Giallo Ornamental Granite for Warm & Elegant Kitchen Design

Giallo Ornamental Granite gives you the feeling of coming back to the home of your childhood when entering your kitchen. Everything about this remarkable stone inspires us to characterize it like this.

Have you ever felt that objects around us can inspire, enrich and sunbathe our souls in the middle of the winter?
Materials that nature gave us have the power to do this. They affect us this way.

Giallo Ornamental Granite is a natural stone that evokes the warmth of a sunset, elegance, and calmness. This material was popular before and is still equally appreciated among homeowners, contractors, designers, and builders. This is why we bring you all the details about it, so you can study them and be able to decide whether this beautiful stone is right for your kitchen.

Giallo Ornamental Granite for Warm & Elegant Kitchen Gesign
Ornamental Giallo granite pictures source – Houzz

Giallo Ornamental White Granite – Impeccable Unique Looks

Granite countertops can be found in many colors and patterns. Giallo is white granite. Although it is known for its golden, beige, and creamy tones, the bedrock of this stone is white. It also has bronze, gray, and light brown specs. With its nice, serene flow, it will hide any crumbs that might appear on your kitchen countertop. From a distance, Giallo countertops will show quite uniform, overall beige and creamy. At this point, you won’t be able to see all the wealth of veins this amazing natural stone possesses. However, it will show just enough to take your attention and make you take a better look.

When you come closer, you’ll see more. Ornamental Giallo white granite also has light gray or light honey color. This makes a perfect neutral backdrop for all the additional details – stunning veins and minerals in Giallo. A wealth of golden minerals is widespread throughout Giallo Ornamental white granite. These minerals can go from light cream color to honey and dark brown color. The specs usually take half of the stone’s surface. They wonderfully complement the bedrock of Ornamental Giallo white granite.

Giallo Ornamental Granite for Warm & Elegant Kitchen Design
Giallo White granite picture source – Feed Puzzle

Giallo Ornamental Light vs Dark

Giallo granite countertops can be seen in both lighter and darker versions. Giallo Dark has white bedrock with a lot of dark brown specs. They appear almost black. Giallo light possesses more of a cream bedrock with brown specs as the darkest color. However, each granite slab differs and is completely unique. This means that you should carefully choose granite countertops colors and particular slabs for your bathroom and kitchen. Make sure to take a sample with you. Granite colors should match your kitchen cabinets, flooring, and lighting. This is why you should bring a test piece to bring it home, put it in your kitchen, and see and feel the vibe it gives off.

Whether you choose Giallo Granite Light or Giallo granite dark, know that both options are highly valued. They are top-ranked. Just make sure which Giallo type would work best in your kitchen. Then start with the planned remodel.

Jericho, NY Kitchen, GR1301

Ornamental Giallo Origin and Use

This is a natural granite quarried in Brazil. It is recommended for kitchen and bath countertops, as construction and ornamental stone. Sometimes, Giallo is called Giallo Santo Granite. Occasionally, you will also find it under names such as Amarelo Ornamental, Yellow Ornamental, Amarillo Ornamental, Giallo Ornamentale, Ornamental Yellow. Giallo granite kitchen countertop is one of the most popular types of granite ever. Homeowners love to use it in floor tiles, fireplaces, bathrooms, and, above all other places and rooms, in a kitchen.

Cranbury Design Center


Since Giallo is considered white granite, it is especially used in small kitchens. Interior designers who follow the rule – choose light colors for small spaces – love to upgrade small kitchens with this stone. Giallo will make your kitchen feel more spacious as well as full of warmth. In spite of an abundance of its specs and minerals in different colors, Giallo is pretty consistent. It won’t vary too much in rooms with different lighting conditions. Giallo granite presents a good choice for rooms with and without much natural light or kitchen lighting. Simply, it will take you in on its own, with its deep, warm light. For this, Giallo granite doesn’t need any additional light.

Giallo Ornamental Granite for Warm & Elegant Kitchen Design
Giallo White granite pictures source – The Kitchen

Giallo Ornamental Granite Countertops Care and Maintenance

Giallo white granite is stain and scratch resistant. Thanks to its color and its spotted presence, it will hide your fingerprints and crumbs. Usually, the countertop will be sealed once it’s installed by the fabricator although it’s best to seal it once a year. As all light granites, Giallo needs this in order to decrease water absorption.

