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Calacatta Zara Quartz Installation in Flanders, NJ
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DateMarch 2022
LocationFlanders, NJ
TypeModern Farmhouse Kitchen
ProductsCalacatta Zara Quartz

Flanders, New Jersey Calacatta Zara Quartz Installation


Calacatta Zara Quartz is a beautiful, marble-like countertop stone that has it all — soft and smooth, milky white background, dramatic and bold movement, and realistic gray veining. This gorgeous quartz now adorns a lovely 1980s fixer-upper in Flanders, New Jersey.


Aqua Kitchen crew is happy and grateful for a chance to work with amazing Megan McDonell and help install Calacatta Zara Quartz in her freshly remodeled kitchen.


calacatta zara quartz countertops flanders new jersey
Image by Megan McDonell via Megan Mc Donell Home


The stunning appearance of this marble-looking quartz provides magnificent flow to the island and perimeter countertops. Combined with white shaker cabinets, white farmhouse sink, and stainless steel appliances, Calacatta Zara creates a unique, company-ready space where beauty and function meet and work together for the best possible experience.


Take a look at this gorgeous modern farmhouse kitchen in Flanders, New Jersey, get the best, exclusive kitchen remodeling tips from Megan, and get inspired for your own kitchen remodel.


Calacatta Zara Quartz as a Final Touch on the New Chic Farmhouse Style Kitchen Remodel


We’re always excited to see a good before and after but this is a real treat!


This is how the kitchen in Flanders, New Jersey looked like until recently. For those enjoying the nineties vibe, this can totally work.


kitchen remodel flanders new jersey before and after
Before the remodel Photo credit: Megan McDonell


But not for Megan.


This is what the kitchen looks like now.


calacatta zara quartz flanders nj
After the remodel
Photo credit: Megan McDonell


This is one of the best kitchen makeovers you’ve seen lately, isn’t it? Dark cabinets are replaced with new sparkling white ones, which already made a huge difference. But there’s more.


“Since our water leak back in October sped up our timeline for a kitchen overhaul, we have had the tile ripped up and replaced with hardwoods, we ripped out the outdated soffit, got all new appliances, installed all new drywall and we installed brand new shaker cabinets with hardware. I’m so excited to have a bright, open kitchen with an island which definitely fits my personal style a lot more than the 1990s kitchen we used to have”, said Megan on her Instagram.


We’re thrilled to have a chance to give one of the final touches by installing Calacatta Zara Quartz countertops. This white, marble-looking quartz is nothing like the dreaded earthy granite countertops. It fits magnificently with white shaker cabinetry and overall modern and very chic farmhouse style.

Calacatta Zara Quartz Kitchen
Photo by Megan McDonell via Megan McDonell Home

Get The Best Kitchen Remodeling Tips from Megan


We love seeing, designing, and helping remodel great kitchens. But more than everything else, we enjoy these incredible transformations from worn and tired spaces to a professional-grade cooking and entertaining environment. That said, it’s a treat having an opportunity to interview Megan McDonell, our amazing customer, who was the driving force in this kitchen makeover project, and learning how much she loves her new Calacatta Zara Quartz countertops. It’s been a joy working with her and her husband.


  • What is your favorite thing about your new kitchen?


My favorite thing about our new kitchen is how bright and open it is which is a vast change from our old yellow kitchen with dark cabinets and a low soffit. Our large farmhouse sink along with the Calcutta countertops mesh together perfectly for a nice modern farmhouse-style kitchen. Our large kitchen island will be perfect to entertain friends and family for years to come!


  • Where did you draw inspiration from?


I drew inspiration heavily through our kitchen from our previous newbuild home as well as Pinterest – I knew I wanted a modern kitchen with a farmhouse tribute with the white cabinets, wood accents and brick backsplash to both my and my husband’s childhood roots (I grew up in the south and my husband grew up on the NY/Canada border).


  • What were must-have elements and what were less important details?


My must-have elements were a large farmhouse sink along with a large island for entertaining – I knew I had to have a Calcutta countertop to perfectly mesh everything together. We have lots of family that we can’t wait to entertain and spend holidays together in the kitchen and perfectly envision being able to do that with the large island.


  • How was it working with Aqua? How did you find the process and service?


Working with Aqua was an absolute dream – from being able to go in person to pick out our slabs to the seamless process of working with the staff to coordinate everything it was great. We also loved and appreciated the quick and transparent communication throughout the whole process. Aqua also had a great selection of different materials as well as different styles to choose from which we truly appreciated as well.


  • Are you happy with the Calacatta Zara Quartz countertops? What’s your favorite thing about them?


We absolutely love the Calacatta Zara Quartz countertops – they are exactly what I dreamed of when we started this kitchen renovation. The veining is perfect and they perfectly complement every aspect of the kitchen (brick, black fixtures, wood accents). They are also so easy to clean and upkeep which I find important in a kitchen countertop — we know these will last a very long time!


  • What are your tips for homeowners who want to remodel their kitchens?


My best pieces of advice would be to take it slow and have patience – there are lots of things that will change and timelines won’t always align. It’s also important to understand that things will at some point not work out the way you were anticipating, so rolling with the punches and being flexible and able to adapt are also important. And my final piece of advice for anyone going through a kitchen renovation would be to enjoy the process – you get to custom pick every aspect that you want which can at times be overwhelming but it is very rewarding at the end when you can step back and see everything you worked so hard towards.


For more inspiring stories on remodeling and home improvement, follow Megan on Instagram and TikTok.

megan mcdonell home flanders new jersey
We are so happy and grateful to serve the most amazing customers. Photo by Megan McDonell

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