How Countertop Fabricators Can Help You Design Your Dream Kitchen


Countertop fabricators provide many benefits when you decide to remodel your kitchen. Whether you’re working on a complete kitchen overhaul and you need everything to be done from scratch or you need a simple yet effective countertop update, countertop fabricators prove essential throughout the whole remodeling process. Including them into the process at the very beginning of the remodeling project makes it much easier to start and end the process smoothly, and also to finish it in a timely manner, as planned.


Learn why working closely with countertop fabricators is so essential for the success of your project and what to know when working with them to make the project an absolute success and joy to work on.


How to Find the Best Countertop Fabricators Near Me


The best way to find great countertop fabricators that you can trust to handle your kitchen remodeling project with excellence and the level of professionalism and expertise you expect is to ask around among your family and friends. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home, both in terms of food preparation and entertaining. So, it’s very likely that some of the people you know have renovated their kitchen space lately. Thanks to this recent experience, they will be able to not only recommend local countertop fabricators but also share their experience in detail and give you recommendations on how to work with them. If you have someone like this, don’t wait to ask for a recommendation; their experience will reassure you and help you start your kitchen remodeling project easier.


But if no one you know has lately renovated their kitchen or updated their countertops, don’t worry. Online reviews are usually as good and as trustworthy. People nowadays love sharing their experiences online, so when you get a chance, look up countertop fabricators in your area using search terms like “countertop fabricators near me”, “quartz countertop fabricators near me”, or “granite countertop fabricators near me”, for example, and Google will list the names and the websites of the businesses. Learn everything you can about their process but also look up online reviews about their work. If they have just a few reviews, it may mean that they are new in the business or that people are not thrilled with their work. Make sure to pick fabricators with many years of experience with great reviews. Experience and expertise are everything in our line of work, and you really want experts who know exactly what they’re doing every step of the way, who can predict many possible situations and issues and solve them ahead of time.


Here are some of the reviews you can see about us on Google. If you’re in New Jersey, New York, or Connecticut, you can get a free estimate from us, but if you’re not in this area, make sure to find countertop fabricators with a reputation similar to ours.


Aqua Kitchen Reviews

What Do I Need to Know when Working with Countertop Fabricators


You may wonder what does working with granite countertop fabricators or quartz countertop fabricators include. What should I ask a countertop fabricator is one of the most common issues homeowners find themselves with at the beginning of the project but they hesitate to ask us directly. This is why we make sure to address all the queries and doubts they may have even if they don’t ask.


Countertop fabrication


Here are the questions you should ask when hiring countertop fabricators for your kitchen remodeling project:

What is the process like?


We will explain our process so you know what kind of answer you should get.


Our process first includes customers contacting us with some of the details and requirements for their project to which we respond with a free, no-obligation estimate. If they like what they hear from us, we ask them to schedule a design appointment at their convenience with our designers. We love taking you around our large countertop slab yard and showroom because we have many slabs you can browse and choose the material and color you prefer for your home. So, if you can find fabricators who can also accommodate you with products, not just the service, that would be ideal, as you would get the whole package and the process is much simpler.


After choosing your quartz, granite, quartzite, or marble slabs, we schedule your template appointment in 2 to 3 business days. Our expert designer will measure your countertops, do the templating, provide a 3D design of your new kitchen and customize it for you.


Countertop fabricators
Our countertop fabricators on the job

When it comes to fabrication and installation, these processes are a breeze for experienced countertop fabricators. We will do the fabrication in our facility and install kitchen countertops at your home one week after templating is done. Once your stone countertop is installed, you’ll enjoy it for years to come.

What do I need to know about the stone I like?


Not so long ago, homeowners were pretty much limited in terms of choosing countertop materials, colors, and designs. These days, there are so many choices that it can even be hard to decide. From natural stones like hardworking, totally unique granite countertops, quartzite, and marble to sleek, uniform, and almost maintenance-free quartz countertops. Choose what you like, but you should also know what to expect from different materials.


Take look at one of our quartz fabrication projects.


For example, marble is absolutely stunning but requires diligent maintenance and develops a patina over time, telling a story about your way of life, habits in the kitchen, and, ultimately, a story about your family. If you like this, then marble is a great choice for you. If you love the look of marble but don’t want the maintenance and patina part, then marble-looking quartz countertops are right for you. With many options and true Carrara or Calacatta marble looks, these slabs will give you the best of both worlds. Similar to marble with durability and maintenance similar to what granite requires, Super White Quartzite gives a special charm to any kitchen.


