Stunning Kitchen Makeovers to Inspire Your Remodeling Project

Kitchen makeovers before you are some of the best transformations our team helped complete. Ugly-duckling stories end with a beautiful result, and we can’t wait for you to see them and get inspired by them! Well-worth effort and investment, these new kitchen spaces have everything a modern, highly functional, and long-lasting kitchen design should have. Outdated, dark, rundown, dull, odd setups turn into modern, bright, highly functional, and personalized kitchens that are a dream to have and enjoy.

No matter how hopeless your kitchen may seem now, with a design-savvy eye of an expert kitchen designer, some powerful tools, and exceptional product selection, anything is possible.

Need proof?

Take a cue from these inspiring kitchen makeovers done by the Aqua team. They say it all.

Beautiful Kitchen Makeovers Ideas for Your Kitchen

If there is one room that you absolutely need to be beautiful, functional, and durable, it’s the kitchen. So it’s no wonder we spend so much time dreaming of a better, less cramped, brighter, and more welcoming kitchen space. Sometimes, we buy or inherit a home, and we simply accept previous owners’ decor choices even though they stand in the way of our plans and dreams. We love white bright, light, open kitchens with white cabinetry and sleek quartz countertops but we settle for dark, cramped spaces with old-fashioned cabinets and laminate countertops. However, if there is one thing we learned after all these years of working in the kitchen industry and helping remodel thousands of kitchens, is that you shouldn’t settle for less. And we mean it.

Modern kitchen makeovers
Transitional kitchen makeover in Westchester, NY

Beautiful kitchen makeovers don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. On the contrary, you can remodel your kitchen on a budget when you know what you love and desire, what are your habits in the kitchen, and how much you use it. Also, when thinking of a kitchen makeover, you should take into consideration the very purpose of your kitchen. Is it just for cooking and storage? Do you and your family also dine in the kitchen? Or perhaps you don’t only store food, cook meals, and dine in the kitchen but you also spend time with your family and even entertain guests? All these, besides your style, color, and material preferences, should be considered when planning beautiful kitchen makeovers that will make you happy for many years to come.

Small Kitchen Makeovers

Bigger isn’t always better. If you have a small kitchen space, you may find this hard to believe. However, we are here to show you how small kitchens can be beautiful, modern, charming, and — more than enough — for everything you expect from an ideal kitchen space. Bright, light colors, modern style, and quality surfaces will make any small kitchen a dream come true.

Take a look at these small kitchen makeovers where we helped renovate them with big style.

Sometimes, everything a small kitchen needs to live big is a quality countertop. This small kitchen in Newburgh, NY became everything its owner Maria needed it to be when we installed Sparkling White Quartz. It ensured that this small cooking space becomes a wonderfully unique, cohesive kitchen that has everything its owners need despite its size.

small kitchen makeovers
Small kitchen makeover in Newburgh, NY

See more details of this small kitchen makeover at Sparkling White Quartz Remodeling Project in Newburgh, NY.

To revamp your small kitchen for cheap, you only need to find professionals who can help you make this happen. The most important thing, as we mentioned above, is that you know what you need and like. We can then take it from there. There are many affordable, quality cabinets and countertops options that can allow you to revamp your small kitchen for cheap.

For example, this white kitchen makeover in Wayne, NJ was transformed from an outdated space to an absolutely stylish and elegantly refined white transitional kitchen. It captures eyes and hearts with its clean lines, sophisticated tones, and updated style.

modern kitchen makeover
Modern kitchen makeover in Wayne, NJ

This small kitchen offers plenty of storage thanks to Galaxy Frost Cabinets by Fabuwood, while the premium prep space was made possible thanks to Calacatta Trento Quartz Countertops. We love the lavish look of marble-looking quartz countertops and backsplash, as well as the sophisticated simplicity of white shaker cabinetry. To make this small kitchen space come to life, our designers displayed many options for both countertops and cabinetry. We offered multiple choices and showed in 3D how each combination would look in this particular space. When we paired Calacatta Trento marble-looking quartz and Galaxy Frost kitchen cabinetry by Fabuwood, the decision was made — our client’s heart was set on this gorgeous combination.

This is one of our favorite small kitchen makeovers. You can see more details about the remodel at White Transitional Kitchen Remodel Project in Wayne, NJ.

Bringing together form and function was our priority number one while working on this kitchen makeover project in Bloomfield, NJ. From determining the right design, style, and layout, to choosing the best kitchen cabinets and countertops that will fit the overall style and our clients will truly enjoy, we helped them create this kitchen space that is small but is still dreamy.

Beautiful kitchen makeover
Beautiful kitchen makeover in Bloomfield, NJ

With a smooth, gray painted finish, the Galaxy Allure Nickel cabinets by Fabuwood. create an impressive minimalist masterpiece that is the perfect backdrop for all other design elements. At the same time, fresh-looking, low-maintenance, and highly durable, dreamy white Carrara marble-like Carrara Moro quartz by MSI Countertops coordinates beautifully with both cabinets and simple white but timeless subway backsplash tile.

See more details of this small kitchen makeover project at A Dream Kitchen Comes True in Bloomfield, NJ.

Before-and-after Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Before-and-after kitchen makeovers are definitely favorites when looking for inspiration or when you’re searching for support and to encourage yourself prior to starting your own makeover project. You can easily say what you like, but it’s not always easy to envision functional solutions that will bring you the most benefits. For this, you will need expert help, in most cases. Sometimes, even, a kitchen overhaul won’t happen just because you wish for it but because unexpected things happen, like a water leak. And then you’re faced with the inevitable — a kitchen makeover that was long overdue.