This is the only matter that needs to be taken care of with Giallo granite. On an everyday basis, just wipe its surfaces with a cotton cloth, warm water, and diluted dish soap. With its warmth and elegance, toughness, durability, and low maintenance, Giallo will convince you that it’s the best countertop you could ever find for your home.

Giallo Ornamental Granite for Warm & Elegant Kitchen Design
Giallo White granite pictures source – The Fresh Exchange

Giallo Ornamental Price

Giallo granite is popular because of many of its qualities – impeccable looks, low maintenance, and strength. One other thing is also important. It’s the one that makes this stone an absolute favorite of many – its price. Aqua Kitchen & Bath Design Center provides Giallo granite price in New Jersey for only $45 per sqft installed.

Giallo Ornamental Granite for Warm & Elegant Kitchen Design
Ornamental Giallo granite kitchen picture source – Atthehelm

Giallo Ornamental Granite’s Irresistible Versatility in Kitchen Design

Interior designers love to use Giallo granite. Both the Ornamental Giallo light and Ornamental Giallo dark options are equally used. Giallo granite colors and natural design are generally considered safe bet in the process of kitchen renovation. Both homeowners and designers agree to love it. Internet space is full of Giallo granite pictures and Giallo granite reviews. And it’s no wonder. Giallo is incredibly versatile with its white to honey bedrock and the whole spectrum of its minerals, from light cream to honey and dark brown, almost black color. It is equally used in small and big, dark and light kitchen spaces. It is easy to see how Giallo granite successfully adjusts its appearance to different spaces.

Ornamental Giallo Granite with White Cabinets

Giallo Ornamental Granite with white cabinets opens up the kitchen space. White cabinets will make Ornamental Giallo granite look darker than it actually is.

Giallo Ornamental Granite for Warm & Elegant Kitchen Design
Ornamental Giallo granite with white cabinets pictures source – cafe kitchen decoration

Ornamental Giallo granite with white cabinets opens up and visually expands small spaces.

Giallo Ornamental Granite for Warm & Elegant Kitchen Design
Giallo White granite with white cabinets pictures source – Zillow

Armstrong Interior LLC designed this wonderful kitchen in Pittstown, New Jersey, using white kitchen cabinets and Ornamental Giallo granite. You can see how the stone beautifully complements and enriches the cabinets.

Giallo Ornamental Granite for Warm & Elegant Kitchen Design
Ornamental Giallo light granite white cabinets picture source – Armstrong Interiors LLC

Giallo granite also works perfectly in a space with both white cabinets and wood kitchen furniture. Giallo shades connect two different colors and invite them to work together with one goal. The goal is to create an elegant and warm kitchen space.

Giallo Ornamental Granite for Warm & Elegant Kitchen Design
Ornamental Giallo kitchen picture source – Armstrong Interiors LLC

Ornamental Giallo Granite with Dark Cabinets

When paired with dark kitchen cabinets, Giallo Ornamental Granite will appear lighter. It will create a beautiful, subtle contrast between the dark cabinets and light countertops.

Giallo Ornamental Granite for Warm & Elegant Kitchen Design
Ornamental Giallo granite picture source – Solace Home Design

Since it is white granite, Giallo will light up black kitchen cabinets and dark spaces.

Giallo Ornamental Granite for Warm & Elegant Kitchen Design
Giallo White granite pictures source – Zillow

Giallo colors simply flow when combined with wooden cabinets. Their golden, honey, brown, and earthy tones manage to wonderfully complement the cabinets. You may think that this countertop–cabinet combination will blend together. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Giallo granite with wooden cabinets, maple cabinets, or cream cabinets, creates a natural, smooth, brimming, and luxurious effect.

