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Multi-unit Caledonia Granite Project Hudson Mews Apartments
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DateJune 2022
LocationHudson Mews Apartments, North Bergen, NJ
Type90 Modern Kitchen Units
ProductsCaledonia Granite

Caledonia Granite Installation in Hudson Mews Apartments, North Bergen, NJ



Cozily snuggled in a vibrant, lively, and relaxed neighborhood of North Bergen, NJ, Hudson Mews Apartments is a new residential community that offers luxury and convenience, all in one place. These gorgeous apartments for rent are everything you’re looking for when in need of a highly functional, conveniently located, and relaxed place to live.


While you can choose one or two bedrooms or a studio if you don’t need more space, we’re happy to let you know that premium features and conveniences are available in all of the apartment options. Upgrading your lifestyle is easy with many state-of-the-art amenities but most importantly with refined, open-space kitchens. We are so proud to help these gorgeous kitchens in Hudson Mews Apartments, North Bergen, NJ come to life.


Just across from Manhattan, close to Weehawken, Hoboken Ferry, and New Jersey turnpike and train, with a small-town charm and feel, Hudson Mews Apartments give you everything you need — more when you can handle it, less when you need to relax. When at home, you’ll be happy with your lifestyle with top-notch amenities such as an open layout gourmet kitchen featuring natural, unique, and really one-of-a-kind granite countertops. The whole setting will make you feel right at home.


Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center helped design these North Bergen, NJ, Hudson Mews Apartments kitchens by assisting in choosing, fabricating, and installing Caledonia Granite Countertops in 90 kitchen units.


The attention-grabbing appearance of these gorgeous granite countertops provides a magnificent look to these crucial rooms at Hudson Mews Apartments, North Bergen, NJ. If you live anywhere in North Bergen, New Jersey please know that we serve your area for many years.


Take a look at our project and get inspired for your own kitchen remodel.


Caledonia Granite Countertops That Make You Feel Right at Home



When looking for that perfect, traditional, and just a bit on the old-school side granite countertop that is still vibrant, new, and always fresh-looking, Caledonia Granite is the right choice. This timeless classic instantly adds incredible value to your kitchen and your home, wherever you decide to apply it.


New Caledonia Granite has this stylish appearance that includes a predominant neutral gray color reflecting a modern, attractive, even minimalistic lifestyle. Thanks to its versatile appearance and familiar feel Caledonia Granite fits with traditional kitchens opening them up with its brightness for more sleek lines. But at the same time, Caledonia Granite will introduce a breath of warmth and familiarity, and add charm and interest to modern, contemporary kitchen decors that have few details. This is why Caledonia Granite is one of the most popular gray granite kitchen countertops with detail that will make you feel right at home. Another plus of this remarkable stone is its unique grain structure which is pretty consistent with different slabs of this stone. That makes Caledonia Granite very convenient for applying on perimeter countertops as well as for island tops.


Enjoy Caledonia Granite kitchen countertops while matching them with traditional wood grain cabinets, transitional shaker gray cabinets, or modern white kitchen cabinets. Caledonia Granite is always right on spot and will never disappoint.


Granite countertops are generally considered traditional, classic, and a design trait of the previous decades. However, granite is a natural stone, mined from the earth, and has a structure and appearance that can never go out of style. Saying that granite is going out of style is like saying that earth or rivers are not that appealing anymore. And while some granites are more earthy, sandy, brown, and yellow, some of them, like Caledonia Granite, is more like river-washed stone. This is modern granite that features pattern that will suit even the most contemporary and minimalist kitchens.


Caledonia Granite embodies the very essence of classic sophistication, playfulness of nature, and warmth you crave in your home, especially in the kitchen.

Caledonia Granite Installation in North Bergen NJ

Durability and Maintenance


Besides its highly versatile, charming, warm, and stylish appearance, Caledonia Granite has other important qualities as well. Its incredible durability makes it an ideal choice for hard-working kitchens. It is incredibly hard, one of the hardest things and elements on Earth. It is practically a rock, which means that it’s rock-hard. Is there then a better choice for a kitchen countertop?


Second only to diamonds in terms of hardness, granite stone that is used for kitchen countertops is also highly resistant. Cracking, chipping, or scratching are impossible to happen but only if your granite countertops are properly installed. It is also very important to seal your Caledonia granite countertops like any other type of granite countertop at least once a year. And it is always preferable to hire professionals to handle your granite countertops — from cutting, fabrication, edge-treatment, and sealing — to installation. This is a guarantee that your granite countertops will look and perform perfectly for many years to come.


