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Caesarstone Fresh Concrete and Organic White Quartz Project in Montvale, NJ
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DateJuly 2022
LocationMontvale, NJ
TypeModern Kitchen
ProductsCaesarstone Fresh Concrete Quartz & Caesarstone Organic White Quartz

Caesarstone Fresh Concrete Quartz & Organic White Quartz Project in Montvale, NJ


A lifestyle got fully integrated with our help in Montvale, NJ, at The District Rentals, the new, high-end, and very hip apartments available for leasing. At The District, a living environment is integrated into its surroundings to perfection. In the same way, this integration is achieved, Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center helped these gorgeous living spaces to integrate with style, refinement, and supreme functionality within their interiors.


Modern-looking and sleek kitchens and bathrooms are dressed in Caesarstone Fresh Concrete Quartz and Caesarstone Organic White Quartz, two of the most attractive quartz options from the Caesarstone quartz manufacturer. The stunning appearance of these lovely white and gray quartz varieties provides magnificent flow to the islands, countertops, as well as vanity tops. Combined with modern, flat-panel cabinet doors and stainless steel appliances, Caesarstone Fresh Concrete Quartz and Caesarstone Organic White Quartz create a unique, company-ready space where beauty and function meet and work together for the best possible experience.


Caesarstone Fresh Concrete Quartz and Caesarstone Organic White Quartz work equally well in The District Rentals as well.


Take a look at our new project in The District Rentals in Montvale, NJ, and get inspired for your own kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Caesarstone Fresh Concrete Quartz for a Trendy Appearance In the Kitchen



Caesarstone Fresh Concrete Quartz is this manufacturer’s latest interpretation of a crisp white concrete countertop material, delicately and sparsely touched by subtle gray tones and speckles. The orchestration of dazzling whites and delicate grays brings into any space true, organic energy, a breath of freshness, and a little bit of warmth, just enough to make the perfect balance between the excitement with freshness and newness with the coziness of warm and familiar.


Designed to perfectly suit your needs for a countertop that is both beautiful and functional, Caesarstone Fresh Concrete Quartz will convince you that there has never been a more perfect stone for you and your kitchen. Our kitchen designers love its fresh white color accented by smooth and delicate grays. This combination gives the most authentic, natural concrete look to this quartz countertop stone variety.


Caesarstone Fresh Concrete Quartz embodies the very essence of contemporary sophistication, elegance, and refinement you crave in your home, especially in the kitchen.

concrete quartz countertop montvale nj

Durability and Maintenance


Besides its amazing appearance, Ceasarstone Fresh Concrete Quartz countertops have other amazing qualities as well. Its incredible durability makes it an ideal choice for hard-working kitchens. It is practically indestructible. Durable, easy to clean, and maintenance-free because you don’t need to seal it, ever, Fresh Concrete Quartz is a natural and logical choice for all surfaces in a kitchen, from countertops, and waterfall islands, to backsplashes, accent walls, floors, and other features where relaxed and stress-free beauty is desired and required. It will stand the test of time no matter how hard and how often you work in the kitchen.


We are thrilled with the look of the kitchen in The District Rentals in Montvale, NJ. Fresh Concrete Quartz countertops by Caesarstone were absolutely the best choice possible to combine with contemporary, flat panel door cabinets and stainless steel appliances.


We can take care of your kitchen the same way, or any other way with any other products you would like. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Please see the reviews we get from our customers and browse some of our projects.

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Caesarstone Fresh Concrete Quartz Introduces a Sense of Calm with Its Natural Look


The future residents of The District Rentals in Montvale, NJ will absolutely enjoy both the look and feel of Fresh Concrete Quartz design on their countertops and island tops. With cabinet space on one side of the Island and fully integrated stainless steel appliances, this lovely white quartz design by Caesarstone connects all the kitchen elements together thanks to its neutral color and the authentic feel of concrete.


An open layout of these lovely kitchens open up an opportunity to create a functional cooking area and a gathering space that is fun and fit for family and friends. An eye-catching surface of Fresh Concrete Quartz in a modern and contemporary but also neutral designed room adds to its trendy, welcoming, and stylish atmosphere.

