10×10 Kitchen Remodel Cost: Ultimate Guide for 2023


How much should a 10×10 kitchen remodel cost?


If you’re set on remodeling your 10×10 kitchen, one of the first things you’ll be planning besides functionality and appearance of the kitchen, is the budget needed for it. When remodeling a 10×10 kitchen, cost estimation, and proper budgeting are crucial for the overall success of your project. Depending on your budget, you can spend more or fewer dollars per square foot, where fewer would be around $80 per square foot and more would be $200 per square foot and up if you’re looking for high-end furnishings and finishings. Regardless of what you’re going for with your remodel, the total 10×10 kitchen remodel cost will depend on a lot of factors.


In this article, we will explain in detail how the materials, finishes, appliances, fixtures, design, layout, and professional labor you choose affect the total 10×10 kitchen remodel cost. We will also offer tips on how to save money and properly budget for your 10×10 kitchen renovation. Finally, we’ll relay all information needed for a cost estimation of a 10×10 kitchen remodel, cost breakdown, and budget percentage allocation to different components like cabinets, countertops, labor, and more.

Factors Affecting the Cost of 10×10 Kitchen Remodel


The cost of 10×10 kitchen remodel will depend a great deal on many various factors. As local kitchen remodeling experts, we regularly help homeowners and commercial clients in the New Jersey and NYC tri-state area with their kitchen remodeling projects. Since we’re providing both products and design, we are constantly met with requests for estimates and quotes on specific kitchen designs, but also with a starting question — how much should a 10×10 kitchen remodel cost? Besides providing our customers with detailed and precise estimates, we always provide them also with detailed information about factors affecting the cost of a 10×10 kitchen remodel. This is how we help them plan their design and budget around it. Understanding all the factors affecting the final cost of a kitchen remodel project will make a significant impact on how they approach the project and the choices they will make.


Let us take you each step of the way of your 10×10 kitchen remodel project and show you the whole spectrum of considerations, factors, and options before you that can help you achieve desired aesthetics, the best functionalities, and tremendous value added to your home.


Materials and Finishes


The choices you make when it comes to material and finishes choices of kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops, backsplash tile, and flooring, will significantly impact the average 10×10 kitchen remodel cost. 10×10 kitchen is a standard size for an average kitchen in a moderately sized apartment or a house, spacious enough to include everything that is needed for any kitchen to function properly — appliances, cabinets, countertops, storage area, and food preparation area. When choosing materials and finishes for each of the elements of the new kitchen, you’ll come across many different types, styles, designs, and prices. Wisely choosing to strike the right balance between price and quality when it comes to materials and finishes for your new kitchen is crucial.


Kitchen Cabinets


Cabinets take up the most space in any kitchen and thus greatly affect 10×10 kitchen cost. The 10×10 kitchen cabinets cost will also add to the total cost of the kitchen. Since they make storage space possible, but also dictate the overall style and feel of a kitchen, kitchen cabinets present a crucial element in any kitchen. Accordingly, they are also possibly the priciest item for which you will need to budget.


10x10 kitchen cabinets cost


However, there are some options for you to choose from and pick what is best for your own unique space, taste, needs, and budget. When it comes to kitchen cabinets, they usually fall into one of three main categories — stock kitchen cabinets, semi-custom kitchen cabinets, and custom kitchen cabinets. Besides acquiring basic information that stock cabinets are lower cost with limited design options, sizes, and configurations, while custom cabinets are the opposite when it comes both to design and cost, you may need some additional help choosing the right option for yourself. Kitchen designers will be able to explain different types of kitchen cabinets in detail while providing appropriate guidance through a selection of different brands and styles of kitchen cabinets.


Kitchen Countertops


Countertops present one of the most hardworking areas in any kitchen. They are also one of the most often used elements in a kitchen. And just as cabinets are important for storage and style, kitchen countertops are important for food preparation and design cohesion. When it comes to functionality, style, colors, uniqueness, resistance, durability, and ease of maintenance, possibly the two best choices to make are granite countertops and quartz countertops.


