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Caesarstone colors are one of the most favorited features for any kitchen style and design. Ranging from the purest, impeccable white shades, to classy greys, warm beiges and absolute, uncompromising black, Caesarstone quartz countertops perfectly mimic the beauty of natural stone while providing exceptional durability and quality.

Caesarstone color palette is beautiful, luxurious, sophisticated but also practical and easily combined with other kitchen elements and features. This brand brings us 3 gorgeous quartz countertop collections: Classico, Motivo, and Concetto. [expand title=”Read More”]

Caesarstone colors from Classico collection present the very core of this popular brand and are some of the most widely used colors and patterns. Some of the most beautiful blends of earthy tones and gracefully infused veins can be found among many Caesarstone colors from Classico collection.

Caesarstone Motivo Collection provides both visual and tactile experience with the exquisite textured look and feel. Pattern-designed quartz countertop finishes make a powerful stylish statement.

Caesarstone colors from Concetto collection present a collection of extraordinary surfaces that are hand-made from individual cuts. These are semi-precious stones sourced from all around the world.

Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center in Wayne is a proud dealer of Caesarstone quartz countertops. Our selection includes mostly quartz options from the Classico collection.

Feel free to visit us anytime to see all the Caesarstone colors that we display in our quartz countertop showroom.

Keep reading to discover a fascinating world of Caesarstone colors and all the wonderful options it offers for your kitchen space.[/expand]

Perfectly White Caesarstone Colors from Classico Collection

Caesarstone white quartz countertop options are perhaps some of the best and most effective solutions for minimalist designs. Pure, shiny, dreamy, and clear as the brightest day, white Caesarstone colors will perfectly complement both classic and contemporary minimalist designed home and office interiors.

Caesarstone Colors: Cosmopolitan White
Caesarstone Colors from Classico Collection: Cosmopolitan White

Caesarstone Cosmopolitan White Quartz is an uncommon quartz countertop color from Caesarstone that features the feel, appearance, and fluidity of a natural stone. This Caesarstone white is not a simple nor straightforward white shade. It possesses the rich, earthy tone with detailed striations running through it.

Caesarstone Colors Classico Collection Frosty Carrina Quartz
Caesarstone Colors Classico Collection: Frosty Carrina Quartz

Caesarstone Frosty Carrina Quartz was introduced a few years ago as one of the most successful and luxurious marble look quartz stones. With its subtle, delicate powder veins that pop out of the soft white ivory, Frosty Carrina is still a dream come true for all marble lovers that want ease of maintenance and extended durability.

Caesarstone White Colors Organic White Quartz
Caesarstone White Colors: Organic White Quartz

Caesarstone Organic White Quartz is a white countertop surface that is not simply white. For many homeowners and designers, Organic White by Caesarstone is the absolute favorite. It is one of the brightest white quartz countertop options with delicate tones, subtly blended to create a warm and natural appearance.

Caesarstone White Quartz Counters White Attica
Caesarstone White Quartz Counters: White Attica

Caesarstone White Attica Quartz is one of the most beautiful marble-inspired quartz countertops that you definitely want to make a priority on your wish list! A clean white base with dense, dark grey interwoven veining successfully pairs with most beautiful natural marbles and outperforms them with its characteristics.

Caesarstone Marble Statuario Interpretations

We all love the gorgeous whimsical look of natural marble stone but dread the level of maintenance and the time this stone requires. To give us the best marble experience, Caesarstone designed Statuario Nuvo Quartz and Statuario Maximus Quartz, two beautiful marble interpretations that celebrate man’s craft and ability to mimic the nature to the tiniest details, while providing maximum durability and ease of maintenance.

Caesarstone Colors Statuario Nuvo Marble Interpretation
Caesarstone Colors: Statuario Nuvo Marble Interpretation

Caesarstone Statuario Nuvo Quartz brings a nice, sophisticated marble look additionally refined with impressive dark veins on a white background. This marble interpretation by Caesarstone is generously enriched with delicately diffused subsurface vein structure. Classy and luxurious but still dreamy and warm looking, Statuario Nuvo is a dream come true.

Caesarstone Colors Statuario Maximus Quartz
Caesarstone Colors: Statuario Maximus Quartz

Caesarstone Statuario Maximus Quartz is a supernatural, bold new quartz stone design that features broad warm grey veins that are sweeping across its soft white base. This delightful stone is further enriched by delicate background veins. Perfect for both kitchens and bathrooms, Statuario Maximus creates a luxurious statement.

