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Multi-unit Calacatta Quartz Project The Park at Woodbridge Station NJ
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DateAugust 2022
LocationThe Park at Woodbridge Station, NJ
TypeModern Kitchen
ProductsCalacatta Quartz

Calacatta Quartz Installation in The Park at Woodbridge Station Apartments NJ


Class, beauty, sophistication, and elegance are ensured in these 146 apartment units in The Park at Woodbridge Station multi-unit complex in NJ with many amenities but also with Calacatta Quartz in probably the most important room of all — the kitchen. 55 Brook St, Woodbridge Township, NJ 07095 is available to rent and acquire luxury, convenience, leisure, and comfort. State-of-the-art finishes and features, spacious apartments, energy-efficient windows, and doors, plenty of storage, washer, and dryers. Boasting top-of-the-line, exceptional-quality amenities, residents have access to contemporary convenience and everything one needs for an efficient, convenient, comfortable, and cozy living style.


Aqua Kitchen’s design, fabrication, and installation team is happy and proud to have contributed to the look, feel, quality, and efficiency of these 146 apartment units at The Park at Woodbridge Station, Woodbridge Township, NJ. We have helped pick, design, fabricate, edge treat, and install Calacatta Quartz countertops in 146 kitchens.


Neutral enough to fit with any type of kitchen cabinets and kitchen interior decor but striking enough to give the kitchen a pizzaz any interior with style needs, Calacatta Quartz countertops we have installed in The Park at Woodbridge Station, NJ apartments were the perfect solution. If you live anywhere in or near Woodbridge Township, New Jersey please know that we serve your area for many years and you’re welcome to contact us for your kitchen or bath remodeling project today.


Take a look at our project in The Park at Woodbridge Station, NJ, and get inspired for your own kitchen remodel.


Calacatta Quartz for a Luxury Kitchen Space Ambiance



Calacatta Quartz 3 cm thick boasts a wealth of gray-toned, striking through-body veining throughout a milky white base or background. Unlike any other man-made quartz stone, Calacatta Quartz will remind you of natural marble stone. This means that it gives you a genuine marble look minus the unexpected and random speckles, swirls, and tones. On the contrary, while it resembles marble, it gives you a clean, composed, uniform, and highly controlled look that you’ll be able to incorporate with any other element you desire in the kitchen.


While some can have trouble distinguishing Calacatta Quartz & Carrara Quartz, there are important and very much visible differences. The most important one is Calacatta’s powerful veining. White Calacatta Quartz is the ultimate marble-looking quartz with lovely features and many benefits which make it one of the most desirable countertop stones today.


Uniform, powerful veining that is bold and faint and the same time, depending on the pattern and specific Calacatta stone style, always creates a unique but highly uniform pattern movement within the stone which makes it so much like real marble but still different from it. Calacatta Quartz can be the absolute star not just of your kitchen but of your home in a visual sense and also when it comes to performance. This quartz countertop material is at home in all kitchen styles — modern, transitional, farmhouse, and country kitchens, and looks great when combined with all kinds of wood and painted finishes.


Calacatta Quartz embodies the very essence of contemporary sophistication, elegance, and refinement you crave in your home, and especially in the kitchen.

Quartz Kitchen Park at Woodbridge Station NJ

Durability and Maintenance


Besides its gorgeous appearance, Calacatta Quartz boasts many more important performance and durability qualities as well. Its incredible durability makes it an ideal choice for hard-working kitchens, as it is practically indestructible and promises a lifetime of perfection. Resilient to stains, scratches, impact, heat, and water, this quartz countertop material will stand the test of time and serve you perfectly for many years to come.


Durable, easy to clean, and almost maintenance-free because you don’t need to seal it like you would any other natural countertop stone, Calacatta Quartz is a natural and logical choice for all surfaces in a kitchen — not only for countertops, and waterfall islands, but also for backsplashes and accent walls, and other features where relaxed and stress-free beauty is desired and required. It will stand the test of time no matter how hard and how often you use it in the kitchen.


Calacatta Quartz countertops possess an incredible strength but also a stunning beauty that will coordinate perfectly with a wide array of kitchen cabinet colors and styles equally in homes, residential, and commercial properties.


