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Calacatta Zoya Quartz Installation in Manhattan, NY
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DateDecember 2020
LocationManhattan, NY
TypeModern Kitchen
ProductsCalacatta Zoya Quartz

Manhattan NY Calacatta Zoya Quartz Installation Project


Our team is so excited to finish off the year 2020 with a new project reveal! We helped design, choose the right stone, and install countertops and backsplash in Manhattan, NY, for our client’s kitchen area addition, just in time for Christmas!

Interested to learn what stone we used for the full-wall backsplash and countertops? Would you like to see the project photos? Keep reading for the full story behind the design in Manhattan, NY, and get inspired for your own kitchen remodel.

Calacatta Zoya Quartz for a Sleek Look In the Kitchen


Calacatta Zoya, formerly known as Calacatta Venice, features a strong and bold design. The veining that flows throughout this gorgeous quartz stone is a little wider and a little thicker than in other quartz stone designs that may resemble it.

You simply must love the daring, forward, and strong appearance of Calacatta Zoya quartz. It certainly helped us create such a great, cool-toned kitchen design in Manhattan.

Calacatta Zoya Quartz Installation in Manhattan, NY


As you can see in the project photo above, Calacatta Zoya Quartz features a warm white background with broad, expansive veining that beautifully and authentically imitates the fashionable look of Italian marble currently highly favored among our customers and homeowners across the US.

Calacatta Zoya quartz easily harmonizes with stainless steel appliances and high-gloss, European looking, white cabinets. Neutral enough to seamlessly fit the desired kitchen design, Calacatta Zoya quartz is still not boring. This amazing stone doesn’t simply blend in but subtly pops among other kitchen elements thanks to its delightful veining.

Calacatta Zoya Quartz Installation in Manhattan, NY

Our clients chose Calacatta Zoya quartz to cover range countertops, kitchen island, and full-height wall backsplash, and this is the most phenomenal combination ever.


Durability and Maintenance

Besides its incredible appearance, Calacatta Zoya quartz has other marvelous qualities too.

Calacatta Zoya quartz is one of the hardest and most durable countertop stones you’ll ever find for your kitchen or bath design. Impervious to water, staining, and chipping, Calacatta Zoya will last you for a whole lifetime. It is also one of the stones that resists heat pretty well but just in case, avoid placing hot pots and pans directly onto its surface. Instead, make sure to use trivets and hot pads.

If you need a long-lasting, tough, and resilient stone for your busy, hard-working kitchen, Calacatta Zoya quartz is a perfect choice.

Since it’s nearly maintenance-free, Calacatta Zoya is even more desirable for any kitchen design, regardless of how much you cook. Use it for countertops, waterfall islands, backsplashes, floors, and accent walls anywhere in your home. The stone will give you a pleasure of a stress-free surface that features a showstopping look, effortlessly.

We are thrilled with the look of the cool-toned kitchen in Manhattan, NY. Calacatta Zoya quartz was absolutely the best choice possible to combine with flat-panel, high-sheen, white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, white seating, and gray flooring.

Calacatta Zoya Quartz Installation Project in Manhattan, NY

Notable Design Details of the Manhattan Kitchen Project

The owners of this beautiful home in Manhattan, NY chose white, high gloss, flat-panel kitchen cabinets that created a contemporary look and provided a variety of storage options.

The dishwasher and oven were two elements integrated within the pantry specifically for this family’s lifestyle and needs.

The hardware is minimized and simplified, letting the cabinets’ shine and quartz come into the light.

Calacatta Zoya quartz adds interest and presents the perfect decorative touch in this otherwise predominantly practical space.

Quartz stone connects stainless steel appliances, high gloss modern white cabinets, and gray flooring into a sleek and streamlined symphony of a unique style. Thanks to its neutral shades and incredibly forward flow of veining, Calacatta Zoya is the absolute star of the kitchen.

Calacatta Zoya Quartz Installation in Manhattan, NY

Stunning Full-Wall Calacatta Zoya Quartz Slab Backsplash

Calacatta Zoya is a type of quartz stone that features large-scale veining that especially suits extensive kitchen spaces. Great, wide veining is a natural, genuine match for open-concept kitchens where the backsplash is on full display from every corner of the room, and even from a distance.

Full slab Calacatta Zoya quartz backsplash doesn’t only create a streamlined and easy-to-maintain cooking and entertaining experience, but in combination with open shelving, it becomes the perfect backdrop for a lavish but still unoccupied look.

Calacatta Zoya Quartz Installation in Manhattan, NY

A full-wall backsplash is typical in many modern kitchens because it offers a streamlined, simplified look within a contemporary form. Calacatta Zoya introduces a twist with its sophisticated marble look, bringing a dash of transitional charm.

Everything else in the room is low-key in comparison to the quartz, supporting it to shine in full light. But the harmony of tones and shades within the quartz also gives back to the room and coordinates with each element perfectly.

Full wall backsplash is probably the most notable design element in this kitchen — it provides an easy focus point because it is naturally eye-catching and the first thing that catches your eye when you enter the room.

Calacatta Zoya Quartz’s full wall backsplash says lavishness more than anything else although it doesn’t require a lavish budget. With its classy yet smart and ageless appearance, Calacatta Zoya Quartz gives this kitchen a solid, big, and bold look.

How We Helped This Phenomenal Manhattan Kitchen Come to Life

The year that is almost behind us has affected how we live and has taught us a lot about our homes, their functionality, and aesthetics. Our homes are not just places where we cook, eat, and relax; for some of us, they are now spaces where we both live and work in. The functionality of our homes, and especially the kitchens is crucial, but aesthetics are important as well. You don’t want to spend your days in a space that you don’t enjoy.

This is exactly why we were invited to work on the Manhattan kitchen remodeling project. The design and best products selected in our showroom help our client and their loved ones stay connected and comfortable in their living space.

During this most difficult time, we are all in this together and we are honored to be chosen to help our clients make the renovations they desire.

Calacatta Zoya Quartz Installation Project in Manhattan, NY

Can you imagine the variety of meals you could cook up in this lovely kitchen? Whip up a batch of soup on the range top, pop a loaf of bread in the oven, and simmer some vegetables, all the while enjoying a showstopping design that inspires.

Our designers are confident that Calacatta Zoya Quartz will serve the Manhattan, NY homeowners for many years to come and provide the comfort, functionality, and elegance they need and deserve.

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The end result of the Manhattan design and installation project not only achieved our clients’ goals but added functionality and beauty that enhance the entire kitchen space. They love the updated look of their cooking space.

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