Let’s get started on your new kitchen, today!

Dark Caesarstone Colors from Classico Collection

Black and dark grey Caesarstone colors present a starting point for many creative possibilities in designing mostly kitchen countertops, but also bathroom vanities, wall paneling, and custom-made furniture. We love seeing dark Caesarstone quartz designs in kitchen spaces. Nothing makes a kitchen space luxurious, classy, and sophisticated as modern, ultimate black surface enriched with subtle or powerful and strong veining throughout the surface.

Give your kitchen a welcoming warmth and expensive look with dark Caesarstone colors.

Caesarstone Raven Quartz comes to us as a part of the deluxe range of Caesarstone quartz countertop collection. Raven Quartz features slate grey color with a slightly dappled look.

This unique countertop appearance adds texture and tactile experience to the kitchen space. Overall dark looking, Raven is a delicately two-tone tone grey artificial stone, perfect for both residential and commercial applications.

Dark Caesarstone Colors from Classico Collection Raven Quartz
Dark Caesarstone Colors from Classico Collection: Raven Quartz
Dark Caesarstone Raven Quartz Detail
Dark Caesarstone Raven Quartz Detail

Caesarstone Vanilla Noir Quartz brings us highly refined and ultimately impressive countertop surface stone, suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Vanilla Noir features beautiful white veins on a dark, almost pitch black background. Delicately diffused over the subsurface, vein structure of this stone creates a powerful look.

Caesarstone Colors Dark Classico Collection Vanilla Noir
Caesarstone Colors Dark Classico Collection: Vanilla Noir
Caesarstone Colors Raven Quartz Detail
Raven Quartz Detail

Caesarstone Woodlands Quartz is a consistent black quartz countertop material that features gold speckles. Lovely, rich dark chocolate shade emerges from a slightly darker mottle in the background.

Lighter beige and cream veins give this special Caesarstone quartz countertop a profound depth and variation of color. It all makes this stone look whimsically natural.

Caesarstone Colors Dark Shades from Classico Collection Woodlands
Caesarstone Colors Dark Shades from Classico Collection: Woodlands
Woodlands Caesarstone Quartz Detail
Woodlands Caesarstone Quartz Detail

Caesarstone Jet Black Quartz is the boldest quartz countertop surface we know of. The ultimate black shade covers the surface of this remarkable stone and enriches it with the consistent but still subtle and sparkly pattern.

Jet Black quartz is very convenient both for residential and commercial spaces, providing modern aesthetics with convenient durability.

Caesarstone Colors Jet Black from Classico Collection
Caesarstone Colors Jet Black from Classico Collection
Jet Black Caesarstone Quartz Detail
Jet Black Caesarstone Quartz Detail

Nature-Inspired Designs from Whitelight Collection

The latest Whitelight Collection by Caesarstone brings nature-inspired designs in white tones of stone and crisp, foggy winter air and sky. These white colors and tones are elevated to accentuate the elements of natural beauty and bring them from the outside into our homes. Smoothly brought to us in current, sophisticated, and sleek compositions, these natural colors and tones light up our homes with exquisite beauty and charm.

To inspire serenity, rest, and wellbeing in the times when we need them more than anything, the creators of always new and exciting Caesarstone colors created the Whitelight Collection. Aterra Blanca, Arabetto, Calacatta Maximus, and Adamina are the new designs that introduce tranquility into our homes by connecting interior elements with nature’s warmth and beauty from the outdoors.

Ennoble your kitchen space with the soothing beauty of the stone designs from the Whitelight Caesarstone Collection.

Aterra Blanca Quartz from the latest Whitelight Caesarstone Collection features a misty white base stroked out with soft and smooth earthy-colored and textured veining. These nature-inspired veins swirl softly and gently into the stone with warm smooth, milky movements, radiating a natural, translucent glow.

Aterra Blanca Quartz is made to complete and perfect both residential and commercial spaces, providing exquisite aesthetics with convenient durability.

Aterra Blanca Whitelight Collection
Aterra Blanca Quartz Detail Whitelight Collection
Aterra Blanca Quartz Detail Whitelight Collection

Arabetto Quartz from the Whitelight Collection introduces many gray speckles and stripes that dynamically swirl into the stone like a galaxy of stars. These incredible details, minerals of jade, copper, and grays, delicately interlace and thread through the stone surface like the stars and galaxies across the sky. You’ll be thrilled by the powerful contrast between the whiteness of the stone base and the deep, rich colors veining, just as between the stillness of the white base and the dynamic movements of the veining.

