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Multi-unit Arctic White Quartz Project Station Place NJ
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DateSeptember 2022
LocationStation Place, Red Bank, NJ
TypeTransitional Kitchen
ProductsMSI Arctic White Quartz

Arctic White Quartz Installation in Station Place, Red Bank, NJ


There is a new and hip apartment rental community in Red Bank, NJ — Station Place, located in Monmouth County and 07701 ZIP Code, and served by the Red Bank Borough Public attendance zone. Although Station Place is a small rental community, living in it is BIG! The Station Place apartment homes are designer inspired with contemporary finishes and upscale designs. In the heart of Red Bank, New Jersey, specifically at the intersection of West Streets and Monmouth and only a block from the Count Basie Theatre, Station Place is a new charming place that offers upscale living on your own terms, at close proximity to the places of the great cultural appeal, many energetic amusement and relaxation options, and historical importance.


The team at Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center could not be more proud of the work done in Station Place, Red Bank, NJ. The classy and luxurious apartments in this beautiful place are dressed in MSI Arctic White Quartz countertops, one of the most sought-after white quartz options with this manufacturer. Paired with dark shaker kitchen cabinets, Arctic White Quartz on the perimeter countertops and the kitchen island help create an incredible contrast and an irresistibly sophisticated and still urban vibe. Neutral white on the countertops in combination with a modern design wood finish on the cabinets provide the perfect backdrop for anyone who wants to use their new kitchen to show off their unique style and taste.


Look at our new project in Station Place in Red Bank, NJ, and see how classy, highly stylish kitchen designs are perfectly executed for your enjoyment and comfort.


MSI Arctic White Quartz Station Place NJ

MSI Arctic White Quartz for Endless Design Possibilities in a Kitchen



MSI Arctic White Quartz is one of MSI’s latest interpretations of solid white quartz slabs, perfectly white, spotlessly clean, with whiteness so vast and undisturbed by any veining or patterns. Arctic White Quartz is your perfect backdrop, canvas, or scene that provides you with countless opportunities and endless possibilities to create a kitchen design from your dreams.


Perfectly dazzling and charmingly radiant, Arctic White Quartz is designed to be your new neutral in any kitchen design. However, this white quartz is unlike any other white quartz. It’s not muted, and it’s not boring — in fact, it’s anything but boring. Radiantly white, MSI Arctic White Quartz is just like its name — frosty lowlands, permanently icy grasses, and snowy sedges. It will amaze you with its strong personality but also the ability to adjust to a great variety of kitchen designs.


Designed to perfectly suit your needs for a hard-working and functional but also exceptionally beautiful kitchen worktop, MSI Arctic White Quartz is simply perfect for you if you would love to add some white freshness to your kitchen. Most white quartz countertops are designed with some speckles, some veining, or patterns, just to add some twist or to make a design a bit more interesting. However, this is not the case with Arctic White Quartz. Its fresh and sparkly whiteness is absolutely stunning and authentic, created this way for you to enjoy its simple yet dazzling uniqueness.


MSI Arctic White Quartz embodies the very essence of snow and ice directly from the Arctic, allowing you to catch a glimpse of it in your favorite and most loved room of all — your kitchen.


Arctic White Quartz Red Bank NJ


Durability and Maintenance


Besides their amazing appearance, MSI Arctic White Quartz countertops also have amazing qualities that make them a perfectly functional and practical choice in any hard-working kitchen space.


Arctic White Quartz by MSI is available in slabs prefabricated as 2 cm and 3 cm thick. As with any other quartz countertops, Arctic White Quartz is also incredibly easy to clean and maintain in perfect, brand-new condition. It’s enough to wipe them on a daily basis and clean them with a soft cotton cloth and some mild soapy water. Unlike granite, for example, quartz doesn’t require any sealing or additional effort.


Apart from easy maintenance, Arctic White Quartz is also stain-resistant, and we all know what that means in a room where danger from staining is an everyday threat.


The final reason why Arctic White Quartz is so practical and an overall ideal choice for any homeowner or commercial property is its immaculate durability. It will serve you for a lifetime, and you will be perfectly happy with it. Just make sure not to put any overly hot pots and pans on it but rather use trivets to place them on the countertop. Hot pots and pans won’t structurally damage your Arctic White Quartz countertops but will leave some marks that will disturb their perfect whiteness.


Having in mind how perfectly durable, resistant, and beautiful Arctic White quartz countertops are but also how easy it is to maintain them and keep them in perfect condition, you can relax around them and use them on a wide variety of surfaces. MSI Arctic White Quartz is one of those quartz countertops that are perfect for designing kitchen countertops, kitchen backsplashes, open kitchen shelving, accent walls, bathroom vanity tops, bathroom walls, floors, and shower surrounds, as well as any other interior architectural features where premium quality and beauty is needed.


The design and installation team at Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center located in Wayne, NJ is amazed by the look of the kitchens in the Station Place apartment community in Red Bank, New Jersey. Arctic White Quartz by MSI Surfaces was the best possible countertop solution for a kitchen with dark brown, shaker-style cabinets, and modern, stainless steel appliances.

Arctic White Quartz Countertops Radiate Sophistication and Class in Station Place Apartments


The residents of Station Place in the heart of Red Ba thoroughly enjoy the beautiful look and incredible feel of the Arctic White Quartz countertops in their gorgeous, homey, and cozy kitchens. With plenty of cabinet storage space on one wall but also on the one side of the large kitchen island, and with fully integrated stainless steel appliances, Arctic White Quartz on the perimeter countertops but also as the island top creates a powerful, classy contrast that introduces elegance and straightforward look.


The kitchens in Station Place, Red Bank, NJ feature an open layout, and an uninterrupted flow with the living room, allowing their residents to enjoy a light, bright, easy, and beautiful integrated space. Perfect for cooking, serving, entertaining, and living, Station Place apartments’ kitchens provide enough countertop space for food prep on the perimeter but also a large kitchen island that gives plenty of storage space and sufficient countertop space for serving dinner and enjoying some quality time with your family.


Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center equipped 20 apartment units with MSI Surfaces Arctic White Quartz countertops, ensuring their residents have beautiful and trendy, highly functional, and high-quality, hard-working kitchen countertops. These kitchens are our pride and joy and we hope you can also see how perfect they are.


But don’t take our word for it. We do believe that these kitchen photos speak volumes. However, we also invite you to take a look at some of the other commercial projects we’ve recently completed. Customer reviews will also say a lot about our productskitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops, but also maybe even more, about our customer service.

Arctic White Quartz Kitchen

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Whether you wish to remodel a large or small kitchen space, or anything in between, our kitchen designer and installation experts can help you on time and on budget. So, regardless of the particular kind of MSI Countertops you’ve fallen in love with, we will use them, and fabricate them according to your instructions, and to perfection.


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