Giallo Ornamental Granite for Warm & Elegant Kitchen Design
Ornamental Giallo granite kitchen source – Zillow

This combination of light & dark Cherry Decora cabinets and Giallo granite was designed by M.J. Whelan Construction from Michigan. Stunning glass backsplash, two separate islands, and modern light fixtures contribute to this truly unique kitchen. The large window provides an amazing light where Giallo granite shines in its full beauty.

M.J. Whelan Construction

Giallo Granite with Backsplash

Pairing Giallo granite with shaker kitchen cabinets is easy. Picking a backsplash for your Giallo granite won’t give you any trouble either. The perfect backsplash for Giallo can be ceramic subway tiles or mosaic backsplash. How to match backsplash with granite countertops and this particular granite stone are many and inexhaustible.

Giallo Ornamental Granite for Warm & Elegant Kitchen Design
Giallo granite stone with backsplash picture source – Info sofa
Giallo Ornamental Granite for Warm & Elegant Kitchen Design
Backsplash for Giallo granite stone picture source – Zillow
Giallo Ornamental Granite for Warm & Elegant Kitchen Design
Giallo granite stone with backsplash picture source – ABC mom life

Giallo Ornamental Granite Reviews

Ornamental Giallo granite reviews usually show the problems that people meet when looking for the right Giallo granite slab. This granite has different golden, beige, and creamy tones with bronze, gray, and brown specs. Because of the wealth of different colors and shades, this stone pairs beautifully with different backsplash and cabinet types and colors. However, each Giallo slab is different and in Giallo granite stone reviews you will often find statements from customers who claim that the stone color is much darker or lighter than the color sample fabricators display. In one of the Ornamental Giallo granite reviews, a customer found it frustrating not being able to find a Giallo slab that was predominantly beige. Also, you’ll find in some Giallo granite reviews that searching for the typical light-colored Giallo natural stone is impossible and that you’ll always get a darker, brownish color.

All of these troubles stated in different Giallo granite reviews can be avoided. Always make sure to find the local granite fabricator. Go to the slab yard or granite showroom and take a sample of the granite you want to see in your kitchen. Put in your kitchen and see how it pairs with the cabinetry, flooring, and backsplash. This way you will always get what you pay for.

Giallo Ornamental Granite Pictures

Ornamental Giallo granite pictures can be found everywhere on the internet. You can search for them with white cabinets, with black cabinets, or with backsplash.

This elegant kitchen features an under-mount sink, dark wood cabinets, recessed-panel cabinets, and granite countertops.

This beautiful kitchen features a farmhouse sink and white granite countertops.
This is a classic kitchen design with this beautiful stone.

While Giallo is often used in the kitchens, the use in bathrooms is not behind either. Armstrong Interior LLC created this wonderful bathroom design in Flemington, New Jersey.

Giallo Ornamental Granite for Warm & Elegant Kitchen Design
Ornamental Giallo granite with dark cabinets picture source – Armstrong International LLC

FAQs and Answers That Will Help You Determine Whether Giallo Granite is Right For Your Kitchen


  • What is Giallo granite?

Ornamental Giallo granite is a highly veined granite stone that features a creamy white base. Through this soft, creamy white base flows dark gray, brown, and creamy veining. Giallo granite is considered classic, warm, and welcoming, and easy to fit into any kitchen design, traditional or modern. This granite stone is recommended for both residential and larger commercial remodeling projects. It is suitable for covering kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, accent walls, and flooring.

  • What are the features of Ornamental Giallo granite?

The features of Ornamental Giallo Granite are its distinctive colors — soft creamy white, warm golden, brown, and dark gray veining. These are the characteristics of its appearance that make this granite stone unique and easily recognizable. Giallo features that consider its functionalities and durability are those that are mutual with any other granite stone. Giallo Granite is durable, hard, and resistant to heat, stains, chipping, and cracking. Although sealing once a year is required, this granite is one of the hardest and most durable countertop surfaces that you will be able to find.

  • Is Ornamental Giallo granite considered a warm choice for kitchen countertops?

Yes, Giallo granite stone is considered one of the warmest choices for kitchen countertops. The unique blend of warm tones and shades of soft beige, white, gold, dark gray, and brown make this stone a piece of art. Because of its warmth, Giallo granite is also considered one of the most welcoming and homey granites. Nothing makes you feel more at home and more in your childhood than that warm glow when you enter the kitchen. Its warmth can be amplified or muted by the strategic choice of cabinets and other elements in the kitchen.