Can it get any better with Caledonia Granite countertops? Well, yes, it actually can! Resilient to stains, water, and heat, Caledonia granite countertops will stand the test of time and serve you perfectly for many years to come.


Not just Caledonia Granite, but all types of granite countertops possess an incredible strength that you can count on, in better or worse. Also, rest assured that their unique beauty will coordinate beautifully with many types of kitchen cabinets, styles, and colors in homes, residential, and commercial properties.

Caledonia Granite Hudson Mews Apartments

Caledonia Granite Countertops for a Luxury Lifestyle in Hudson Mews Apartments, North Bergen NJ


As we were saying, Caledonia Granite is so easy to mix and match with different cabinetry colors and styles, and many kitchen space layouts. These lovely kitchens in Hudson Mews Apartments gloriously testify to this interior design fact. How can we not be thrilled with the look of these modern kitchens?!


Caledonia Granite was that perfect touch to add to the flat-panel, stark white minimalist kitchen cabinets. Just look at how these countertops perfectly coordinate and create a bridge between the impeccable whiteness of the cabinets and the gray subway tile backsplash. Caledonia Granite has a little bit of both in itself — their grain pattern is a perfect combination of white and gray, and many variations of the two. Stainless steel appliances, neutral wood flooring, and white and black seating also belong to this perfect kitchen picture.


Caledonia Granite is applied to the perimeter cabinet countertops and as the island top. It connects white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, wood floors, and gray subway tile backsplash in a unique, delicate, contemporary, and refreshing way. Its neutral color with intriguing and delicate pattern brings something unexpected to the room — a testimonial to the fact that granite has its rightful place in sleek, modern, and minimalist kitchens.


An open layout of these North Bergen NJ apartment kitchens helps showcase the stone even more and lets it influence the whole apartment and gives it a unique vibe of playfulness, refinement, and eternal value. A heads-turning surface in a modern, sleek, and minimalist room creates a warm, home-like feel and cozy ambiance.


There are also many different design and decor options when it comes to Caledonia Granite, as you can see in some of our other projects, like Wantage, NJ Caledonia Granite Installation Project, and Caledonia Granite Installation at Quarry Place Tuckahoe, NY. There are always so many options, you just ned to imagine your perfect kitchen, and we’ll make it happen.

Hudson Mews Apartments, North Bergen, NJ

Get Your Own Dream Kitchen or Bath in North Bergen, NJ with Aqua Granite Deals


Aqua Kitchen is proud to work with homeowners, commercial clients, businesses, contractors, and builders on a variety of kitchen, bath, office, and other types of space remodeling projects. Granite is one of the most loved and popular choices for kitchen countertops and classic island tops, as well as for bathroom vanity tops. This is why we provide you with many options of granite countertop options at affordable prices.


For example, our single-slab granite deal is great for everyone who needs just one slab of granite that doesn’t has to be coordinated with other slabs. Granites like Santa Cecilia, Black Pearl, New Caledonia, New Caledonia Light, Colonial White, and other options are available within our granite countertop $44.99/sqft deal. Just like it is with all other granite deals, our granite countertop $49.99/sqft deal also includes a free stone fabrication, installation, edge, a free stainless kitchen sink, and a free sealer treatment. High-end granites like Black Galay, White Spring, White Ice, Salone, Blue Flower, Biscotti White, and Bahamas White are available within our granite countertop $59.99/sqft deal. With these deals, you have many stone options perfect for a variety of remodeling, updating, and new build projects.


Created in and by nature, with a unique, one-of-a-kind appearance, our Caledonia Granite countertops come at a discounted price per square foot. Now you can buy Caledonia Granite from fabricators with years of experience in granite fabrication and sales under their belt. For your own project, feel free to get inspired by more of our projects, and don’t miss our monthly specials to complete your remodeling project successfully and with a minimum budget.


If you loved these Hudson Mews Apartment kitchens in North Bergen NJ and how we helped create a testament to modern kitchens with a classic twist, rest assured that we can help you with your kitchen or bath remodeling project as well. Let us be your port in the storm when looking for the perfect solutions. Contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate today.