Here’s one of our quartzite fabrication projects.


We could go on and on about different countertop materials but it’s best if you can stop by, take a look at all the options we offer, and pick our brains on their characteristics and benefits. There’s no better way to learn everything that you need to know before choosing a countertop for your new kitchen look.


What does the stone fabrication include?


But there’s more to selecting the right stone from our slab yard. You also need to know what kind of edge you want. You can choose from several options, like full and half bullnose edge profile, ogee edge profile, beveled edge profile, flat, radius, cove, triple pencil, dupont, knife, and ogee bullnose.


We would also need to decide on the seams. If the stone you picked features a lot of movement, you will want your seams to match perfectly. And this is how we do it. We’ll bookmatch them to perfection, and you should expect nothing less. In collaboration with the customer, we work on positioning based on technical considerations besides aesthetics.


We will cut and shape the stone slabs to fit the dimensions of your cabinets and make cutouts for the faucet, sink, and cooktop. Our countertop fabricators also take care of the details such as the length of the overhang for kitchen island seating. You can also let us know what part of the slab you’d like to occupy the most visible area and what parts of the stone you’d like to take less prominent sections of your worktop areas.


Do my countertop fabricators need to be licensed and insured?


Absolutely! Beware of any unskilled labor and don’t put yourself at unnecessary risk. Always go with checked and trustworthy fabricators with proper licenses and insurance who meet the highest standards in the industry and possess all the needed knowledge. Do not go with contractors or freelancer shops who do the granite or quartz cut on their driveway, yard, or garage. Improper cutting and fabrication of granite and quartz can cause serious health issues. Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center does fabrication with professional cutters and advanced machinery in a large facility right next to the showroom.


Here’s a sneak peek into one of our quartz countertop fabrication projects.



How much does countertop fabrication cost?


When planning the budget for your countertop update project, make sure to ask and understands what does the price include so there are no surprises. No two materials or slabs are alike which means that they will carry different prices. The more exotic and the higher the grade of the stone, the pricier it will be. Any special requirements like slab thickness, more cutouts, decorative edging profiles, certain finishes, and backsplash heights will also affect the price. This is why it is important to understand the pricing thoroughly and know what exactly goes into the quote your fabricator provides you with. Don’t fall for extremely low prices that are hardly believable, because you’ll probably end up paying much more than you hoped. Make sure to pick professional and trusted countertop fabricators that will explain every part of their process and provide you with budget-friendly alternatives and specials that you should take advantage of.


Our countertop fabrication facility
Our countertop fabrication facility

Will I need to prepare my home before the installation?


On the day of the installation that will be scheduled ahead, at your convenience, you will need to provide just a few basic things — a clear path and easy access to your kitchen, removing any odd pieces of furniture that may be on the way of the installers, removing any valuable possessions, appliances, and dishes from your old counters, and keeping children and pets away from the area where the installers are passing by and working.


The Benefits of Working with Local Countertop Fabricators


Your local countertop fabricators will give you the best bang for your buck. They have surely already worked with many homeowners and businesses before they take on your project, which means they’re highly experienced. They already know what the people in your area are looking for, what they like, and will probably be able to accommodate your schedule. The close proximity of their location to your home ensures a quick turnaround. There won’t be endless online communication either, because they are right here, in your neighborhood.


From choosing the best countertop material, measuring and templating your project to installing your countertops, your local stone fabricators will be involved every step of the way. That means you won’t be waiting on your countertops; on the contrary, your update will be completed in a timely manner and you’ll be informed in a timely manner about what is going on in the process.


Update Your Kitchen with Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center


Here at Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center, we proud ourselves on the amazing team of countertop fabricators. Whether your heart is set on granite, quartz, or another type of stone, we can surely say that our stone experts are skilled as granite countertop fabricators just as they are as quartz countertop fabricators. They know the qualities of any countertop stone material and this is why they are able to provide excellence in every project they work on.


But we don’t give only the service, we also provide you with a showroom where you can choose kitchen cabinets for your project and slab yard with many countertop options. To give you the best experience possible, we don’t make you choose your countertop from samples, no, we make sure you can see the whole stone slabs. Every slab is so unique and we believe you need to see the whole thing to be able to grasp its beauty and make the best decision for your home.


We are happy to work with you from the very start until the end of your project and inform you about each stage. With high-quality products and services, we provide a unique and rewarding experience to our customers. Welcome customers to be involved in the Contact us today to discuss your kitchen remodel project vision.