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Calacatta Quartz Park at Woodbridge Station NJ

Calacatta Quartz Introduces a Lux Feel and Vibrancy to the Kitchens in The Park at Woodbridge Station, NJ Apartments


We are so happy with the look, feel, and overall ambiance of these lovely kitchens at The Park at Woodbridge Station, NJ. Calacatta Quartz 3mm thick Quartz was absolutely the best choice possible to combine with flat-panel wood grain kitchen cabinets, imported Italian neutral tile backsplash, large stainless steel French door refrigerator, one-handle stainless steel pull-down kitchen faucet, and waterproof, anti-microbial, luxury wood-look plank flooring.


Calacatta Quartz covers countertops on perimeter cabinets and an island that is actually a breakfast bar. This lovely countertop quartz stone connects base cabinets and upgraded 42” upper cabinets, stainless steel appliances, wood floors, and neutral, beige tile backsplash in a unique, delicate, and modern way. Its modern feel with bold and intriguing and inspiring veining embellishes these Park at Woodbridge Station kitchens perfectly.


An open layout of these Park at Woodbridge Station apartment kitchens opens up an opportunity to create not only a functional cooking area but also a gathering room where everyone will easily and quickly feel at home. An eye-catching surface in a contemporary, but warm and cozy designed kitchen adds to its inviting, welcoming, and comfortable atmosphere.

Calacatta Countertops Quartz Kitchen

Calacatta Quartz Deals for Your Stunning Kitchen and Bath Designs


Aqua Kitchen is proud to work with homeowners, commercial clients, and businesses on a variety of kitchen, bath, office, and other types of spaces remodeling projects. Calacatta Quartz is one of the most loved and popular choices for kitchen countertops, classic island tops and waterfall islands, vanity tops, backsplashes, and accent walls.


We provide you with many options of Calacatta Quartz options and an exclusive Calacatta Quartz Sale. There are Calacatta Zion Quartz, Calacatta Zoya Quartz, Calacatta Horizon Gold Quartz, Calacatta Nuvo Quartz, and many more options perfect for a variety of remodeling, updating, and new build projects.


Man-made for maximum convenience, mimicking natural Calacatta marble stone, with a uniform, consistent appearance perfect for slab matching, and practically maintenance-free, our Calacatta Quartz countertops sale gives you a low price per square foot. Now you can buy Calacatta Quartz from fabricators with years of experience in quartz fabrication and sales under their belt. Where to buy Calacatta Quartz is not a question any longer — at 1107 Rt 23 South, Wayne, NJ 07470.


With us, you can acquire Calacatta and other beautiful quartz stone options as well. Depending on your taste, design preferences, and the movements you enjoy, we have prepared special sales like Quartz Countertop $54.99/sqft DealQuartz Countertop $59.99/sqft Deal, and Quartz Countertop $69.99/sqft Deal. They include Calacatta Horizon Gold, Calacatta Horizon Silver, Calacatta Gold with a suede finish, Calacatta Perfecto, Calacatta Zion, Calacatta Super Laza, Calacatta Zoya, Calacatta Dolce Vita, and Calacatta Classique.


As you can see, there are many different options when it comes to Calacatta Quartz and we’ve made sure to cover all Calacatta Quartz design options to make your dream kitchen possible at an affordable price that won’t break your bank.

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The Park at Woodbridge Station NJ

Get Your Own Dream Kitchen or Bath in Woodbridge Township, NJ with Aqua


Kitchens and baths are the most important rooms in any home. In kitchens, we spend time with our loved ones, our family, and friends, and we make memorable moments to save and cherish. These are the rooms where we begin and end our days, plan the days ahead and unwind after the working days we’ve left behind us. It is very important to spend these moments in rooms that are relaxing, cozy, and comfortable but also inspiring, energetic, and highly functional.


Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center team believes this is exactly what was done in The Park at Woodbridge Station apartments. And with the same pride and determination that we’ve carried out this project, we promise that we can help you with your project just as well! Let us help you choose cabinet and countertop products you may need for your kitchen or bath. It is guaranteed that you will find the perfect kitchen cabinets here, as well as any kitchen countertops. Our designers will help you find a no-fail design solution that will perfectly fit your space and your plans.


If you love the look and feel of Calacatta Quartz countertops in The Park at Woodbridge Station apartment kitchens, we will be happy to show you the full Calacatta Quartz slabs in our slab yard. These are ultra-modern pieces of modern décor capable to add a touch of elegance and tasteful extravagance to the overall design of a kitchen or bath, lending the whole space a gorgeous, classy, and expensive look without breaking the bank. At the same time, the surfaces covered with these quartz materials will always be very, very easy to clean and maintain.

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