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Calacatta Diamond Fireplace Installation in Purchase, NY
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DateJuly 2020
LocationPurchase, NY
ProductsCalacatta Diamond Quartzite by Reliance Stones

Calacatta Diamond Quartzite Fireplace Installation Project in Purchase, NY

Are you thinking of improving the value of your home and updating some of its features? Homeowners are constantly working towards making their homes more efficient, more beautiful, and more enjoyable. Most often, homeowners focus on remodeling kitchens and bathrooms, as these are the crucial and most important rooms that carry the most traffic. But smaller projects throughout your living space can make a significant difference and improve the value, efficiency, and functionality of your home. Among many home remodeling projects, a fireplace installation or remodel can be overlooked as a smaller and not as a crucial home improvement project.

While fireplace remodel and installation won’t break your bank or take too much of your time, it can give your home a serious facelift and give you an opportunity to truly enjoy your home. Plus, remodeling or installing a fireplace is much easier than you might think! Also, if you ever decide to sell, the fireplace will boost the value of your home, make it more desirable, and enable you to get more than what you originally paid for.

Take a look at our fireplace installation project in Purchase, NY, see before and after photos, learn what kind of stone we used to make it look its best, and get inspired for a fireplace installation or remodel in your own home.

Calacatta Diamond Quartzite Fireplace for That True Homey Feel


Calacatta Diamond quartzite by Reliance Stones features dramatic gray, dark blue, and faintly gold veining. This solid natural stone has a translucent quality that adds visual interest to any room where it’s installed and added to upgrade the look and quality of the space. The background of Calacatta Diamond is whimsical, gentle-looking, white, with faint waves of blueish tones. We love this almost magical looking stone that reminds of some of the most beautiful marble stones. Its precious diamond look boosts the value of any home instantly.

Calacatta Diamond quartzite embodies the very essence of contemporary sophistication, elegance, and refinement you crave in your home, and especially in the room where you and your family spend most of your time.

Durability and Maintenance

Besides its amazing appearance, Calacatta Diamond quartzite has other important qualities as well. Calacatta Diamond stone we used in this fireplace installation project is a 3cm polished quartzite with the polished surface finish. This is a solid stone that is ideal for indoor applications, from kitchen countertops, wall applications such as backsplash, to fireplace surrounds, bathroom vanity counters, and shower steps.

Calacatta Diamond Quartzite is very durable and strong, as well as heat resistant, which is such an important feature for countertops or fireplace surrounds. Also, Calacatta Diamond, as well as other quartzite stones, won’t scratch or etch as some surfaces can. Plus, its unique look will give a personal signature to any room where it’s added.

Calacatta Diamond Quartzite is a unique natural stone that also comes with the strength and durability necessary for the success of any of your home improvement projects. Thanks to its lovely appearance, it coordinates beautifully with a wide array of surfaces and styles equally in homes and commercial properties.

We are thrilled with the look of this beautiful fireplace in Purchase, NY. Calacatta Diamond Quartzite was absolutely the best choice possible to create such a must-have element in any true family home.

Calacatta Diamond Quartzite Fireplace Installation in Purchase, NY

Fireplace Installation Gives Your Home More Value

Fireplace a must-have in any modern family home. It gives the home that true, homey, warm feeling that cannot be replaced by anything else. The fireplace is a feature that will make any new home buyer happy. This confirms the fact that over 60% of home buyers would pay extra for a house with a fireplace, as stated by Angie’s List survey of real estate agents and homebuyers. Overall, fireplaces increase the value of a home by $1,000 – $5,000 in 80% of the cases, according to this survey.

A fireplace is not just a decorative element. If your home witnesses frequent power outages, having a fireplace during the wintertime is a necessity.

Furthermore, a fireplace won’t boost just the monetary value of your home. It’s usually placed in a room that presents a gathering place, a hub of a home where everyone meets and relaxes. It’s linked with memories, laughter, and time spent with the loved ones. This is why a fireplace is the heart of a home.

So why not consider installing a fireplace in your home or remodeling your old fireplace?

Whether you’re looking to update and remodel your old fireplace or looking to install a new fireplace in your new home, Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center can help.

Just see the before and after photos of the fireplace job we did for our client in Purchase, NY.

before & after calacatta diamond fireplace installation

How to Remodel Your Fireplace with Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center

Every fireplace installation or remodel is unique, just as every home is one of a kind, but there is a defined process we follow with each of our clients.

First, we make sure we understand your needs and vision. What do you want your fireplace to look like? Do you have a preferred style — traditional, contemporary, or transitional? Perhaps you have an inspiration photo? We will be happy to look at it together with you and make a decision together.

During the next step, you will visit your local fireplace dealer and pick the perfect fireplace for your home. Also, make sure to inquire about the fireplace customization options.

Customization is where we come in. By choosing the perfect stone for your fireplace, you will make it truly unique, in-line with your personal preferences, and in harmony with the rest of the room and your home. We recommend heat resistant stone options like quartz, granite, and quartzite.

Let’s take your fireplace to the next level and add or update the fireplace mantel. It will have a tremendous effect on the overall look of your fireplace. This is why we make sure its size fits the space correctly and its look matches the style of the rest of the room and the rest of the home.

After you choose the best stone to remodel your fireplace, we can schedule your template appointment in two to three business days. Our expert designer will take measurements, do the templating, provide a 3D design of your new fireplace and customize it for you. We will do the fabrication in our facility and install the stone at your home one week after templating is done. Once your stone is installed, it is time to enjoy the fireplace with your family for years to come.

Calacatta Diamond Quartzite Fireplace Installation in Purchase, NY
Calacatta Diamond Quartzite Fireplace Installation in Purchase, NY

Start Your Fireplace Remodel Project with Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center

Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center has the right stone product selection, resources, skills, expertise, and knowledge to help you with your fireplace remodel and installation project.

Stop by our quartz, granite, and quartzite showroom located in Wayne, NJ, on the service road of Route 23 South, adjacent to Jan Fence and Domino’s Pizza.

Let’s determine together what do you need to create a fireplace from your dreams. We have a wide selection of beautiful quartz countertops, but not only that. Here, you can actually see the whole quartz slabs and determine which are the best for your project. Choose from a wide selection of marble looking quartz, MSI Countertops and Caesarstone Colors. We also bring you a wide variety of granite countertops to give you more options and make your kitchen remodel complete.

Our designers are very aware of the importance of updating your home, and that your design choices will hugely affect not just the look of your home but its functionality and efficiency as well.

Visit us if you’re planning to install or remodel a fireplace in your home or commercial property. No need to struggle with design and lose time! We will help you choose the perfect stone for your fireplace in no time.

Set up an appointment with us and we’ll provide you with a free 3D design service that will enable you to see your new fireplace in actual space.

We are experienced experts that take your needs first and your vision very seriously. See the reviews we get from our customers and browse some of our projects.

We are proud of each of your previous projects and we’re looking forward to many more to come. Each project regardless of its scope and size is our focus, and we give our best to do it right, every time, with no exceptions.

Contact us today and make your dream fireplace come to life.