10x10 kitchen remodel cost


Granite countertops are a great choice for 10×10 kitchens where uniqueness and a natural look are desired and appreciated. Different types of granite countertops will give you plenty of choices to find the best option for your kitchen remodel. Whether you choose a more traditional, earthy design or go for a modern white granite, you can rest assured that any granite stone fabricated into a countertop will grant you the resilience, hardness, durability, strength, and beauty you deserve. Along with all of these qualities, granite countertops are also surprisingly well-priced these days, so we’re sure you’ll be happy with options that make a 10×10 kitchen remodel under $10000 possible.


Quartz countertops provide a uniform, streamlined look, great for those homeowners who want to achieve the right flow in their 10×10 kitchen remodel project. If you need countertops and a backsplash, consider using quartz for both. Quartz that looks like marble may give you just what you’re looking for — the look of natural stone and the performance of an engineered, man-made stone surface practically indestructible. Although a bit pricier than granite, quartz is a great choice for any 10×10 kitchen as it is very modern, available in many designs and colors, and can last for a lifetime.




Choosing the right backsplash for your 10×10 kitchen remodel will not be easy, especially if you don’t have pinpointed cabinet and countertop choices. Once you know what cabinet and countertop pairing gets into your kitchen, you will also know what kind of backsplash will be the perfect addition to the overall design. Don’t underestimate the power of the visual impact of a backsplash. This element is placed right around the eye level and will be one of the first things you’ll notice entering the kitchen.


cost of 10x10 kitchen remodel


The kitchen backsplash will be that item that balances overall aesthetic cohesion with other kitchen elements and provides the right design balance along with the durable functionality of the kitchen walls. And while you may opt for a traditional backsplash tile design, choosing quartz backsplash may be the most effective idea when it comes to both aesthetics and budgeting. If you have already set your heart on a certain quartz design for your countertops, why not try to make the perfect pair by using quartz for your backsplash as well? We are sure that your local stone fabricator will be happy to bookmatch your slabs to create the perfect flow in your kitchen and give you a deal. This is a way to save and get a 10×10 kitchen remodel under $10000.




When looking and wondering how much should a 10×10 kitchen remodel cost, don’t forget about flooring. Are you going to keep your current flooring material? Maybe you wish to keep it but give it a little polish? Or perhaps you’re tired of it and wish to tear it all out and replace it with a new, more functional, and more beautiful option? Whatever you plan on doing, be aware that flooring is where it all begins and needs to be taken care of first in the process of a kitchen remodel.


kitchen remodel under $10000


When choosing the best type of flooring for your 10×10 kitchen design, make sure that it’s functional, easy to clean and maintain, fit with other elements of your kitchen, beautiful, and affordable. Many materials and design options are available, from natural stone and real, hardwood, to more affordable laminate, non-slippery floor tiles, stone lookalike tiles, and engineered wood. Choose what works best for you and use the opportunity to bring down the cost of your 10×10 kitchen remodel.


Design, Configuration, and Layout


Your decisions regarding the overall design and layout of your kitchen will greatly impact the cost of your 10×10 kitchen remodel. Deciding to add or remove walls, relocate plumbing, or change kitchen configuration to create a more functional and more practical, more effective space, will impact your budget.


average 10x10 kitchen remodel cost


Whether you currently don’t enjoy your kitchen layout or you simply see some easy solutions to improve its functionality, it may well be the case that you cannot use the space as you wish or intend to. Changing the layout of your kitchen may include moving, removing, or adding walls, relocating sinks, large appliances, lighting, wiring, or gas lines. And you’re right! Small changes can make for big improvements and be crucial in your future use of the kitchen. However, be prepared to pay extra for any changes in the design and layout of your kitchen. These changes will increase the 10×10 kitchen remodel cost.


You can also decide to scale these changes and keep the current layout of your kitchen, but go for changing only the configuration of the kitchen. This solution means that you won’t change the layout of your kitchen or the location of structural elements. Not moving, tearing down, or adding walls, windows, and doors will be cheaper but will still allow you to reconfigure working areas, fixtures, and appliances by adding water lines, gas lines, and electrical wiring where you need them for better and more functional use of the kitchen area.


