenient for all homeowners, regardless of their budget. In these times when everything is getting pricier, Hanssem Cabinets’ pricing stays reasonable and affordable.

Hanssem kitchen cabinets are constructed and designed with your needs in mind. They provide premium value, affordable prices, and a wide variety of choices. Many options to choose from, starting from base cabinets, wall cabinets, glass doors, pantry cabinets, sink base cabinets, oven cabinets, oven hoods, and hand-crafted moldings, make personalizing your kitchen space easy and enjoyable. Feel free to design your kitchen to your liking and embody everything you truly love and enjoy in it.

Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center is one of your most reliable Hanssem cabinets dealers in NJ, conveniently located at 1107 Rt 23 South, Wayne, NJ 07470. Feel free to visit us anytime to see Hanssem Cabinets at our NJ kitchen cabinet showroom.

Stop by our kitchen cabinet showroom conveniently located at 107 Rt 23 South, in Wayne, NJ 07470. We are open Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm, and on Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm. With a long history of working with interior designers, contractors, and builders, we offer only kitchen cabinets that will meet your expectations.

Come to see our Hanssem kitchen cabinet selection and get a budget Hanssem cabinet price. In addition, we will provide you with personalized service, a free estimate, and free 3D design, and our designers will happily share their knowledge and experience with you.

Take a look at our kitchen cabinets. Pay special attention to our Monthly Specials. Learn everything you need to know about kitchen cabinets before starting your renovation project — Types of Kitchen Cabinets 101 Guide. Contact us today or visit us to explore all the Hanssem kitchen cabinets we offer.