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Blue Flower Granite and Wolf Cabinets Project in Hawthorne NJ
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DateJuly 2022
LocationHawthorne, NJ
TypeTraditional Kitchen
ProductsBlue Flower Granite & Wolf Cabinets

Thanks to Blue Flower Granite countertops and Wolf Cabinets, this lovely family home in Hawthorne, NJ got a brand new, spacious, bright, and open, multi-purpose kitchen. Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center installed exceptionally beautiful countertops made of Blue Flower Granite stone and paired it with white and blue kitchen cabinetry made by Wolf. The stunning appearance of this classic granite provides magnificent flow to all countertop surfaces in the kitchen, including the island. Combined with white upper cabinets and blue base cabinets, Blue Flower Granite creates a unique kitchen space ready for cooking, dining, and entertaining. It’s the room where beauty and function marry and work together for the most fulfilling kitchen experience. Besides being an ideal room for cooking and food preparation, this warm and modern, bright and airy kitchen is also a great social zone where friends and family can gather to spend time together.


Take a look at our new project in Hawthorne, NJ, and get inspired for your own kitchen remodel.

Blue Flower Granite Countertops for a Classic Look In the Kitchen



An impactful natural stone swirled with blue tones, white and brown patches, Blue Flower Granite is an ultimate choice when you wish to create a traditional, but still fresh, novel, and inspiring space. Its dark and bright veining makes it beautifully classic. However, blue tones are the feature that make it truly unique and, above all else, irresistible. It’s these blue tones and natural coloring scattered throughout the stone that give Blue Flower Granite its very name.


Blue Flower Granite Kitchen Countertops


This natural countertop stone is not only beautiful, but inspiring and versatile. The shades of the mineral deposits that can drastically vary in individual slabs give them incredible depth and open up a myriad of design opportunities. White quartz crystals will subtly shine and sparkle throughout the slab, creating a sophisticated and highly elevated looks.


Blue Flower embodies the very essence of classic sophistication, refinement, and beauty you crave in your home, especially in the kitchen.

Durability and Maintenance


Besides its amazing appearance, Blue Flower Granite countertops have other qualities as well. Their incredible durability makes them an ideal pick for hard-working and actively used kitchens. Granite is practically indestructible. Durable, tough, strong, hard, easy to clean and maintain, this granite is a natural and logical choice for all surfaces in a kitchen, from countertops, islands, to accent walls, and other parts of the kitchen where relaxed and stress-free beauty is desired and required. It will stand the test of time no matter how hard and how often you work in the kitchen. Just make sure to seal it at least once a year to provide great looks at any time and maximum performance.


You can also learn more about our Granite Countertops and browse online many varieties of granite countertops that you can also see in our granite slab yard.


Blue granite is a dreamy looking natural stone with an incredible strength that will fit perfectly and creatively with a wide palette of kitchen cabinet colors and styles equally in homes, as well as in offices and other commercial properties.


We are thrilled with the function and appearance of the kitchen in Hawthorne, NJ. Blue Flower Granite was absolutely the best choice possible to combine with white and blue cabinets. Take a look at the details of the project below and let us know what do you think.

We Love Making Our Customers Happy by Giving Them Exactly What They Need


Even at our busiest, we give our maximum to give our customers exactly what they need. Each time, we are beyond grateful and always are greatly humbled by people choosing us for their kitchen remodeling projects. And each time we give results, we strive for more, and better.

It’s an incredible honor to receive a review like this one from Joe, our greatly valued customer from Hawthorne, NJ. He liked us at first, at the beginning of the project, but then, he liked us even more. 🙂

This is going to be a partial review because we haven’t received our cabinets and countertops as of yet, BUT, so far their customer service has been OUTSTANDING. We have been dealing with Susan Bivaletz, who is a total professional, very patient, very knowledgeable about her profession. Susan has answered every question and always gets back to us, either via email or phone call. Susan also drew up the plans for our Kitchen, and she did a great job, everything came out PERFECT. I will complete this review once the kitchen is finished, but I would highly recommend this company.

So our Kitchen was completed, and what a difference, thanks so much to Susan and the entire staff at Aqua Kitchen and Bath!”

The owners of this beautiful home in Hawthorne, NJ chose a variety of blue granite for their countertops on the perimeter, as well as for the island countertop. With white and blue cabinet space on the island, fully integrated stainless steel appliances, and gorgeous white farmhouse kitchen sink, Blue Flower Granite connects all these elements together thanks to its unique mesh of color and incredible flow of veining it provides.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to work with them and we think the kitchen came out perfectly!

Please see more of the reviews about our work, services, and product selection.

Blue Flower Countertops and Blue Wolf Cabinets

White and Blue Wolf Cabinets Break From The Ordinary


Everything about this kitchen in Hawthorne, NJ is extraordinary. From mesmerizing granite countertops to two-toned cabinetry. Its open and spacious layout gave us options to create not only a fast-paced cooking area, but also a room that is relaxed, fun and fit for gatherings but also a treat for the eyes. Both the stunning granite surfaces and fitting cabinets add to the homey, welcoming, and friendly ambiance of this family home.