Design and Labor Professionals


For the very beginning of your 10×10 kitchen remodeling project, it is crucial for you to find professionals that will be able to offer you the right products of great quality and fair pricing, along with kitchen design. Most of the kitchen showrooms have kitchen designers who will show you, in 3D, how will your new kitchen look in real life with all the new products in place. This is the most affordable option. These designers provide free, non-obligatory estimates and quotes, along with free 3D designs for your kitchen. If you decide to hire an interior or a specialized kitchen designer separately, it will add to the total cost.


how much to remodel a 10x10 kitchen


Once you’ve chosen the right products, items, materials, fixtures, and finishes for your 10×10 kitchen remodeling project, and you have the 3d design in place, you need to choose the professionals who will carry out the work. The role of contractors in kitchen renovation and the impact on costs are tremendous, much more than the one of a kitchen designer. Oftentimes, your local kitchen showroom, where you’ve gotten your products and design, will be able to connect you with a reliable, reputable local contractor. If they have great cooperation based on respect and a history of mutual work, chances are that these contractors will give you a deal rice. However, it is important to still research local contractor firms, look for several recommendations, get several quotes, and conduct thorough research before definitely selecting contractors for your project. This is how you minimize the costs and maximize the chances to finish your kitchen remodel project as early as possible, without delays.


Keep in mind that you should use your local kitchen remodel showroom’s services as much as possible. If your local showroom provides kitchen cabinets and offers free cabinet installation, be sure to accept this service and save money on cabinet installation which your contractors would charge. Most probably, you’ve bought your countertops from your local stone fabricators. Besides providing you with stone fabrication, free edge treatment, and free sink cut-out, these professionals will most probably provide you with a free installation as well. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring down the cost using their free services which are just as good and even better than those that your contractor would provide. These professionals are experts in their field of work and will surely do their best work.


Appliances and Fixtures


It’s common to upgrade your appliances and fixtures solutions when remodeling a kitchen. However, it’s likely that you’ll raise the costs along with the quality or looks of your new cutting-edge appliances and fixtures. For example, replacing your electric stove with a new gas stove will cost more than keeping an existing solution. In case your kitchen doesn’t already have gas lines running to the location of your new gas stove, additional work needs to be done and will cost even more.


How much should a 10x10 kitchen remodel cost


Perhaps one oven is not enough anymore because of the growing family or more entertaining occasions? An oven combo, large, high-tech refrigerators, specialty coffeemakers, and multi-function microwaves will add to the cost of a 10×10 kitchen remodel. Maybe you don’t like the look of your white appliances and wish to replace them with sleek, modern-looking stainless steel appliances. After all, they go better with the new cabinets and countertops you’ve chosen for your new kitchen! This is an extra cost that doesn’t have to exist if you choose to keep your old appliances, of course, only if they work flawlessly. In case you have trouble using them and they simply cry for a replacement, then it’s time for an upgrade. Maybe you don’t have to go with that custom hood vent? Or you do? In any case, depending on what you need and want, know that replacing and upgrading kitchen appliances and fixtures can greatly impact the remodeling costs.


Cost Estimation and Breakdown of 10×10 Kitchen Remodel

So, how much to remodel a 10×10 kitchen?


An average 10×10 kitchen remodel cost can vary anywhere between $15,000 to $30,000, or more for high-end, very luxurious materials, finishes, and furnishings. You will need approximately $150 to $300 per square foot of your 10×10 kitchen area to add new kitchen cabinets, replace old countertops with new ones, buy new appliances, update the flooring, and replace old lighting fixtures with new, more modern ones. But how much should a 10×10 kitchen remodel cost will depend on the type of furnishings you choose — the more high-end items you buy, the higher the expenses will be.


When it comes to kitchen cabinets alone, which are often the largest part of the total kitchen remodel cost, the 10×10 kitchen cabinets cost will be a minimum of $4,000 to $13,000 for stock cabinetry or semi-custom kitchen cabinets, while luxurious cabinetry fully customized for your kitchen space specifically can reach $28,000.


10x10 kitchen remodel cost


To be able to figure out how much will each area of your kitchen cost, we’ve prepared a brief cost breakdown and percentage allocation of the budget to different items that will be necessary for the completion of the project.


