5 Preferred Granites for Beautiful Countertops

Adding granites to update your kitchen in North Caldwell or the surrounding areas is a good and practical idea. This durable material is an attractive option for any home, and you’ll instantly give your property a more luxurious feel. However, you may not realize just how many different granite options are available. There are hundreds of shades and patterns to choose from. Here are the top five finishes that are usually installed in homes.

Bianco Antico Granite for Elegance

White kitchens are on the rise again, and Bianco Antico Granite looks amazing with all types of brilliant white cabinets. It adds interest to the space without taking away from your luxurious new fixtures. This lovely stone features a soft gray background with warm taupe and pink flecks. From afar, it will look overall white and gray but when you get just a bit closer, you’ll be amazed by the gorgeous burgundy red and brown colors. If you’re going for a more modern finish with stainless steel cabinets or a gray paint, then this is also an excellent choice that will play up the metallic colors without the feeling of overwhelming.

Bianco Antico Granite

Granites with Brilliant Colors

You don’t have to go with white or black granite to make your home stand out a little more. Sea Shade granite is a stunning choice that will stand out and demand attention. This natural green shade features tan veining that coordinates beautifully with traditional wood cabinets. If you want white cabinets with a softer finish, then consider the Turtle Granite granite for movement, color and style. Any of these options is a bold choice, and they have the power to drastically change your home in Wayne.

Turtle Granite

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite for Movement and Grace

If you want a subdued finish that’s also elegant, then consider Typhoon Bordeaux Granite. This is dramatic and durable granite stone made of golds and beiges with deep golden veins. It features an interesting color design that consists of rich burgundy, white, gray, beige and gold. Pair it with brilliant nickel hardware to bring out the lighter tones and complement the shading.

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite

Clean Lines and Finishes with Black Galaxy Granite

When you want a modern, minimalist feel with the durability and great benefits of Black Galaxy Granite is the right choice. This simple finish is an everlasting classic, and it continues to dominate the market. It can work with any color combination, and it will always make a great impression on visitors. When pairing black granite with most painted finishes, nickel or chrome hardware is a good choice. If you have stain-grade cabinets, then consider going with black hardware to play up the new countertops.

Black Galaxy Granite

The Beauty of Nature with Giallo Ornamental Granite

Giallo Ornamental Granite is well-known for its golden, beige and creamy tones. Unexpectedly, the bedrock of this granite stone is white. Bronze, gray, and light brown specs create a nice, open and serene flow that will make an excellent addition to any small kitchen. It’s soft and welcoming, and it’s growing in popularity throughout New Jersey. It’s one of the best sellers for high-end cabinets, including walnut, mahogany, and cherry. This granite countertop is warm and visually appealing, and that makes it one of the best options for all types of traditional homes. If you want to really play up the luxurious shades in your granites, then go with more basic, shaker-style cabinets like Fabuwood Shaker Natural that won’t compete with the elegant stone counters for attention.

Giallo Ornamental Granite

Treat yourself to a beautiful new granite countertop as part of your kitchen renovation. You’ll make your space more attractive while boosting the value of your home. Aqua Kitchen & Bath Design Center has hundreds of different granite options for you to choose from, so give us a call today. We’re ready to help you choose a beautiful pattern and color scheme that will bring out the beauty of your cabinets and make your entire home feel more impressive. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Featured image photo credit: Bryan Lee – Bryan Design & Photography Essentials Cabinets via photopin (license)