  • What colors exist in Giallo granite?

Soft beige, warm gold, dark gray, and brown are the colors, tones, and shades that exist in Ornamental Giallo stone. The amount of each color and particular combination depends on a particular slab. Each slab of Ornamental Giallo granite is unique and features different amounts, combinations, and flows of each color. Regardless of the amount or combination, these colors make Ornamental Giallo granite what it is and so recognizable and popular.

  • Can Giallo granite be used in both traditional and modern kitchens?

Absolutely, yes! Giallo Granite can be used in both traditional and modern kitchens. With its warm and mellow colors that so perfectly blend together, Ornamental Giallo granite will make any modern, contemporary kitchen warm and welcoming, while not taking away anything from its sharpness and minimalism. It will simply embellish and enrich the overall modern kitchen design. With its colors and because of the material it is made of, Giallo granite is considered to go more naturally with traditional kitchens. And really works great in classic kitchen settings and with traditionally-styled cabinets. But Giallo Granite is at home in both modern and traditional kitchens. The final effect and look will depend on chosen elements and desired pairings.

  • How does Ornamental Giallo granite handle heat and scratches?

Ornamental Giallo granite stone handles heat and scratches remarkably well. In fact, granite handles heat better than any other countertop stone option. The reason behind this is that granite is made in nature through processes that include extremely high temperatures and high pressure. This is why heat generated by cooking is nothing for this particular natural stone. If sealed at least once a year, it will also impeccably resist scratches as well.

  • What are the backsplash options for Ornamental Giallo granite?

Ornamental Granite is a rich countertop material bursting with colors, movements, class, and sophistication. The stone itself is a very attractive and natural focal point in any kitchen. This is why we recommend choosing something less busy and simpler than this countertop stone. Look at the veins within Giallo granite and you’ll see white, gold, gray, brown, and beige. Take one of these colors as the main one for your backsplash or try to pick a color that will coordinate and enhance all those remarkable hues in your Giallo countertop. This way, your backsplash will perfectly coordinate with your Giallo countertop, enhancing its wow factor. Choosing the most neutral color for your backsplash color will make all the colors in your Giallo countertop pop.

Embellish and Uprade Your Kitchen with Ornamental Giallo Granite and Our Help

Aqua Kitchen & Bath Design Center recently completed a renovation in Saylorgsburg, PA. The kitchen had dark kitchen cabinets already installed. Giallo Ornamental Granite successfully managed to make this kitchen a warm and welcoming space. The homeowners won’t have to worry about additional details to bring warmth to the kitchen. No matter their further decisions, Giallo will always provide an inviting and warm feeling. This light-colored granite makes any space feel bigger. Its rich and classic look adds luxury as well as the feeling of openness and airiness. With its natural design, the choice of cabinet colors with these countertops is endless. However, dark kitchen cabinets were the right choice for this cooking space, because of this amazingly natural contrasting effect.

We have completed many more projects and made many more homeowners and businesses happy. We would love to make your kitchen remodeling project a success story as well.

Giallo Ornamental Granite for Warm & Elegant Kitchen Design
Ornamental Giallo Granite picture source – Aqua Kitchen & Bath Design Center

Whether your kitchen is big or small, with light or dark cabinets, Giallo will be the perfect addition and upgrade to it. It will open up and brighten the space. It will create subtle and natural contrasts and flowing kitchen designs that are impossible to achieve with other countertop stone options. We know we’re not poetic but realistic when we say that Giallo granite will invite sun and warmth into your kitchen. It will make you, your family, and your guests feel cozy. It will continue to inspire you every day.

We invite you to consider Giallo Ornamental Granite for your kitchen renovation and to take the first step by visiting our showroom and exploring our products for kitchen and bath remodeling. Our professional staff will help you choose the best slab for your kitchen space and give you a sample to take home and make sure that its colors truly fit your space. Contact us for a free kitchen design with this remarkable stone today.

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Giallo Ornamental Granite