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Farmhouse Transitional Kitchen Remodel Project in Long Valley, NJ
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DateMay 2021
LocationLong Valley, NJ
TypeFarmhouse Transitional Kitchen
ProductsPerimeter cabinets: Fabuwood Nexus Frost, Island cabinets: Wolf York Juniper, Perimeter countertops: Absolute Black Granite, Island countertop: Calacatta Dorado Nuovo Quartz

Long Valley, NJ Farmhouse Transitional Kitchen Remodel Project


Our new remodeling project in Long Valley, NJ is everything we love. It’s elegant, functional, and family-friendly. The large island is the perfect spot to whip up a delicious refreshment and celebrate the summer.

Our genius designer Susan used Fabuwood Nexus Frost cabinets and Absolute Black honed granite countertops for perimeter, while the island combines Wolf York Juniper cabinets and Calacatta Dorado Nuovo quartz. ⠀

Do you love it as much as we do?


Take a closer look at our new project in Long Valley NJ, and get inspired for your own kitchen remodel.

How Thoughtful Design Transforms Space into a Transitional Haven

These homeowners situated in Long Valley, NJ had a clear vision of the appearance, ambiance, and the feel they desired for their kitchen when they contacted us regarding a renovation project. They loved the lovely and very popular farmhouse style, which features cozy, rustic elements lending a warm, familial feel to kitchens, graciously combined with modern elements every family needs on a daily basis. To achieve homeowners’ functional everyday needs, our designer Susan made the kitchen an efficient and oh so spacious spot that allows the homeowners to cook, entertain, and clean up with ease. They won’t lack storage space either, as a highly efficient layout in combination with smart, quality cabinetry guarantees a tidy, well-organized kitchen space where everything they need is at hand.


Susan gave the clients a cozy, spacious new center island. This oversized kitchen island is not only a great place for the family to cook, prepare, and clean up, but also to sit down and share a meal. The island also provides spacious, innovative storage solutions.


Now, let us tell you all about the beautiful cabinetry and countertop solutions Susan used to make this Long Valley, NJ kitchen an embodiment of a farmhouse transitional style dream. The products she chose combine modern sophistication, timeless elegance, and convenient refinement everyone craves in their home, especially in the kitchen.

Farmhouse Transitional Kitchen Remodel Project in Long Valley, NJ

Calacatta Dorado Nuovo Quartz Creates Island Countertop that is On-Trend & Timeless


This lovely kitchen in Long Valley, NJ is everything that dreams about the perfect kitchen are made of. The homeowners chose Calacatta Dorado Nuovo quartz for their oversized, central kitchen island. With light and dark cabinets, a white farmhouse sink, dark granite, and fully integrated stainless steel appliances, Calacatta Dorado Nuovo quartz that covers the island top connects all these elements together thanks to its neutral color and an incredibly wonderful flow of veining.


An open layout of this lovely Long Valley, NJ kitchen opened up an opportunity to create not only a practical, efficient, and highly functional cooking area, but also a layout that is the perfect fit for gatherings and entertaining family and friends. An oversized island covered with Calacatta Dorado Nuovo quartz creates a showstopping surface in a farmhouse-inspired yet transitional and modern space. It adds to the welcoming, cozy, bright, and airy ambiance.


Calacatta Dora Nuovo quartz is a Calacatta marble-inspired manufactured stone featuring a pure white base with a lovely flow of taupe veining. It is almost impossible to destroy, it is very easy to clean and maintain, and it is an absolute joy to use it and be around it.

Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel Project in Long Valley, NJ

Absolute Black Granite Embellishes Perimeter Countertops


To contrast and balance the whiteness of the shiny quartz surface of the island, our Susan suggested installing dark stone with natural features on the perimeter cabinets. Absolute Black Granite with the honed finish was perfect to contrast the white and shiny surface of the Calacatta Dorado Nuovo quartz. This granite variety has a very consistent black color while honed finish gives it a smooth, matte, flat, nonfluctuating, and uniform look.


The contrast Absolute Black granite creates is so perfect for a kitchen of this type. Since it’s an open-concept space, a balance of colors, finishes, textures, and materials is very important. The look achieved is streamlined and simple yet highly sophisticated and beautiful. And, what’s best, it is on full display from every corner of the room.


A fine balance of the classic stone look and the contemporary form of quartz gives the best of both worlds and provides an easy focus point. At the same time, Absolute Black granite gives a very pleasant, almost comforting, smooth, and gentle tactile experience.

Kitchen Remodel Project in Long Valley, NJ

The Crisp Look of Nexus Frost Cabinets Adds to the Conventional Yet Modern Look


The newly remodeled kitchen in Long Valley, NJ is not only the perfect room for cooking and food preparation; it’s also the main space when it’s party time.


This is why the look of the kitchen cabinets is so important. Kitchen cabinets take the most of the space and visually dictate the look and style of the kitchen. And Nexus Frost cabinetry by Fabuwood was such a perfect choice for this farmhouse-inspired yet modern kitchen space. A graceful wide frame and recessed paneling of the cabinets create a balance of traditional, yet modern appeal. Their crisp, clean lines, along with the pure white finish color embellish the space with fresh, light, and airy feel.


At the same time, Nexus Frost cabinetry provides so much efficient storage space. The homeowners will be able to keep their countertops clean and tidy. Everything they may need for everyday food preparation, serving, and entertaining, these high-quality cabinets will store with ease.

Long Valley, NJ kitchen remodel

Wolf York Juniper Island Cabinets Create Even More Storage Space


When you have a large, spacious kitchen, wouldn’t you want to use it to the max and add maximum style, a maximum beauty, maximum functionality, maximum durability, and maximum storage space?


This was exactly the wish of the homeowners from Long Valley, NJ. An open-concept, spacious kitchen opened up a plethora of possibilities of adding more storage. To fulfill the client’s wishes, Susan chose to give the central, oversized island many purposes. While the island is a statement of high-class design with its marble-looking quartz top and gives so much countertop space for meal preparation, serving, dining, and entertaining, now it also provides so much storage space.


Susan chose Wolf York cabinets in Juniper finish to create the perfect balance with frost white cabinets on the perimeter and a classy white top made of quartz. These cabinets are so versatile and they perfectly matched the rest of the space. Their classic look and clean lines elevated the overall kitchen look.


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We are so proud and happy of this kitchen remodel project in Long Valley, NJ, and we sincerely hope you love it just as we and the homeowners do.

Our designers have all the skills, knowledge, experience, and resources to make your dream kitchen come true. Not to mention their professionalism and willingness to do anything possible to meet your requirements and wishes.

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