Arabetto Quartz is a white quartz design that will remind you of some of the finest marble appearances. It’s great for both residential and commercial spaces, providing the highest form of sophistication with convenient durability.

Arabetto Quartz Whitelight Collection
Arabetto Quartz Design from the Whitelight Collection
Arabetto Quartz Detail Whitelight Collection
Arabetto Quartz Detail Whitelight Collection

Calacatta Maximus Quartz from the Whitelight Collection presents an inspired and highly expressive design featuring a pure, impeccable white background enriched by bold and powerful golden and copper-colored veining that adds luxury and lavishness to this creatively designed stone. The overall design can liven up the entire kitchen space.

Calacatta Maximus Quartz is an interpretation of a classic Calacatta marble, due to the boldness of the veining. It’s perfect for both residential and commercial spaces, providing luxury with convenient durability.

Calacatta Maximus Quartz Waterfall Island Design from the Whitelight Collection
Calacatta Maximus Quartz Waterfall Island Design from the Whitelight Collection
Calacatta Maximus Quartz Detail Whitelight Collection
Calacatta Maximus Quartz Detail Whitelight Collection

Adamina Quartz from the Whitelight Collection brings us sand and stone-like texture, along with the serene colors from the deepest and the remotest of the deserts. Soft, tender, and light, Adamina Quartz stone is structured like a wave of sand, neutral in its taupe color and earthy tones of sand. This stone is very atmospheric and you’ll be happy to find many aspects of its appearance. The looks of a serene desert and golden dune are both immersed into its lush base.

Adamina Quartz is an organic-looking stone with a relaxing feel. It’s convenient for both residential and commercial spaces, providing a sophisticated design with convenient durability.

Adamina Quartz Countertop and Backsplash Design Whitelight Collection
Adamina Quartz Countertop and Backsplash Design Whitelight Collection
Adamina Quartz Detail Whitelight Collection
Adamina Quartz Detail Whitelight Collection

Industrial Concrete Caesarstone Colors

Industrial design lovers were delighted when Caesarstone introduced these concrete inspired quartz countertop designs.

Concrete, Rugged Concrete, Fresh Concrete, Raw Concrete, and Sleek Concrete variations of Caesarstone quartz countertops feature industrial-inspired contemporary design, subtle grey patterns, and a consistency that you can rely on.

Gathered together within Caesarstone Classico Collection, concrete inspired designs give you the freedom of choice and a wealth of surface finishes.

Caesarstone Concrete Quartz is a matte stone that gets significantly darker in the absence of light. Depending on the amount of natural or artificial light in your space, Concrete Quartz countertop will change its hues and always provide a brand new look to your kitchen.

If you are looking for a contemporary, consistent color and design that you can rely on, Concrete Quartz is the solution.

Caesarstone Colors Concrete Quartz Design
Caesarstone Colors: Concrete Quartz Design
Caesarstone Concrete Quartz Detail
Caesarstone Concrete Quartz Detail

Caesarstone Rugged Concrete Quartz is 100% authentic, robust, industrial-inspired countertop design. Rugged Concrete is accentuated with dramatic, bold gradients of textural patterns in grey shades, white haze patina, and a rough matt surface finish. These features make each slab individually unique and the samples are only indicative of a part of a slab. This is why we encourage you to come to our Wayne NJ quartz countertop outlet to see the slabs first-hand.

Caesarstone Colors Rugged Concrete
Caesarstone Colors: Rugged Concrete
Rugged Concrete Caesarstone Detail
Rugged Concrete Caesarstone Detail

Caesarstone Raw Concrete Quartz features concrete matt finish which brings an authentic industrial patina, look, and feel to the material surface.

Like all Caesarstone countertop surfaces, Raw Concrete never requires sealing and compared to the polished finish, its matte finish doesn’t disguise marks as easily, meaning more regular cleaning may be required.

Caesarstone Colors from Classico Collection Raw Concrete
Caesarstone Colors from Classico Collection: Raw Concrete
Raw Concrete Caesarstone Detail
Raw Concrete Caesarstone Detail

Caesarstone Fresh Concrete Quartz is a delicate looking and modern industrial fine white concrete countertop design. It features subtle white and light warm grey features. Its matt finish provides an authentic industrial patina, look and feel to the material surface and like all Caesarstone surfaces, it never requires sealing. Matte finish doesn’t disguise marks as easily, meaning more regular cleaning may be required.