  • Kitchen cabinets and any shelves you add to your kitchen space will take 25 percent of the total remodeling cost.
  • Right after cabinetry and shelving comes contractor labor and item installation with 15 percent.
  • Hiring a kitchen designer will cost you about 5 percent of the full cost of the remodel.
  • Exactly the same percentage will take adding new appliances.
  • Countertops for each average kitchen counter, an island, and a backsplash will take 10 percent of the total 10×10 kitchen remodel price.
  • Flooring takes less than countertops, about 7 percent.
  • Sink and faucet take more than plumbing — 5% : 3%.
  • Lighting, painting the walls, and drywall installation will take each about 5 percent of the cost.
  • Doors and windows will each take about 2 percent.
  • Finally, make sure to reserve at least 1 percent of the cost for any unforeseen expenses, permit costs, or smart upgrades that you’ve found out about later in the process of the kitchen renovation.


Cost-Saving Tips for Your 10×10 Kitchen Renovation


When remodeling your 10×10 kitchen, have in mind that this is an average size, a standard square footage kitchen space, and that all cost kitchen remodeling calculations are mainly done for 10×10 kitchens as a model. However, these cost calculations and percentages are not set in stone. Situations, needs, and possibilities differ for each of us. When remodeling a kitchen, you should think about what you love and need, and explore possibilities for improved functionalities and added beauty. Think about enjoying your work in the kitchen and enjoying the time you’ll spend here with your loved ones.


To get the most out of your 10×10 kitchen renovation project, make sure to explore all potential cost-saving strategies. But don’t skimp on quality, as all the improvements you added should really be improvements compared to the previous situation and should last and enrich your life for many years to come. Here are some cost-saving ideas that will make your kitchen remodel easier and cheaper.


10x10 kitchen cabinets cost


Choose stock cabinets


Stock cabinetry is available only in fixed sizes that cannot be altered. If you go for stock kitchen cabinets, everything else in the kitchen will need to be altered and fixed around them. Less versatile than custom cabinets, this option is still a practical and economical choice. They come out in large series and at a much lower price point but they still come in modern colors and styles. Some of the most modern and up-to-date stock cabinets are Fabuwood cabinets and CNC cabinets.


Opt for cost-effective countertop materials


Although unique and natural, granite countertops are low-priced compared to marble-looking man-made quartz and marble, for example. But just like marble, they need sealing and some extra care and maintenance. If you need something more uniform that you’re going to be able to apply to the all countertop and backsplash surfaces in your new kitchen but want to save and simplify maintenance, you can go with some low-priced quartz options. Choosing quartz that doesn’t imitate any natural stone and comes in one simple, base color is a way to save.


Shop for appliances during sales or clearance periods


Appliances take a great percentage of the total kitchen remodel cost, so you can save a lot if you find a way to buy them at a lower price. Buying last year’s model if you need just one appliance and you’re not big on trends is always an option. Shopping for multiple pieces all at once can help you save and is a great solution if you need all appliances to match. If you shop for appliances on special days like Prime Day, Black Friday, or Memorial Day, you will surely find some low, discount prices. You can also always track prices for a while and hop on periodic sales in appliance stores.


Budget for unexpected expenses on time


When remodeling a kitchen, budgeting for unexpected expenses on time can save you more money than you hoped. Your budget can be derailed in a blink of an eye by unexpected expenses. To keep this from happening, when planning a remodel with your designers and contractors, make sure to create a list of possible expenses and situations that you don’t count on happening. Sometimes, unexpected kitchen remodel expenses are just those expenses that you’ve overlooked, so make sure to list them all. Then provide a miscellaneous budget and don’t let anything surprise you.


Get professional advice to optimize the budget and ensure a successful remodel


To maximize the potential of your kitchen remodel and kitchen remodeling budget, seek for professional advice to optimize the budget. This is a surefire way to ensure a successful remodel and get everything you need out of it. Many kitchen remodeling showrooms are the address for this kind of help. Besides supplying you with kitchen cabinets, countertops, tile, and more, they also provide kitchen design and professional advice.


We don’t talk about this by heart — we know it from experience. A great deal of each and every kitchen design meeting with our customers takes the talk about budgeting and making the right combinations. One of the most frequently asked questions we get is — how much should a 10×10 kitchen remodel cost? And we have all the details and information about it. Great experience our kitchen remodeling experts have collected over the years working with numerous homeowners and commercial clients from across the states of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.