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Caesarstone Organic White Quartz for a Clean Look in The District Rentals’ Bathrooms




Caesarstone Organic White Quartz uses a new color and combines technologies to create a delicate-looking white surface with a number of tones, subtly blended to create a warm and natural appearance on your countertops. Similarly to Caesarstone Fresh Concrete, this clean white man-made surface with similarly colored layers and delicately blended undertones, reflect a natural appearance of stone that is effortlessly chic.


But don’t let this delicate and gentle look fool you, because this stone is much harder and much more resilient than you would ever expect.



Durability and Maintenance


Caesarstone Organic White Quartz is the strongest countertop surface you will find. Man-made to meet your kitchen and bathroom needs for maximum durability, toughness, and minimum maintenance, Organic White Caesarstone Quartz won’t ever require sealing or waxing.


Also, it’s so easy to maintain and care for Caesarstone Organic White Quartz.
A simple splash of warm, soapy water is enough for everyday cleaning.
To prevent patina, simply wipe away as soon as you can any splashes and liquid spills you’ve made. As for stains removing, just rub gently a manufacturer approved cleaner and rinse until the stain is gone.


Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center also gives you the best prices and we always make sure to provide special deals for your projects. Please see our monthly specials, picked to suit your needs.

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Your Personal Spa Space Achieved with Caesarstone Organic White Quartz


Today’s bathrooms aren’t only spaces where you quickly go in, take a shower and get out to continue with your day. Of course, there will be days like this, today’s bathrooms are so much more. Contemporary bathrooms are rooms where you start and end your days, where you get ready for a day ahead of you, and where you rinse the day off of you. This is the space where you get a chance to calm and align with yourself, relax, refresh, and reset.


Among other bathroom elements, the materials you use play an important role in the overall look and feel of the room. It is crucial when we talk about bathroom functionality, as well.


Caesarstone Organic White Quartz is a spot-on solution for any bathroom, especially for bathroom vanity surfaces. The material creates a streamlined and easy-to-maintain experience, while it becomes the perfect backdrop for a lavish, cotton-soft, luxurious, non-busy look. It’s even calmer and more subtle than Caesarstone Fresh Concrete Quartz design. While it offers a fine balance of the classic stone look and its contemporary form, to provide the best of both worlds, Organic White Quartz also provides a stunning quality — it’s easy to expect that this vanity top will serve you equally well for many years to come.


With its fashionable yet smart and timeless appearance, Caesarstone Organic White Quartz gives these bathroom in Montvale, NJ a solid, bold, and smart look.

caesarstone organic white bathroom design

Start Your Remodel Project in Montvale, NJ with Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center


Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center is your go-to quartz countertop showroom that has the right product selection, resources, skills, expertise, and knowledge to equip your next kitchen remodel project and make your dream kitchen possible, easily. Regardless of the size and scope of your next project, we are the experts to help you with it. So, whether you’re in love with Caesarstone Fresh Concrete or Caesarstone Organic White Quartz, or something else entirely, we can help you to make your dream space come to life!


Stop by our quartz showroom located in Wayne, NJ, on the service road of Route 23 South, adjacent to Jan Fence and Domino’s Pizza. You’ll enjoy the design process. Let’s determine together what do you need to create a kitchen or a bath that will suit your actual needs. We have a wide selection of beautiful quartz countertops. Here, unlike in other showrooms, you can actually see the whole quartz slabs and determine which are the best for your project because we give you a chance to walk down our slab yard and enjoy many countertop design options. Choose from a wide selection of marble looking quartz, MSI Countertops and Caesarstone Colors. We also bring you a wide variety of granite countertops to give you more options and make your kitchen remodel complete.


Our design experts know how important your remodeling is and that your design choices will hugely affect the overall look of your home. Visit us if you’re planning a new kitchen or a bath or if you’re struggling with the new design. Set up an appointment with one of our designers and we’ll provide you with a free 3D design service that will enable you to see your new kitchen or bath in actual space.


We make sure that each cooperation with homeowners and interior designers, builders, and contractors, regardless of its scope, or whether it’s a residential or commercial project, goes perfectly well. No matter if it’s a small kitchen remodel or a large, commercial project, we will put in all our expertise. Contact us today and make your dream home come to life.