Caesarstone Concrete Colors from Classico Collection Fresh Concrete
Caesarstone Concrete Colors from Classico Collection: Fresh Concrete
Fresh Concrete Caesarstone Quartz Detail
Fresh Concrete Caesarstone Quartz Detail

Caesarstone Sleek Concrete Quartz showcases the look of fine concrete stone with a warm grey base.

If you are looking to create the kitchen with contemporary, industrial look and feel, and would welcome high-quality material as well as the ease of maintenance, Sleek Concrete is the perfect solution for you.

Concrete matte finish brings an authentic industrial patina and provides wonderful user experience – you will never need to seal it.

Caesarstone Colors Sleek Concrete Quartz
Caesarstone Colors: Sleek Concrete Quartz
Sleek Concrete Caesarstone Detail
Sleek Concrete Caesarstone Detail

Cool Grey Caesarstone Colors from Classico Collection

Caesarstone grey colors and patterns from their Classico Collection are formulated to mimic the natural beauty of stones that can be found in the nature – soapstone, granite, and marble.

Translucent surfaces, more or less depth and sparkle, strong or fading veining, and incredible punches to the quartz background variate from stone to stone and give you a unique experience. There were never more opportunities to find the ideal countertop for our homes.

Caesarstone Colors Grey Classico Collection Georgian Bluffs
Caesarstone Colors Grey Classico Collection: Georgian Bluffs

Caesarstone Georgian Bluffs Quartz is a light grey quartz surface with natural marble look and feel. Subtle background details and streams of white and grey veins remind of marble but also have an industrial edge to it.

Georgian Bluffs is one of the newest Caesarstone colors.

Copper, peach, and nude are the perfect shades to combine with this cool industrial style quartz stone. Industrial luxe Georgian Bluffs Caesarstone quartz is very easy to maintain as it will never need sealing.

Our offer includes a free estimate, free fabrication, free edge treatment, and free installation of your Georgian Bluffs Caesarstone Quartz.

Caesarstone Colors from Classico Collection: London Grey Quartz
Caesarstone Colors from Classico Collection: London Grey Quartz

Caesarstone London Grey Quartz is another fabulous countertop artificial stone.

It is very similar to the Frosty Carrina Quartz also from Caesarstone. However, London Grey is different because of its translucent surface. Because of it, London Grey quartz gets much more depth, sparkle, and shine than Frosty Carrina. While Frosty Carrina is a white quartz, London Grey is an overall grey colored quartz stone.

An eloquent opaque light grey shade merges with soft charcoal veins in London Grey Quartz. This is the stone of a deep grey shade with a subtle shine, perfect for both light and dark kitchen designs.

London Gray Caesarstone is non-porous, highly resistant to stains, and scratch resistant. Our offer includes a free estimate, free edge treatment, free fabrication, and free installation. Come visit us and see the beautiful grey Caesarstone colors first-hand.

Caesarstone Colors Classico Collection Montblanc Quartz
Caesarstone Colors Classico Collection: Montblanc Quartz

Montblanc Caesarstone Quartz is perhaps one of the most romantic Caesarstone surfaces. It encapsulates a light grey background with a whirlwind of darker grey veining.

Montblanc Caesarstone color is named after the highest peak in the Alps because it brings the natural winter coolness and stunning natural beauty.

Grey Caesarstone Montblanc Quartz countertop is great for the use in both residential and commercial spaces. Wherever you decide to use it, it will provide an excellent performance. Durability, low maintenance, and superb design are guaranteed.

Caesarstone Alpine Mist quartz will make your kitchen look polished, sharp, and perfectly clean. Cool grey background with crisp white veins spread throughout this counter stone will make your kitchen space look highly refined in its elegant simplicity. This look will easily and naturally overflow your home, especially if you have an open plan kitchen space.

Alpine Mist Caesarstone Quartz is one of a kind countertop material, designed to last forever and to offer you an incredible ease of maintenance.

This grey quartz stone blends together exceptional design with innovative technology.

An amazing product created to beautify and improve any home or a commercial space can be delivered to your doorstep. Contact us or visit us today to see Alpine Mist in all of its beautiful details.