Still an emerging kitchen design trend, blue cabinets add character, elegance, fun, and uniqueness. These Wolf kitchen cabinets a re a sure-fire way to break out from the ordinary and venture into an exciting world where creating a kitchen from your dreams is not only possible but at the tips of your fingers.


Blue and White Wolf Kitchen Cabinets


This is where we came into play and made the dream possible. Our client went all-in with blue base cabinets and allowed us to create a well-defined color palette that instantly added a flair of string personality to their kitchen. Combined with white upper Wolf cabinets, they add double to the visual interest.


Just take a look at the before and after photos of this now lovely kitchen. It is truly incredible how much light and brightness can the right elements gift to the space! White upper shaker cabinets paired with blue base shaker style cabinets for the right amount of contrast and striking visual interest, along with Blue Flower Granite to balance the contrast between light and strong, airy and striking, and white farmhouse sink as a final statement in the highly stylish design composition of this family kitchen. It is truly breathtaking!


Wolf kitchen cabinets are made sturdy and durable, able to withstand many years of active use. They come in many colors, glazes, and finishes, with practically unlimited choices. You can see our selection of Wolf Cabinets online, or come by our showroom in Wayne, NJ and see many beautiful cabinetry options first-hand. We will be happy to create a combination that will be the right fit for your style and kitchen space.

Blue Wolf Cabinets

Welcoming, Spacious Kitchen in Hawthorne, NJ — A Dream Come True


When entertaining, these Hawthorne, NJ homeowners won’t have to worry about the crowd in their kitchen — Blue Flower Granite countertops provide a powerful surface that are a joy to use and easy to clean after the party or the dinner is over. Both the blue granite countertops and two-toned Wolf Cabinets ensure that the family is cozy to move around while preparing and serving food, and friends are comfy to enjoy the experience fully.


This particular variety of blue granite in combination with two-toned, blue and white, Wolf kitchen cabinets creates not a streamlined, highly enjoyable, and easy-to-maintain experience, but a versatile and convenient backdrop for a lavish look.


Blue Flower Granite kitchen says luxury more than anything else although it doesn’t require a luxurious budget. With its classic and timeless but also on-trend appearance, this granite type gives this kitchen a dreamy, creative, and almost artistic look.


Painted in relaxing tones of white and blue, this kitchen in Hawthorne NJ is the true heart of the home and main room at all times. Being this spacious and bright, it includes all the elements the family may need, whether cooking, entertaining, or just hanging together. In this particular sense, the kitchen island plays an especially important role. It is convenient for food preparation and serving even, but just take a look at the wealth of the storage space below the countertop surface! We especially love the blue color on its cabinets. The island here is the modern piece of décor with a classic touch to the overall design, with lots of functional qualities as well. The island presents an opportunity to tuck away appliances when you don’t need them and lend the room a streamlined, refined, and tidy look, at all times

Blue Granite Kitchen in Hawthorne NJ

Let Us Help Your Dream Kitchen Come To Life


We will do everything possible to make your dream kitchen come to life. First, you will tell us what do you need, and then, together, we will establish functional requirements, as well as the scope, investment, style, and design. Then, you will be able to look into our products and determine what kind of granite or quartz countertops you would like for your new kitchen. Also, make sure not to forget to look into many options of kitchen cabinets and make the most out of the project that is about to start. We make sure  you get the most of your investment and exactly what you need from a kitchen space, just like we helped our customers in Hawthorne, NJ get this gorgeous Blue Flower Granite kitchen.


Considering the fact that any remodeling process, especially a kitchen one, is a one-of-a-kind process, these Hawthorne, NJ homeowners needed our professional help to make sure they acquire the best possible granite stone and cabinetry design in order to get exactly what they need from their investment. We made sure they got even more. And we can do the same for you.


Please be aware that stone selection is crucial when it comes to the functionality functionality of any kitchen, but also for the looks, especially if there are lots of countertop surfaces in the kitchen. Blue granite in this kitchen provides a powerful visual statement and brings tones of functionality along with the ease of maintenance and care but still saves you money. We are happy and thankful for the opportunity to help Joe and his family pick the perfect stone and the countertops for the project, and we hope we can do the same for you.


Our designers are confident that this gorgeous blue granite and Wolf cabinets in blue and white finish will serve the Hawthorne, NJ homeowners for many years to come and provide the comfort, functionality, and elegance they need and deserve.


To see more of what we can do for you, please browse some of our projects. We are proud of each achievement and work with homeowners and interior designers, regardless of the scope or the nature of the project — we accept big or small, residential or commercial projects, and put in all of our expertise. Contact us today and make your dream home come to life.