From many projects we helped complete, this one in Flanders, NJ, is one of the most beautiful kitchen makeovers. And we’re sure you’ll agree. The old yellow kitchen with dark cabinets and low soffit is transformed into a modern, bright, open space that boasts white cabinetry and gorgeous Calacatta Zara quartz countertops.

“Since our water leak back in October sped up our timeline for a kitchen overhaul, we have had the tile ripped up and replaced with hardwoods, we ripped out the outdated soffit, got all new appliances, installed all new drywall and we installed brand new shaker cabinets with hardware. I’m so excited to have a bright, open kitchen with an island which definitely fits my personal style a lot more than the 1990s kitchen we used to have”, said Megan, our client.

This is what her kitchen looked like before the makeover.

before and after kitchen makeovers
What the kitchen looked like before; photo credit Megan McDonell Home

This is what it looks like now.

before and after kitchen makeovers
What the kitchen looks like now, photo credit Megan Mc Donell Home

See more details of this amazing before and after kitchen makeover project at Calacatta Zara Quartz Project in Flanders, NJ.

Another makeover we’re really proud of was completed in Little Falls, NJ. The previous look and feel of the kitchen — classic, dark wood cabinetry, and earthy, brown, and yellow granite — did not fit well with the preferred current aesthetic of our client. So it was time for our client to up their game. This meant ripping out old granite countertops and dark cabinetry. Instead of these, bright white cabinetry and gorgeous Calacatta Zion quartz countertops were installed. The result is more functional pantry space, as well as better prep space. Meanwhile, both look immeasurably better and way more lavish than before.

white kitchen makeover in little falls nj
White kitchen makeover in Little Falls, NJ

Marble-looking quartz was the perfect choice for this all-white kitchen space in Little Falls, New Jersey. A distinct Calacatta marble looks, even more so. Bright, clean, and clear white base, along with dramatic, gray veining. Calacatta Zion is one of those Calacatta-looking quartz options that take your breath away with ease. It’s a variety of Calacatta marble lookalikes with faint but consistent gray veining that softens and fortifies unexpectedly. All of this gives Calacatta Zion quartz a truly natural, organic, genuine look of the real thing.

Learn more about this lovely white kitchen makeover at Calacatta Zion Quartz Project in Little Falls, NJ.

Kitchen Island Makeovers Ideas

Re-dressing a kitchen island comes most often in the package with the remodel of the whole kitchen but sometimes it is just the island that needs a facelift or a more serious remodel. The latter is, at the same time, a simple and one of the most inexpensive ways to give your kitchen a serious update. As a focal point in any kitchen space, a kitchen island is the first thing that catches eyes. So why don’t you remodel it so it turns heads?

Kitchens usually have one island, if they have any. But some kitchens, extraordinary kitchens, have two islands! This is exactly the case in this lovely, open-space kitchen set in Ringwood, NJ. We were delighted to install two kitchen islands and a backsplash with Calacatta Luccia Quartz.

kitchen island makeovers
Kitchen island makeovers ideas — Calacatta Luccia Quartz

To waterfall or not to waterfall wasn’t even a question with this lovely marble-looking quartz. Some kitchen island makeovers won’t include a waterfall edge, but we think that it’s always a great idea when you have a gorgeous stone like this one. The result is a bright, light, open, and highly sophisticated kitchen featuring waterfall edge surfaces that create an amazing flow that soothes eyes and soul.

For more photos and details about this kitchen island makeover project, visit Calacatta Luccia Quartz Installation Project in Ringwood, NJ.

Among many kitchen island makeovers we helped complete, we need to include this project where we created an island that is both on-trend and timeless. This lovely kitchen in Long Valley, NJ boasts Calacatta Dorado Nuovo quartz for its oversized, central kitchen island. With light and dark cabinets, a white farmhouse sink, dark granite, and fully integrated stainless steel appliances, Calacatta Dorado Nuovo quartz that covers the island top blends and harmonizes all these elements together thanks to its neutral color and an incredibly wonderful veining flow.

kitchen island makeovers
Farmhouse kitchen island transformation in Long Valley, NJ

An oversized kitchen island covered with Calacatta Dorado Nuovo quartz creates a head-turning surface in a farmhouse-inspired kitchen space. The island adds to the welcoming and cozy ambiance.

To see more photos and get more details on this kitchen makeover project, visit Farmhouse Transitional Remodel Project in Long Valley, NJ.

The bold, thick, and wide gray veining flowing throughout the impeccable white background of the quartz stone creates an island masterpiece that is inviting and showstopping, a true star of the kitchen. We cannot stress enough how important a stone selection is for any kitchen island makeover. If you decide to go for a waterfall island, don’t forget about the importance of well-matched quartz slabs, especially if they have bold, thick veins.

Calacatta Zoya Quartz is a quartz stone that takes this white kitchen space in Ringwood, NJ to a whole another level.

kitchen island ideas
Kitchen island ideas for your kitchen makeover

Don’t you just love how this Calacatta Zoya Quartz waterfall island dominates the kitchen?

Yes, we love it, too!

For more photos and details about this modern kitchen remodel, visit Calacatta Zoya Quartz Project in Ringwood, NJ.

Get started with Your Kitchen Makeovers On a Budget with Aqua Kitchen Team

Some people may think that kitchen makeovers on a budget don’t happen often, that they are maybe a result of luck or perhaps of stars well aligned. And they are right… they don’t happen. Rather, kitchen makeovers on a budget are carefully planned and prepared. With many kitchen redos that fit any budget under our belt, we know what it takes for a great kitchen makeover that won’t burn your budget.

If your budget is tight or limited, at best, and your kitchen needs help, let us know. We have a beatiful product selection, with kitchen cabinets, quartz countertops, and granite countertops that will take your breath away while saving you money. Don’t forget to check out our Specials which are updated regularly, and be on the lookout for the products you dream of in your kitchen.

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