Caesarstone Colors Grey Alpine Mist Quartz
Caesarstone Colors Grey Alpine Mist Quartz

Caesarstone Clamshell Quartz inspires some of the most beautiful modern kitchen and bathroom spaces. A soft fusion of grey and white features classes up the space and makes it sophisticated, refined, and gorgeous in its cool simplicity.

Composed of 93% natural quartz, Clamshell Caesarstone is resistant to scratches, stains, most chemicals usually used in our households, and moderate heat. Your Clamshell Quartz countertop will never need sealing.

Its hard, durable, and nonporous surface makes cleaning and maintaining simple.

Caesarstone Grey Colors Clamshell Quartz
Caesarstone Grey Colors: Clamshell Quartz

Caesarstone Coastal Grey Quartz is Caesarstone’s own interpretation of the traditional natural granite look. This grey quartz stone is beautified with clear strokes of black and white. Dark dominant tones possess a strong character that will empower your interiors, whether residential or commercial, with a rustic, everlasting beauty.

Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center offers you Caesarstone Coastal Grey Quartz for your North Caldwell, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey kitchen at a great price. We also included a free estimate, free edge treatment, free fabrication, and free installation.

Caesarstone Colors Coastal Grey Quartz
Caesarstone Colors Coastal Grey Quartz

Caesarstone Noble Grey Quartz is one of the most luxurious countertop materials. Broad dark grey, natural-looking veins are sweeping across a gentle, dreamy, light grey background.

Such sophisticated quartz countertop surface easily and successfully adds pure, genuine elegance and marble look effect to your kitchen.

Noble Grey Quartz has a large scale vein pattern. That is why samples are intended only as a tonal representation of the background color.

We encourage you to visit us and personally view your actual full slabs first hand, prior to fabrication.

Caesarstone Colors London Grey Quartz
Caesarstone Colors: London Grey Quartz

Selecting mitered aprons to achieve the best surface-to-edge pattern continuity for any bench top greater than 20mm thick is also highly recommended by Caesarstone.

Caesarstone Noble Grey Quartz price in our Wayne NJ quartz showroom is $64.99 per sq ft installed.

We included a free estimate, free fabrication, free edge treatment, and free installation for your convenience.

Caesarstone Piatra Grey Quartz features a smooth slate grey color background with chalky white veins. This grey quartz stone is a part of the multi-color Classico collection by Caesarstone.

Cool grey color with subtle white veins countertop goes beautifully with white kitchen cabinets. Together, they provide the contrast and a punch we always need.

If you are a soapstone lover and want an incredible ease of maintenance and unchanging looks in years to come, Piatra Grey by Caesarstone is the solution. It reminds so much of a natural soapstone.

Ceasarstone Colors Piatra Grey
Ceasarstone Colors Piatra Grey

Piatra Grey by Caesarstone will easily provide a sophisticated look to any residential or commercial space. It is an inspiration for a timeless home or effective and classy commercial interior design.

With its sophisticated dark grey slate color background, grey and white veining, this Piatra Grey quartz adds dimension and character to your home or business space.

Amazing dark grey quartz stone from Caesarstone is now for sale at our quartz showroom in Wayne NJ. We included a free estimate, free edge treatment, free fabrication, and free installation.

Caesarstone Symphony Grey Quartz presents an orchestra of delicate dark grey tones. They are complemented with the textured depth of diagonal surface veins. This highly refined quartz stone is luxurious because of its delicately diffused subsurface vein structure.

Symphony Grey Caesarstone quartz surfaces provide the ultimate combination of nature and technology. They preserve their beauty without any sealants or waxes. Almost maintenance free, Symphony Grey will be ideal for your interior space.

Caesarstone Colors: Simphony Grey Quartz
Caesarstone Colors: Simphony Grey Quartz

Symphony Grey Caesarstone quartz is non-porous, scratch resistant, and highly resistant to stains.

These natural stone-like surfaces have four times the flexural strength and double the impact resistance of granite while impressively outperforming marble.

Get Symphony Grey Quartz for your kitchen in New Jersey. Come to our quartz showroom to see this magnificent stone in all of its details and get a free estimate, free edge treatment, free fabrication, and free installation.

Caesarstone Turbine Grey Quartz is the right countertop stone for you if you think that natural granite look is the best design your kitchen can get.

Turbine Grey Quartz by Caesarstone presents the next generation ‘modern granite’. It encapsulates mid to dark grey veins and white features within its unique pattern movement.

