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Elliptic Honed Quartzite Project in Wayne, NJ
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DateOctober 2021
LocationWayne, NJ
TypeBathroom vanity top
ProductsElliptic Honed Quartzite

We’re over the moon with this gorgeous quartzite vanity top! 😍 🤗 Elliptic gray quartzite with the honed finish is a true stunner and it embellishes this bath in Wayne, NJ in the best possible way.


The marble-like movement of dark and light gray elliptic movements along with cool whites of Elliptic Quartzite easily became the center of attention and transformed this bathroom’s entire vibe.


Take a look at this bathroom vanity top remodel project completed in Wayne, NJ.

Why Quartzite?


A new vanity top can easily transform the energy in a bathroom, especially if the stone is unique. Then it’s a minimal remodel effort with a huge impact. Our client from Wayne, NJ decided on a quick vanity top overhaul and opted for an install over their existing cabinets. This quartzite stone top’s durable construction makes for a simple installation that looks absolutely stunning and transforms their bathroom space without total demolition.


The homeowners decided on Elliptic Quartzite with a honed finish because of its one-of-a-kind appearance that is a lot like marble but still different. Quartzite is a very special kind of stone great for vanity tops, countertops, backsplashes, and accent walls. It has a trendy look that reminds of marble but is much more durable than marble and needs less maintenance and care. It is actually the closest to granite in terms of maintenance and care but is less grainy and has colors, hues, and veining that suit contemporary kitchens much more than traditional, classic granite. Homeowners tend to choose quartzite instead of marble or granite because this stone takes the best out of their worlds — durability, sturdiness, ease of maintenance from granite, and lavish look from marble.


The versatility and elegance of whites and grays, bold movements, and showstopping patterns in Elliptic Quartzite make it simply a must-have for any remodeling project if the goal is a huge impact with a minimum of remodeling effort. Its unrivaled performance, free from scratching, etching, and other flaws that natural stones usually have, is one more reason to consider this beautiful stone for any remodeling project, whether it’s your kitchen countertop, waterfall island, backsplash, or bathroom vanity top.

Elliptic Quartzite Vanity Top with Honed Finish Remodel in Wayne NJ

How Elliptic Honed Quartzite Transforms the Bathroom in Wayne, NJ


Elliptic Quartzite is a gorgeous natural stone that features bold movements of whites and grays, ranging from cool white and light gray to really dark gray hues. Contrasting each other, these natural hues create a lively composition that enlivens the space and lends plenty of sophistication and class. Elliptic Gray Quartzite gets a special kind of look thanks to the honed finish that we applied here. Thoroughly smooth and matte, this vanity top doesn’t reflect light and won’t shine like a regular granite top would. The honed finish won’t completely change the look of quartzite but it certainly gives a different feel to the space and creates a specific ambiance we are sure these homeowners will enjoy in their bathroom.


Elliptic Honed Quartzite suits any bathroom space, whether traditional, transitional, or contemporary designs. It beautifully pairs with white and other light-colored vanity cabinets, but also with dark gray options. This is why we thought it would be such a perfect solution for this bathroom vanity top update in Wayne, NJ.


And we weren’t wrong; on the contrary. 🙂


As you can see, white shaker vanity cabinets with Elliptic Honed Quartzite looks like a timeless combination. A powerful contrast the quartzite stone top creates presents a bold design statement and accentuates the vanity space as a true one-of-a-kind element in this bath. The simplicity of the white shaker cabinets lets this white and gray natural stone shine in all its glory. Elliptic Honed Quartzite is such a star in this bathroom and we absolutely love the look.

Elliptic Honed Quartzite Vanity Top

Quartzite Vanity Top is a Good Idea for Your Bathroom, Too


If you’re looking to completely remodel your bathroom or give it just a quick effective update, the area to focus on and prioritize is definitely your vanity top. Replacing your old and dated vanity top with Elliptic Quartzite will make a world of difference, even if you decide not to replace old vanity cabinets with new ones.


But why should Elliptic Gray Quartzite be your top choice?


Because it’s the real deal — it’s a completely natural stone that came into existence thanks to the incredible amount of force and pressure it endures, making it one of the most durable and strongest stone materials you can use in your home. It’s a superior, hard-working surface that, once installed, will last you a lifetime.


Quartzite is also a low-maintenance stone, meaning that it’s enough to clean it using a solution of dish soap and warm water; sealing it, just like granite countertops, is required for best performance. A busy area such as your master bathroom requires a simple, non-fussy material that will endure all the work and require minimum maintenance effort. And quartzite is just the perfect choice that fulfills these needs.


Last, but not least — Elliptic Quartzite easily matches any home’s aesthetics. If you need a vibrant countertop surface that also looks natural and refined, the gray and white hues in this spectacular stone are perfect for your bathroom remodeling project. If you’re looking for a minimalist modern or chic transitional look, Elliptic Gray Quartzite is, again, a great choice. The timeless combination of grays and whites arranged to boldly contrast each other makes this stone an eye-catcher and a true star in any space. It will captivate your attention and create interest with ease any time you enter your bathroom. And that’s no small thing.


Remodel Your Bathroom with Us


We love when functional, as well as aesthetic improvements, are on our client’s “wish list”; then they immediately transfer to our ”to-do list”, and we’re happy to do everything we can to make them happen. This master bathroom vanity upgrade in Wayne, NJ keeps the space clean, spacious, modern, and beautiful, but also highly functional and practical, with minimum cleaning requirements. All is achieved with a simple bathroom vanity top upgrade to Elliptic Gray Honed Quartzite.


If you’re looking for bathroom vanity top inspiration, a stop into our showroom is a must! We have a slab yard with many options to choose from — granite countertops, quartz countertops, as well as quartzite — Super White Quartzite, for example. Explore gorgeous stone colors and designs and feel free to ask questions, express your needs, and ask for advice if you need it. Have in mind that our designers can customize the style, edge, finish, and more. With their expertise and attention to detail, our designers will easily bridge the gap between form and function if needed, and make sure the end result of your project is just what you imagined.


If you like what you see and hear, make a design appointment with our designers, or get back to us via email or phone. We’ll be happy to make time for you anytime, at your convenience.


Let us help you get the most function out of your bathroom space and make sure that your finished vanity top truly meets your planned aesthetic and functional goals. ⁠Contact us today to make your dream home come to life.