This is how we are able to help each and every one of our customers who keep thinking about how much they need to remodel a 10×10 kitchen. On top of providing you with relevant, valuable information and professional advice, we offer a 10×10 kitchen sale that includes white shaker cabinets, a quartz countertop, a mosaic backsplash, a sink, free expert design, and first-class customer service. How much to remodel a 10×10 kitchen? Only $4,999! At Aqua Kitchen remodeling showroom, this is possible and we believe this is the most straightforward answer to this question you will ever get. Contact us for a free 10×10 kitchen remodeling estimate and tell us all about your new kitchen.


10×10 Kitchen Remodeling Cost FAQ


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about remodeling a 10×10 kitchen:


How much does it cost to put in 10×10 kitchen cabinets?


An average 10×10 kitchen remodel cost can vary anywhere between $15,000 to $30,000, or more for high-end, very luxurious materials, finishes, and furnishings. You will need approximately $80 to $200 per square foot of your 10×10 kitchen area to add new kitchen cabinets, replace old countertops with new ones, buy new appliances, update the flooring, and replace old lighting fixtures with new, more modern ones. According to public data, most homeowners spend around $17,000 and $33,000 for a 10×10 kitchen remodeling.


What are the main factors that affect the cost of a 10×10 kitchen remodel?


The materials, finishes, and furnishings you choose for your kitchen remodel are the main factors that affect the cost of a 10×10 kitchen remodel:


  • furnishings such as cabinets, countertops, appliances, lighting, backsplash, flooring
  • kitchen design, configuration, and layout
  • professional help — contractors and designers


kitchen remodel under $10000


Are there any cost-saving tips for a 10×10 kitchen remodel?


Yes, we’ve discussed them and explained each of the cost-saving tips above, but we will summarize them here:


  • Choose stock kitchen cabinets
  • Opt for cost-effective countertop materials
  • Shop for appliances during sales or clearance periods
  • Budget for unexpected expenses on time and don’t let anything run past you overlooked
  • Get professional advice to optimize the budget and ensure a successful remodel


If any of these 10×10 kitchen remodel ost-saving tips is applicable to your specific situation, don’t miss the opportunity to skimp where you can to be able to splurge where you wish.


How do materials and finishes impact the cost of a 10×10 kitchen remodel?


Materials and finishes are the most important factors impacting the cost of a 10×10 kitchen remodel. For example, the material the cabinets are made from and the quality of their finish present huge factors in determining the price of the cabinets. Consequently, the total price of the cabinets will impact the total price of the whole kitchen remodel. Since cabinets take up a lot of space, they will be the most expensive part of any kitchen remodel. Countertops will cost less but their quality, the stone they are made of, and the applied finish — polished or leathered, for example — will add to the cost of the remodel.


What percentage of the budget should be allocated to labor in a 10×10 kitchen remodel?


When looking for the right professional labor help for your 10×10 kitchen remodeling, a contractor firm that will carry out the whole process from beginning to end, don’t forget to talk about the cost of labor. Typically, contractors will charge labor between 15 percent to 25 percent of the total budget.


What are the average costs of cabinets, countertops, appliances, and other components in a 10×10 kitchen remodel?


The average costs of cabinets, countertops, appliances, and other components in a 10×10 kitchen remodel can vary anywhere between $15,000 to $30,000, or more for high-end, very luxurious materials and finishes. The average 10×10 kitchen remodel cost means mid-range kitchen cabinets, countertops, tile, flooring, etc. If you want to stay on the average budget, to splurge on an item, you will need to cut costs on another item.


Should I hire a professional contractor for a 10×10 kitchen remodel, and how does it impact the overall cost?


Many are the benefits of hiring a professional contractor for a 10×10 kitchen remodel project. By hiring a contractor, you will reduce risks and hassle, while also minimizing liability. If you haven’t already found the best kitchen remodeling showroom for your cabinets, countertops, and furnishings, your contractor will connect you with the right one, and even do the shopping for you. This is exactly how the Aqua Kitchen showroom works and cooperates with many local NJ and NYC contractors. We work together and recommend each other, making many 10×10 kitchen remodeling projects across these states easy and budget-friendly. On top of all this, hiring professionals for your 10×10 kitchen project will give you access to professional advice and opinion throughout the whole process of remodeling. And how much should a 10×10 kitchen remodel cost with expenses for contractors? Just add about 15 percent of the overall budget but rest assured that it pays out hugely and minimizes the risk of additional work and costs.