This is one of the quartz stones that has the most natural-like movements.

Caesarstone Colors: Turbine Grey
Caesarstone Colors: Turbine Grey

Turbine Grey Quartz is at home in modern, transitional and country kitchens, alongside natural timber, painted doors, and wrought iron.

Design and create the most incredible kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, and other residential and commercial interiors and architectural landscapes with this safe and easy to combine with quartz stone by Caesarstone.

Caesarstone Pebble Quartz is an engineered grey quartz stone that features deep grey background. This background presents a canvas for consistent black speckles that are sprinkled throughout the stone.

Made from 93 percent natural quartz and 7 percent polyresin, Pebble Caesarstone Quartz is an ideal countertop choice for high traffic kitchens and commercial businesses.

It is highly resistant to stains, scratches, and scuffs.

Caesarstone Colors: Grey Pebble Quartz
Caesarstone Colors: Grey Pebble Quartz

Don’t you think that Pebble quartz countertop stone by Caesarstone has a grey backdrop that resembles the original look of a natural garden pebble stone? This is the reason behind this countertop name.

Pebble Caesarstone Quartz is another innovation coming from this manufacturer that shows their dedication to providing the most innovative colors and surfaces.

This grey quartz is a superior material that is resistant to high temperatures, and there is no need for coating or sealants.

Let’s get started on your new kitchen, today!

Beautiful Creamy Caesarstone Colors and Patterns

It seems inevitable to have your own personal favorites among so many different Caesarstone colors and patterns, swirls, translucent, and oh, so sophisticated surfaces. Although it’s hard and close to impossible to point out the one favorite Caesarstone color, we tend to prefer these warming, glowing, and beautifully balanced creamy shades.

Romantic Moorland Fog Quartz, exotic Taj Royal Quartz, irresistibly earthy Tuscan Dawn, and minimalistic Urban Safari inspire some of our most beautiful designs and creations.

Caesarstone Colors: Creamy Moorland Fog
Caesarstone Colors: Creamy Moorland Fog

Caesarstone Moorland Fog Quartz is another stone from this manufacturer that is inspired by classic natural marbles.

The timeless beauty of natural stone is combined with superior strength and durability for your convenience in any space, residential or commercial, you want to design.

This impressive creamy Caesarstone quartz countertop material possesses a rich texture of soft, creamy light color, tinted with a gentle touch of taupe shade.

The texture of Moorland Fog Caesarstone Quartz stone is embellished with swirls and movements in both darker and lighter tones. Natural veins of brown and dark grey provide a special, profound depth and inspiring aesthetic to this countertop stone.

Caesarstone Colors: Creamy Tuscan Dawn
Caesarstone Colors: Creamy Tuscan Dawn

Caesarstone Tuscan Dawn Quartz is one of the warmest shades you will be able to find on a countertop material. It encapsulates a mix of taupe background color with rich, creamy, and light natural thick veins.

This hard-wearing, non-porous quartz countertop material is made by combining powdered quartz mineral with a polymer binder. It is great for the use in bathroom designs, as well as for use in laundry rooms and mudrooms.

A demand for artificial stone products that look like natural stone is increasing all the time and Caesarstone Tuscan Dawn is one of the many responses to this growing demand.

Caesarstone Colors Taj Royal Quartz
Caesarstone Colors: Taj Royal Quartz

Caesarstone Taj Royal Quartz countertop surface features delicate veins, rich, profound depths, soft textures, and some of the warmest hues that can be found in the natural stones against an inspired marble aesthetic.

Coming from the Caesarstone’s Supernatural Series of Quartz Countertop Designs, Taj Royal Caesarstone Quartz brings a unique natural look to your residential and commercial designs.

Taj Royal provides incredible durability and minimal maintenance experience to your kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, and others spaces you want to use this beautiful stone in.

Caesarstone Colors Dreamy Marfil
Caesarstone Colors: Dreamy Marfil

Caesarstone Dreamy Marfil Quartz is one of the creamiest and dreamiest Caesarstone countertop colors. It is, like many other Caesarstone countertop designs, marble-inspired, but with a totally unique twist.

Crema Marfil Marble can only envy Dreamy Marfil Quartz because an artificial stone is what natural stone strives for centuries to become.

The color of Dreamy Marfil Quartz by Caesarstone is so warm and soft that it will brighten up and warm even the cloudiest and coldest days. Its stain resistant properties provide an experience of enjoyment and relaxation.

