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Agatha Black Granite Countertops Update in Warren, NJ
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DateJuly 2021
LocationWarren, NJ
TypeTransitional Kitchen
ProductsAgatha Black Granite

The thoughtful design transformed this family kitchen into a classy updated, transitionally-inspired kitchen.


These Warren, NJ homeowners had a clear vision of the appearance and functionality they desired when they came to us for a kitchen renovation. They loved granite, which features exceptional durability, unique beauty, and the capability needed to tastefully and effectively support today’s families. To achieve their functional needs, our designers studied their kitchen design, as well as their needs as a family, and suggested Agatha Black Granite. This was an excellent solution!


Take a look at this kitchen remodel project completed in Warren, NJ.

Agatha Black Granite

Why Granite?


Lately, both homeowners and designers have turned to quartz countertops for the majority of the residential updates, whether it’s a kitchen or bath. Quartz, coming in a plethora of designs and colors, successful at imitating marble, durable, scratch-resistant, and easy to maintain, even overtook granite as the number one choice for countertops. This makes perfect sense. Quartz suits many interior designs and styles and embellishes any space with ease.


However, nothing beats the uniqueness and luxuriousness of a natural stone countertop. Granite countertops are unmatched in their aesthetics, exotic beauty, and luxury. Coming in a wide range of colors, along with the many naturally occurring variations, each granite slab is a singular work of nature’s art. Whether it’s swirled, neutral, brilliant, speckled, or cloudy, dark, bright, or earthy, granite is always magnificent. Its natural movements, spirit, and depth are something that only nature can offer.


We are happy there are homeowners who recognize this beauty and relish it.

agatha black granite countertops

How Agatha Black Granite Revives and Luxuriates the Kitchen in Warren, NJ


Agatha Black Granite, also known as Agata Black, is perfect, jet black granite with gorgeous, free movements of gray and white veins. These veins in combination with contrasting background is exactly what makes this natural stone so deeply luxurious. Agatha Black Granite suits traditional or classic kitchens but also contemporary style kitchen designs. It pairs magnificently with white and other light-colored cabinets. This is why we thought it will be such a perfect solution for this kitchen countertops update in Warren, NJ.


As you can see, it’s a timeless combination. A good contrast is one of the most powerful design statements. White cabinets with Agatha Black granite countertops is a combination that creates a stunning and powerful effect. The simplicity of the cabinets lets this black granite shine in all its glory. Agatha Black Granite is such a star in this kitchen and we absolutely love the look.

black agatha granite

Customer Journey with Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center


Everyone who needs to remodel their kitchen or bath wants to take this journey with us. Whether you’ve heard about us from your friends and family who worked on their projects with us, from your contractor, or you found us on the internet, we are happy you’re here! Our wonderful team of talented and professional designers can’t wait to take you on a journey of remodeling your kitchen or bath. The way we do it is well-thought-through with your needs and requirements as imperative.


When you have your mind (and heart) set on a remodel, we will ask you to first contact us. Please give us as much information about your project — needs, requirements, hopes, doubts (if any), desired products, measurements (if possible), location, and budget. Our designers will then carefully go through your message and work together on preparing a free, no-obligation quote for you. If you like what you see, please make an appointment, and we will welcome you to our showroom located in Wayne, New Jersey, and start the journey together. Personal consultation and creating a 3D design of your space is the opportunity to share your dreams, explore your options, and define your goals with the help of our designers. We will guide you through the product selection, all the while taking into account your unique space, goals, and budget. When we have answered all your questions, made necessary adjustments, and presented the plans and pricing, we will place necessary orders if we lack in stock and plan installation.


And that’s it! Hope you’re ready to plan to set in your new space and celebrating it soon!

agatha black countertop granite

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If you wonder why are we different than any other kitchen & bath showroom in the area, here it is. Here, you can actually see the whole quartz slabs and determine which are the best for your project. Choose from a wide selection of marble-looking quartz, MSI Countertops, and Caesarstone Colors. We also bring you a wide variety of granite countertops to give you more options and make your kitchen remodel complete. Our design experts know how important your remodeling is and that your design choices will hugely affect the overall look of your home. If you’re struggling with choosing the new design, again, we can help. Our tremendous experience makes us the perfect fit for you.


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