What are some common mistakes to avoid when budgeting for a 10×10 kitchen remodel?


Some of the common mistakes to avoid when budgeting for a 10×10 kitchen remodel is overlooking possible future expenses, not doing proper planning for storage and work surfaces, avoiding professional help of kitchen designers and contractors, passing up an offered free kitchen design, splurging where you shouldn’t, hurrying up the process, avoiding to set a realistic budget, and not setting realistic expectations. Make sure to follow well-established steps to remodel a kitchen by professionals, iterate your needs and financial possibilities, and rest assured that your 10×10 kitchen remodel will turn out a success.


Are there any additional expenses to consider during a 10×10 kitchen remodel?


There are quite a few additional expenses to consider during a 10×10 kitchen remodel. For example, sometimes a kitchen will need new drywall or additional support, plumbing updates, or work on interior wall damage that you didn’t notice before. These are actually pretty common because issues like these are usually hidden behind large appliances or cabinets. Mold is also possible to go unnoticed for a large period of time but once you discover it, you will need to deal with it, and that will cost you additionally. If you’re looking to alter the layout of your kitchen, moving large appliances is possible, which will require drilling new holes, replumbing, and rewiring. All of these are possible additional costs you should have in mind when determining your 10×10 kitchen remodeling budget.


Are there any specific building codes or permits required for a 10×10 kitchen remodel that may affect the cost?


You will need an official permit for your 10×10 kitchen remodel only for structural alterations, like redoing, moving, or adding plumbing, walls, electricity, or if you’re making any mechanical changes. If you’re hiring a contractor, this is something your contractor company will take care of and incorporate the permit price into the total kitchen remodeling cost. Permits for these remodeling are easy to obtain and low-cost, as opposed to, for example, building permits.


How can I ensure transparency and avoid unexpected expenses during a 10×10 kitchen remodel?


Having a detailed plan, kitchen design, budget, and timeline in place will ensure transparency and help you avoid unexpected expenses during your 10×10 kitchen remodel. In fact, having in mind all possible expenses along the road will help you set aside a sum that will be enough to cover unavoidable expenses. Balancing your financial capabilities and your expectations is possibly the greatest challenge in any kitchen remodel. But although now it feels like the time to splurge and get everything you everything wanted for your 10×10 kitchen, be aware that having your basics covered is the most important thing. If structural work, layout, plumbing, electricity, cabinets, and countertops are covered, you’re good. Rather invest in high-quality staples for any kitchen — cabinets and kitchen countertop materials — than in decorative details that can cost a lot but not mean that much for the functionality of the kitchen.




As a reputable and trusted NJ kitchen remodeling showroom, we endeavored to give you a thorough but simple guide of what to expect when remodeling a 10×10 kitchen. We primarily explained how much should a 10×10 kitchen remodel cost and summarized all the factors affecting the cost of 10×10 kitchen remodeling projects. Based on years of experience working with many homeowners in NJ, NYC, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, our kitchen designers believe that establishing a solid remodeling plan and kitchen design customized to your unique space and needs make the foundation for any successful kitchen remodeling project. Since 10×10 kitchens are the most common and are considered the average-sized kitchens in the U.S. we believe that this guide is a surefire way to help you out with the number one issue and challenge — to figure out the costs and expenses for your new kitchen.


We encourage you to carefully evaluate your needs, and determine what is a must-have and what is a nice-to-have. Once you understand your financial situation and balance it with your expectations, you’ll be set for success. Making wise choices will maximize your 10×10 kitchen remodeling budget and allow you to get even more than you’ve hoped for. Be sure to consult with local experienced and reputable professionals like us, because they will be able to help you set a realistic budget before undertaking a 10×10 kitchen remodel. Before starting the project, make sure you understand just how important is to do a thorough research of the local kitchen remodeling showrooms and contractors and ask for recommendations, as well as to explore kitchen styles and trends. Research, interview, compare, and plan. This is the only way to achieve a successful 10×10 kitchen remodel within the estimated cost range.