Let’s get started on your new kitchen, today!

Caesarstone Colors from Motivo Collection

Quartz countertops are not widely loved just because of their impeccable looks and function. Lately, you can obtain different tactile experiences and enjoy beautiful patterns with Caesarstone quartz surfaces.

The Motivo Collection by Caesarstone offers captivating and innovative textured surfaces. It presents an important point in the development of this exclusive brand as high fashion finally entered the world of interior design while managing not to lose its high function.

Lace Quarz is a part of the Motivo Caesarstone Collection, exclusively developed by combining two types of finishes and a patented manufacturing process to create an embossed 3D effect.

Lace Caesarstone Quartz is available in white color. It is especially convenient for creating traditional designs and looks.

This delicate design inspired by classic floral lace, it is most convenient for a living room, bedroom, or bathroom.

Caesarstone Colors Motivo Collection Lace Quartz
Caesarstone Colors Motivo Collection Lace Quartz

While Lace is all refined, gentle, and delicate, Crocodile from Caesarstone Motivo Collection stands on the totally opposite side of the spectrum.

This is a dramatic, bold, and exotic surface ideal for creating a luxurious feel with a touch of drama.

Finished in glossy black, Motivo Crocodile can class up your dining room, kitchen, powder room, or even home theatre.

Caesarstone Colors: Black Crocodile from Motivo Collection
Caesarstone Colors: Black Crocodile from Motivo Collection

Luxurious Concetto Collection Caesarstone Colors

Concetto Collection by Caesarstone presents a harmonious blend of nature, art, and innovative technology. These hand-made semi-precious stone surfaces are available only by select showrooms, architects, and designers.

The current US Concetto collection is composed of 8 exclusive quartz surfaces. There are 2 more special surfaces that are available only as a special order. We will display just a few of these incredible products, just to show you their uniqueness and preciousness. Contact Caesarstone US if you would wish to get more details.

Sfumato Caesarstone Quartz from Concetto Collection features a breathtaking pattern of banded and contoured brown shades and variations.

The encapsulated pattern gives this amazing crystal its distinctive, singular quality.

Sfumato crystal generously radiates energy from the earth that created it.

Caesarstone Colors Sfumato from Concetto Exclusive Collection
Caesarstone Colors Sfumato from Concetto Exclusive Collection
Caesarstone Colors: Profondo from Concetto Collection
Caesarstone Colors: Profondo Slovack-Bass Design Build, Photographer Julie Soefer

Profondo is a stunning, ultimate luxury stone surface from Caesarstone Concetto masterpiece collection.

Blue Agate stone adds elegance to both traditional and contemporary designs with its unique circular patterning of warm and cool tones.

Translucent blue and white crystal gives out this profound, mysterious, and gently sophisticated look.

According to tradition, agates generate positive energy and promote progress.

Puro White Quartz from Caesarstone Concetto special collection is transparent, white crystal that has barely visible delicate patterns reminiscent of glinting light reflecting off Antarctic ice glaciers.

White Quartz semi-precious slabs radiate serenity and genuine purity that will be existing in perfect harmony with any luxurious home design.

Caesarstone Colors: Puro White Quartz
Caesarstone Colors: Puro White Luxurious Quartz

Get Beautiful Caesarstone Colors Countertops in NJ

Whether you are passionate about kitchen design or interior design in general, or you are simply looking for the best possible countertop for your home or commercial space, Caesarstone surfaces are one of the best options for you.

A comprehensive and wide range of stylish, polished, honed, and luxurious quartz surfaces are perfect for a variety of kitchen applications including backsplashes, benchtops, kitchen islands, and wall panels.

To get the best Caesarstone colors from their collections and combine their beauty with durability, low maintenance, and lifetime warranty, visit Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center in Wayne NJ, your local quartz countertop dealer.

If you live anywhere in the state of New Jersey, stop by our Caesarstone countertops showroom located at 1107 Rt 23 South, Wayne, NJ 07470. We will provide you with respectful and professional customer service and help you choose the best Caesarstone countertop color for your unique design.

Our Caesarstone countertops come at deal prices. We offer you 45 colors to choose from and provide a free estimate, free fabrication, free edge treatment, and free installation.

Take a look at our selection of quartz countertops NJ that we carry, get inspired for your kitchen remodel by Pental Quartz and MSI Countertops, and contact us today.